What's up everybody it's your boy stevenson lindor i'm back with another youtube video it's been a minute of course man i told you guys on my last video i'm gonna be a little more consistent and i said i'll be dropping a video every week obviously i didn't do that right my.

Last video was like a month ago but i promise you i'm gonna do better guys 2022 i'm gonna be a lot better and the reason why um i'm gonna be diving more into crypto right i'm finally diving into the crypto world i've been getting a lot of people emailing me hitting me up on instagram social media facebook whatever and just.

Like yo steve what do you think about this coin that point so i said you know what it's time it's time to talk more about how to become profitable long-term investors so we're going to jump right into that i'm going to show you guys right now my top three right now my top three picks obviously i have more picks i have more.

Um coins that i see that are very very interesting that i want you guys to also take a look at do your due diligence of course and then jump on board but three coins right now that i'm really really excited about so we're gonna talk about that of course this channel uh you know it started with forex so you know as you you know grow you know as a community as.

A person you evolve you're gonna start diving into other things other projects so it's gonna be a combination of both now now i'm really gonna talk to you guys on how to pretty much really invest your money all right i've always been a long-term investor okay guys i've always had the mindset of that and that's what's made me you know basically.

Profitable in the foreign exchange market right that's what allowed me to be profitable with forex so with the cryptocurrency it's it's actually a lot easier right because i always tell people this you can't blow an account investing right the only way right now uh you know i'm sharing my screen like sandbox.

Sandbox at you know six thousand ninety seven cents though it has a market cap of over six billion dollars right so if you invested in sandbox right now like if you were to purchase this and let's say it went down to two dollars the only way you would lose your entire investment.

Is either this one to zero that means nobody's interested in it anymore or you pull out that's it right this is not like forex where you know you got to play some stop-loss you got to have a tight entry so as long as you have a long-term goal and you kind of understand what that you know.

Depending on the cryptocurrency you're looking to invest in plans on doing i mean you're good to go right now i want to forewarn you guys one of the biggest things i'm seeing right now where a lot of people are making i see are about to make some huge huge mistakes is thinking that they're about.

To get these ludicrous returns in the next you know two weeks one week guys when it comes to these markets these financial markets whether it's forex the stock market futures binary options and now cryptocurrency cryptocurrency is like the big thing especially this year right people looking for these crazy returns.

In a short period of time and you gotta always remember all right unless you got in at the beginning all right at the beginning so these news outlets right i literally just got off my phone right before i started this um you know before i started this this call uh they were talking about some of the.

Top um cryptocurrencies to get into that just got over you know 12 000 20 000 return yeah that's if you got in from the beginning right that's when you got in from the bottom you got a good amount and then yes but if you invest right now you can't expect a twelve thousand twenty.

Thousand fifty thousand percent return the very next day or in the next week or even in the next month this is long term right some of my friends who actually got into sandbox before it actually blew up right they got into sandbox when it was under a penny all right if you get into sandbox right now.

That doesn't mean it's gonna explode to over a hundred you know uh 100k percent right now as you can see sandbox is down four percent all right and you have to understand when you get into these coins that's the market it's gonna be like that all right you should always have a vision you should always.

Have a goal of focus of at least minimum a year to two all right ladies and gentlemen yes if you make money faster than that before that congratulations that mean everything went our way you know market conditions was good whatever project that you know company was.

Invested in was a part of perfect it exploded but don't think it's going to take off just like that now one benefit right that you guys are gonna get especially from you know my channel right i'm gonna show you compared to other people who are just you know going off of news and yeah sheba and this that in the third right we know how to mark.

Up the charts that is our biggest advantage we know how to up the charts right so i just mentioned it sheba right so perfect example shiva right she was down close to ten percent for today currently right now is down all right if we look at it it's just.

Been going down and there was so much buzz about shiva all right and for those who don't know um coin market cap uh this is the num pretty much number one site i would say for cryptocurrency right you can look up any cryptocurrency that you want and pretty much look at live data you figure um you get to know what's the whole purpose of.

