The Metaverse Explained For Beginners (In Simple Terms) | What is Metaverse?

If it feels like you have been hearing more chatter about the term metaverse you are not alone whether it becomes the future of the internet or just another tech buzzword like ai or blockchain metaverse remains to be seen virtual world has become a new frontier for internet giants like facebook.

Microsoft and google businesses are now flocking to this virtual world to maintain their consumer base sayings about metaverse has been on the rise since facebook rebranded to meta in december 2021 according to analytics company the global data mentions of metaverse more.

Than doubled in q4 of 2021 financial calls as compared to q3 of 2021 some analysts believe that facebook's acquisition of oculus rift is finally bearing fruit and may lead the way for more companies to follow suit with their own virtual reality but what does metaverse really mean in this video i will explain the.

Metaverse and discuss what it has for us in future welcome to metalab luminous the place where we uncover and explain the world's most cutting-edge technologies that are quietly transforming our world in a simple way so that you can easily understand them from ai to crypto from eot to web 3.0 and metaverse.

To understand this relatively new concept let us look at virtual world and mmm online games i'm sure most of us are familiar with the virtual world or mmm online games if you do you know that the virtual world is a new way to play and work they are computer-based online environments which are created by people.

You can move around talk to other people and do things like shopping travel and working unlike real life they don't cost money most of these worlds have no set rules and you can do what you like metaverse is one such virtual world that allows you to create your own custom avatars and live out an entire adventure.

With other players from around the world you can do anything from exploring space to fighting dragons it's all up to you metaverse is also referred to as the blockchain of virtual reality the metaverse blockchain aims to create a decentralized ecosystem for social and business interactions and transactions where digital and virtual assets can be.

Transferred it uses the technology of the blockchain along with digital identities to create an avatar that gives users access to interact other avatars or websites created by users so how does metaverse differ from the real world the real world is a place where we live.

Work and play it's our reality and we are accustomed to it talking about the real world people often mention their physical bodies physical spaces they occupy and their social relations the real world is a space where everything has a clearly defined identity and location.

This is different with the metaverse in the metaverse there are no limits to your creativity or expression you can be whomever you want to be and do whatever you want to do you can even take on a new identity as easily as you change clothes allowing you to escape from the pressures of your daily life while still remaining.

Connected to all the people who matter to you metaverse provides a shared space where people organizations and connected devices can exist and interact with each other in a virtual space it is called the metaverse because it is an extension of the real world others call it collective virtual shared.

Spaces the metaverse can be likened to the real world in that it has its own laws of physics and can be experienced directly by the use of sensory input devices such as virtual reality headsets or head mounted displays and ar glasses so given that metaverse seems to be the next big revolutionary tech what should we expect.

In future what will be the future of metaverse 20 years from now how will the world look like by then what will be the ideal virtual reality as a 3d virtual reality technology metaverse has infinite prospects it will definitely bring us a better life in the future but what kind of life.

Will it bring to us is it possible that we'll quit work and play games all day guys let us know in the comment below what you think metaverse have for us in future i believe that the future of metaverse will be something different from what we have today as vr evolves so does the.

Metaverse there are many possibilities for how it will look in the future others say that metaverse will evolve into a completely immersive experience where you can't tell if you're in another world or not that is all i have for you in this video thanks for watching and don't forget to.

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