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Unity just bought Weta Digital for $1.6 billion! Unity will acquire Weta Digital’s artist tools, core pipeline, intellectual property, and engineering talent. This is HUGE for the Gaming, VFX, and Virtual Production industries. With all these new features, the Unity game engine will soon have Virtual Production tools that will either match or surpass those of Unreal Engine.
This is a breakdown of everything this acquisition entails. I talk about Unity’s reason for buying Weta Digital, what Weta Digital is, how this acquisition of Weta will help change Unity and make Unity better, how this acquisition of Weta will help Unity enhance the Metaverse, and how Weta will continue creating visual effects for movies.
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0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Why did Unity buy Weta Digital?
2:07 – What is Weta Digital?
3:04 – How will the acquisition of Weta change Unity?
5:42 – The Metaverse? Really?
6:21 – Will Weta stop creating VFX for movies?
6:46 – Final Thoughts

#Future #Content #Creation #Gaming #VFX #amp #Metaverse

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