That coin so it pretty much tells you like gives you a small description you get to look at the chart understand the market cap understand you know the volume that's happening on a day-to-day basis um just kind of like stocks all right i've been saying this guys cryptocurrency is the new stock market all right what people used to do in the.

Stock market they're now coming over doing in the cryptocurrency market so there's so much to discuss is crazy guys obviously i'm not gonna be able to cover it all on just this um you know video but man there's a lot there's a lot going on in this cryptocurrency world so we got sheba right now and you know within the last 24 hours right she was.

Down like i said about 10 percent all right and i know a lot of people that got in on this coin because of you know elon musk and you know other people and just all this hype right and i always tell people you got to be careful when it comes to hype all right at the end of the day you still.

Got to do your duel diligence you still got to understand what's going on all right so the reality is this if you didn't get in at the bottom here you missed out your second chance to get in on shiba was back in october for the next bull run which was this.

And even this right here was sketchy all right even this right here was sketchy because look it's basically have done a full retracement right from this correction back in october october 15th all the way up right look at the percent.

All right 242 rise from october 15 all the way to october 28th but then from october 28th we do this pullback right about a 56 um percent retracement all right now if you guys been following me for a while which most of you guys have you know my rules right never get.

In on an impulse that's the worst time to get into a trade you never get in on an impulse because you don't know how far price will pull back all right the moment price look even when this first opened up shot up and came right back down consolidated impulse.

It corrected then gave you that continuation and now it's giving you that deep correction ladies and gentlemen i'm a part of chats right now that's strictly right concentrated on shiva and just the things that people are talking about it's it's absolutely asinine like matter of fact i even want to go and show you.

Guys that's that's how funny it is right i'm gonna type it in here right uh i got added to the sheba community and it's so funny right sheba news i got added to this group and people just making these ludicrous right just investments they're just jumping in without even doing their due diligence let me see if i can find a group i don't.

Want to keep scrolling down somebody added me i think it was this guy right here here we go now this is a youtube video i want to see where the group is right and just the comments all right i'm gonna try to scroll down here i just want to put this in perspective for you guys.

All right and this is why this is dangerous very very dangerous i want to spend too much time if i can't find it we'll just move on i'll show you guys next time on the next video i just want to give you an idea of some of the things that people are doing and i don't want you guys doing all right i don't want you just jumping in.

Anything without doing your due diligence basically looking up that coin making sure you got a good understanding and then looking at the technicals all right i can't find it i'm not about to just keep scrolling scrolling but i got added to this group and you know i'm seeing individuals they're just.

Hey i just put in 50 000 right and i'm just waiting for this thing to just shoot up hey i just uh you know cashed out on all my other investments my ira 401k i'm all in on shiba and it's like that's it you're not even going to try to.

Understand what's the whole purpose about this coin what's the right like first thing i'm going to tell you guys is this anything with it in you all right it's pretty much height all right it's pretty much height okay look look if we read this description all right this coin all right was pretty.

Much created to do what it was created back in august of 2020 right and it's a meme coin and it's just been pushed by the media right off of twitter by elon musk as you can see right here and there's really no purpose for it one thing that you want to do before you invest in any cryptocurrency you want to make sure.

That it has utility if it doesn't have real utility behind it guys i i'm sorry i would say stay away from it i know yes you can make some money like right now one of the more popular ones i should say what's uh what's trending right now is floki right people keep hitting me up yo what about floki floki seems good right this.

Is the coin like i said anything within you and as you can see look there's no real purpose behind it all right there's no real utility it's just all hype backed by twitter communities telegram communities and you know anybody that's tweeting or just posting about it on social media so these coins that i'm.

About to talk about right now and put you guys on has real utility and it's gonna make sense and once you realize oh okay this is how i want to approach the cryptocurrency market if i look at coins that actually have true value it's offering true value to the marketplace i know if i put my dollar into this coin.

