The secret finding a new token to invest before listed in coinmarketcap or coingecko for newbies

Hello guys welcome to my channel in today's video episode we'll talk about how to find a potential coin or a gym that will give you either times then times 50 times 100 times 500 or insanely 1000 times in return of your capital.

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Be notified when there's new videos that i uploaded in the youtube okay so we continue but disclaimer i'm not a financial advisor so do your own diligence research in order for you to protect your capital spend only the money that you can afford to lose okay so.

Let's start so this type of strategy it's just only basic so we don't need to research the entire uh crypto world to find a new coin in order for us to to to to get it or to be to bend through this kind of coin what we gonna do is just we just only look into the portfolio.

Of a wheels as we know wheels are those who have enough capital or institutions in their portfolio the lease of all coins it means that all those research conducted by the wheels were just only spying okay we don't know who owns it but we can see what type of coins that they hold right.

Now so we can use a queen gecko or coin market cup to look into this but for our example right now we just only use the coin gecko and then we look for for example fan cake for example pancake okay.

So once we go to the bank it is also applicable not only to the smart bonus uh banan's chains but also to the erc currency for the ethereum okay so for example this one will go to the binance gun so as we notice that this is the summary of the pancake swap token.

Okay for that this is the contract address you can paste it if you want to find it example or you can click here directly so what we're going to do same thing with the erc20 we'll just go here into the holders and then we just.

Run the mice to find those wheels for example this one down below i think these are the wheels okay and above is the owner's equity or like a pancake swap wallet so for example we can go here for example this one so we just click here this address.

Okay this is the holder's token address it has a balance of 383 417 cake or about the bill uh where the value is 13 million us dollar so we have to click this one that is the the token address owner the owner's talking address so we.

By here you'll see this the token you'll see right here as we check on here so this person has all who owned the pancake swap around 13 million and also worth of 13 million as well for db in b okay he has direct bnb for 22 151 coins.

So for example in here he also invested in peppa or double which is like click and look into that and then go again to coin gekko if it is that already listed we search for the uh peppa token okay oh still not in the queen gecko it means that this is a new coin.

Okay the holder is only eight thousand and twenty nine if we go to the pancake swap for example we just copied is the contract we look for the price or we can go to the address it what would be the value as of today.

Keep holding internet is slow so like that we go back here and then same thing go back again if you want to find other wheels so this type of research we don't need to dig the thousand coins in the crypto world what we are looking here is just for.

You know some holders of the specific coin a wheels for example we just need to research what they already bought or holding so that we can ride on it okay by simply going to the holders and then randomly look into the other.

For example this one we will look into this type of wallet address okay still not loading okay so this uh token holder who owned 68 944k core world of 2.5 million us dollar we click this one and then by under the token we look into his.

Position of what coin that he has right now so he has also the loser coin the you trade coin we look into this as you notice that there will be no price yet it means that it is not listed either queen gecko or coin market cup so by this the holder who own is 2045.

He owns something here for 183 grand or or 183 000 worth of token unit trade okay we can go and we can click for the official website or just simply search on this type unit trade oh that's it unit rate.

Okay the price is 0.58 and he owns something for example he owns here or more than what 183 183 183 972 times units rate of point pp37.

That's it so hope you have the idea on how to find it and thank you so much for your time and

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