The NFTs I'm buying for the long run

In this video I want to talk about “blue chip” NFTs – why they matter and why they’re an essential part of my NFT strategy.

First off, what is a blue chip NFT? Well the term comes from stock investing and it doesn’t fit perfectly, but here’s a definition we can use for now:

A blue chip NFT is an NFT that has been proven to be very valuable by consensus. Many collectors aspire to own these NFTs and try to trade their way into acquiring one. As a result of this broad demand, they become less risky over time.

There are three main paths to blue chip status that I talk about in this video.
1) NFT archeology, aka early NFT projects. Think cryptopunks, curio cards, ether rocks and autoglyphs.
2) NFT art. Think Fidenza and Beeple.
3) Elite brands w/o an anchor from #1 and #2. So far only Bored Apes are hitting this.

Most of the time we spend in the NFT space is spent looking for NFTs that COULD become blue chips. This is high risk high reward, and that’s mostly all that we have left because blue chips tend to be very expensive. However – with fractional NFTs we can now get exposure to blue chip NFTs with smaller amounts. And this is becoming a bigger part of my strategy. Why? Because these NFTs are much less likely to go to zero during a bear market and they’re much MORE likely to get a huge boost in future demand coming from institutions and traditional millionaire collectors. In this video I’ll explain why I honestly think that some of these blue chip NFTs will outperform most cryptocurrencies in the coming years.

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0:00 intro
1:48 blue chips and the rest of the market
3:11 what is a blue chip NFT?
3:45 NFT archeology matters
4:16 “new” project – Realms of Ether
5:28 the BEST NFT art
6:54 Elite NFT brands – BAYC as a blue chip?
7:56 Reason #1 why I’m buying blue chips
9:25 Reason #2 why I’m buying blue chips
11:04 here come the institutions!
11:39 the fractional blue chips I bought
12:13 the full list of blue chip NFTs

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