I'm gonna get a solid return all right and that's always should be your mindset don't jump for hype guys all right please don't jump for a hype because amongst all these people becoming millionaires overnight even billionaires you're gonna see a lot of people lose a ton of money all right i'm gonna be honest to you so the first coin i want.

To get into i want to talk about is blocktopia guys blocktopia i think is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrency right now in the marketplace all right think about it mark zuckerberg announced what that facebook's changing his name too right meta all right the metaverse.

Is about to be a game changer now there's some of you guys out there oh i don't want to be a part of it this this virtual world and everything like that ladies and gentlemen i i've been saying this to a lot of people listen anytime something new comes out it's not necessarily for you all right it's for the next generation.

All right think about it this way when cell phones first came out when cell phones first came out right remember the the the previous generation they they were slow to you know adopt cell phones right and then they used to get mad at their kids for being on their cell.

Phones and then cell phones started to really pop late you know 90s 2000s and then boom and then what happened um early well not early i would say yeah mid 20 uh 2000's right social media hit the platform and then what happened then then people.

Like i don't want to be on social media all day i think this is whack but then the next generation said no this is lit right and then what happened right then facebook blew up then instagram then twittered and snapped and all these things like that i always tell people anytime something new comes out.

Especially in the technology world it's not for you it's for the next generation so watch the next generation the generation that's coming up watch they're gonna absolutely love it one movie i suggest all you guys watch is player is it player one i always mess up the name.

Let's go over here youtube real quick i think uh ready player one i think that's what it is ready player one highly suggest you guys watch this ready player one game changer game changer this movie and it came out in 2008 so they already knew it's gonna pretty much give you a little.

Insight on how our future is going to look yes guys it's it's here right it's here people are ready right now as we speak all right um person buys right uh largest land.

On metaverse right check this out somebody has already paid 2.43 million dollars in the metaverse you think somebody's gonna spend that type of money in the metaverse if it wasn't gonna be here if this.

Wasn't the future ladies and gentlemen wake up all right this is how you get in front of uh trends this is how you stay ahead of the game while everybody else is still asleep today is black friday while everybody's out shopping and trying to get the new big screen tvs and all that stuff like.

That my suggestion to you my christmas gift to you understand and learn everything there is to know about the metaverse about cryptocurrency about nfts all of that because i promise you in the next five.

Ten years that's all it's gonna be all it's gonna be all right from your neighbors to your kids they're literally gonna be living on this virtual world it's going to change the game so because the masses have already started to take um you know especially the people who have the money people are already inside.

The game they're already making their moves all right some of your guys favorite rappers athletes if you notice right um tori lens dropped the first nft album if you look i'm on steph curry's page the only reason why i wanted to go to his twitter what does he have.

As a face nft right the signs are there whether you want to acknowledge it or not the signs are there they're letting you know listen we are evolving we are changing so you need to learn this game so back to blocktopia so blocktopia the reason why i find it interesting and it's very undervalued right it's trading around 12 cents um talked about this a.

Few weeks ago with my community check this out first and foremost right blocktopia is a dope dope coin right it's a dope investment okay it's a skyscraper all right it's made up of 21 levels to pay recognition to 21 million bitcoin right so token holders will be known as blocktopians and they'll act as a.

Central hub and welcome all levels of crypto experience so for the first time ever users will have access to crypto information and immerse immersive content all in one place so you'll be able to earn revenue through real estate ownership.

That's why we were just looking at this through real estate ownership that's big guys advertising revenue play games build networks and so much more guys this is dope this is the future you see how sand box just exploded right i think blocktopia is next check out their website. right guys this is so dope look at this this is huge this is a game changer everything in one right a decentralized metaverse built and backed by guys this is the future so a cryptocurrency that actually has real.

Utility like i said you getting all those in you mean coins man you're taking a massive massive risk don't get me wrong investing period is risky but points like that very very dangerous all right and you'll be able to do everything here right you'll be able to stake coins.

Staking right look at some of the apys on staking over 20 right 40 apy 60 apy right some go even more than that all right nfts guys it's it's like i said a one-stop shop over here all right so blocktopia is literally one of my favorite favorite coins and of course.

For those because you know what they're gonna ask where can i get this huh how do i invest it is available all right and of course do your due diligence guys you can get them on q coin all right gate io i prefer uh q coin q coin is dope um i personally got a wallet with them you should too.

Um of course you're gonna have multiple wallets you know q coin coinbase wallet um trust wallet so on and so forth but kucoin is currently where you can get it right now all right guys and like i said massive massive value i want to show you guys something all right i want to put.

This in perspective i'm going to bring out the calculator all right i'm gonna bring out the calculator for you guys all right so you should see my calculator and we're going to do some numbers just to put this in perspective all right now again.

When you invest in a project like this your mindset just same way with your 401k or your ira or whatever uh retirement account that you have set up you're not touching it for the next 30 40 50 years now the beautiful thing about cryptocurrency you don't have to wait that long that's the beautiful thing.

About it you don't have to wait that long honestly a couple like i said a year or two and you're good a year or two and then you're good so check this out let's say i take a thousand dollars right just a thousand dollars and most people when they invest when they trade.

In the market pretty much blow a thousand dollars so i'm i'm gonna go on the limb here the average person got about a thousand dollars so you take a thousand dollars at the current price divide that by 12. boom that's going to give you 8 300 blocktopia coins now.

Like i said sandbox went to what currently trading at seven dollars all right blocktopia is going to end up around this price range it has a strong strong guy strong possibility upside is huge upside is huge so let's say it goes to seven dollars.

Right check this out i want you guys to understand that if just off a thousand dollar investment this goes to seven you made 58k a little over fifty eight thousand dollars now ask yourself is it worth investing.

That type of capital and you know within the next year two years if price heads to that price range and some people are expecting more some people are expecting ten dollars more and everything like that but let's say just seven right even if it went to six five even.

Three you're going 100x your investment you're gonna 10x your investment tenfold easily easily right and the beauty what i like about it like i said it's undervalued and it's cheap it's cheap guys right like blocktopia hasn't been out for long blocktopia launched in october it's only.

November 26th it's only november 26th so you're getting this at the low and to me this is better than getting in some of the well-known cryptocurrencies like bitcoin obviously the main one or you know ethereum right like for example if i get into bitcoin let's say i just put.

It a thousand it's a bitcoin even though let's i know bitcoin is gonna go to the moon we all know that long term we know that's the future it's already here but put this in perspective bitcoin right now is trading at what fifty four thousand right see so a thousand divided by fifty four 000.

Guys you're getting nothing this is this is this is so let's say bitcoin from here goes all the way up to a hundred thousand i'll i'll give you guys 250 300 000 let's go for the moon 300 000 within that same time period.

Let's say 300 000 in the next two years that's your return on your investment you took a thousand to fifty five hundred now don't get me wrong at the end of the day you you doubled your money right you're in profit but did you make the type of return that you.

Really could have had you got into something else right like just put that in perspective all right so i rather instead of that thousand put in something like bitcoin i'll go find something that's undervalued right now that hasn't really taken off that's really gonna get me the best bang for my buck and then boom so.

Blocktopia is one of my favorite coins um that i like right now again all in one place it's gonna be part of the metaverse anything that's gonna be a part of the metaverse anything that's part of the blockchain ethereum network guys it's going to explode especially gaming guys the metaverse is all about get.

For all my game freaks out there everybody who loves playing video games all day yo your dreams are finally coming true remember when mom and dad used to yell at you like stop playing video games all day you'll never make money all day now you can finally shut them up now you can let them know hey listen i'm.

About to become a billionaire because of these gaming coins right this is it your time is finally now anybody remember the movie uh revenge of the nerds well here you go right your time is finally here so one of the most undervalued coins right now guys i'm putting you on game.

Bloctopia all right next coin all right that i see massive massive value for is ufo gaming another gaming coin now this coin right here as you guys can see shush super undervalued all right um this project same thing it just launched um last month just literally launched.

Last month and guys has huge huge upside potential all right so what is ufo gaming so it's basically a decentralized intergalactic social gaming token all right you play to earn on the metaverse virtual land nft gaming see where i'm going with this i want to make sure everything that i invest in is basically going to be catered to the.

Metaverse all right to the metaverse to nfts to all of that all right that's how you make good investment okay this thing is well well right market cap has massive room to grow okay and what i love about it is again not only the price but it's basically gonna.

Be a part of everything all right so for everything ufo related right the token will be required so you'll need it to interact with any element of our ecosystem right tokens usefulness may be divided into three categories ufo plasma points and uap all right so it's 100 community owned earn plasma points from single staking.

Right so you'll be able to stake this as well guys which is huge staking is very very popular right now amongst people who are heavily invested in cryptocurrency so you're going to be able to do a lot with your ufo gaming um token all right guys and again i you can't beat that price i want you to check uh the website out too right.

Welcome to the dark metaverse like i said anything that is involved pretty much with the metaverse i'm all in i'm all in all right game changer game changer all right i really really like it and then again we'll do the math for you guys let's bring back the calculator.

Right that thousand dollar investment check this out so i take my thousand i divided by current price which is zero 0.000 four six three two.

It's gonna give me 21 million ufo gaming tokens ladies and gentlemen i don't even need this to go to a dollar i don't even need to go to 50 cent all right if this thing goes anywhere near a penny jackpot baby.

So if this goes to a penny which analysts right which community goers right especially on twitter man twitter is something else somebody told me uh you know when you get into cryptocurrency you get into these twitter communities man it's insane.

This thing gets to a penny and most analysts most people are projecting you know gets to about 25 cents within the next 18 24 months uh possibly 50 to a dollar this thing gets to a penny put this in perspective guys close to a quarter of a million dollars 215 000 off a 1k investment.

Off a 1k investment right and this thing got room to grow so ufo gaming is my second pick i like it a lot very undervalued got massive room to grow and then last but not least right and this is probably a popular token it was between honestly i'm gonna be honest with you guys.

I love gala and i think gala has massive room to grow to right gal is still undervalued gal is still undervalued all right if you're not in gala definitely look to get into gala again games anything that got to do with games i'm with it.

Right anything that got to do with you know making blockchain games you'll actually want to play projects all that stuff guys i'm all for it but this one right here atari atari token guys atari token right now is at 14 cents another big cryptocurrency i see doing a.

Lot in the next 24 months all right guys so it's much more than video games all right much much more than video games and like i said for all my guys who are into video games you're gonna love this because i promise you you're not gonna have a virtual world without video games.

Just like we didn't have some when computers first came out right they made sure they put video games on there they put games on there for you to entertain yourself then when they came out with cell phones they made sure they put games right think about it what does a person do when they're not on social media they're.

Playing games what do people do now on social media play games so what do you think people are going to be doing on this virtual world playing games guys they're going to be playing games all right so that's why i said if you're into gaming any gaming cryptocurrency.

That has real utility and upside potential i would jump on it right so another decentralized cryptocurrency based on the ethereum blockchain which is good that right there should already sell you because ethereum ain't going nowhere right have you guys seen these gas fees.

It was designed by atari chain right atari the company itself this they've been around for years all right video games uh consumer electronics um and and the plan the goal is to become a universal means of payment for video game industry allowing developers publishers new options for monetization.

Of their products integration of smart contracts protection of in-game assets and so much more guys i see nothing nothing but huge upside i see this doing same thing like sandbox between five ten dollars next 24 months this is gonna explode and right now it's 14 cents so let me bring out that calculator again.

All right if you take a thousand dollars and you divide that by 14 cents current price that's going to give you 7 100 tokens right this thing goes to just even three dollars right i'm on the lowballing some of you.

Guys are going to do your research you're going to see there there's huge projections for atari right if i guys let me show you something atari stock right if this thing goes just even.

Right to a dollar two dollars and remember guys they've been around for a very long time it was founded in 1983. this is the same company it was founded in 1983 if this thing just even goes to two three dollars you're gonna make a ton of money.

All right so multiply that by three boom that's not a bad return ladies and gentlemen and the beauty about all of this guys like i said from not only a fundamental standpoint from a technical standpoint we know how to read charts so i still have the sheba standing up here guys.

From a technical standpoint now this is a uh you know a decent time to get in some long positions right this is technical we're gonna break this high for sure now i start buying here i would have not bought here back in october when everybody was going crazy oh you're.

Stupid for buying if you didn't get a shiva no you're stupid for buying during that that move up that was not the time to buy there unless you are already in or you you're aware basically you you dumped a large uh lump sum of money and.

You got in you got in you got out it was a quick money grab it was a bank robbery you got in and got out but for the average joe they didn't do that they bought here they bought here they bought here and they held right based on what they saw on twitter facebook instagram and they thought this thing's gonna go all the way to like you know a hundred.

Bucks no now they're crying right now now they're like i think i'm gonna sell i think i want to get out remember guys investing is long term investing is long term meaning you plan on staying this thing for the foreseeable future you're not in it for a week two weeks.

Uh you know a couple of months or even a year no you're in it for the long term ladies and gentlemen so yeah guys long term all right so if your mindset with these coins is not over a year plus you shouldn't do it all right even with people saying oh yeah i'm expecting an.

Explosion in 2022 anytime i look at a project guys especially from an investment standpoint you got to give it at least a couple of years you have to you can't unless you got in some inside information ground up like from the bottom bottom when this thing first launched all right you're doing yourself a.

Disservice you gotta think long term so i do got like sheba and other coins going up but that's the beauty about being able to read charts you know where this thing is going and for the coins that you know i'm interested in like bloctopia just nothing but upside potential here.

So looking at this potentially get a pullback and even if it does this pullback i'm happy right pull back this is going to allow me to buy more pull back and then begin our way up remember this launched last month last.

Month guys so there's no loss here even if you started dumping in some funds now let's say it dropped right everybody's saying right now oh it's a black um black friday sale on the cryptocurrency market right bitcoin drop ethereum drop a lot of these coins drop i didn't care about bitcoin dropping uh.

I'm going to show you right after this what i cared about dropping but you're still in the win column because like i said the upside potential massive now bitcoin did drop which i was expecting right had this pulling back um this is going to be a make or break right around this area here.

This 52 mark right if we break through here correction you come down even lower if not back up so let's see what it does there but what i'm really interested in is nem nem got a huge huge upside potential looks like we're getting a flag being created now.

So we get this drop here i would like to see this probably back to anywhere from 12 to 14 cents and then look at that guys actually i'm on the wrong time frame we're gonna come back up to two dollars right.

So again let me bring out that calculator let me bring out that calculator put this in perspective so right now nem is trading at what about 16 cents there we go there's the price 16. so if i take my thousand.

And i know some of you guys you have more capital than that so play with the numbers divide this by 16. right gives you 6200 you know price is gonna break this previous size so we're gonna go to three four dollars so let's say three multiply this by three your thousand turned into 18k.

Right and i'm expecting this to be done within the next 18 24 months so ladies and gentlemen again within so if it does it in a week like how it shot up here great i just hope it doesn't do that i don't want that type of retracement but we should get that boom to the upside 100 so we're at the bottom we're already at the.

Bottom guys so this is like the perfect time to start investing all right guys so those are my top three picks obviously i got more plays i got a ton more plays guys i'm gonna have fun going over cryptocurrency on this youtube channel all right um i forgot to say this at the beginning i always do.

But make sure you like subscribe share comment uh give me some feedback uh let me know if you enjoyed this right let me know if you want to know about some more place make sure you join the community um it's in the description below tap in uh my email is going to be there my social media is going to be there if you want to reach out to me uh there's gonna.

Be a lot of plays guys in the next coming of months right now is not the time to be you know not focused now's the time not to be you know worried about that doesn't matter if you really care about your financial future and you really want to become.

Successful you need a plug-in with me reach out to me so we can get you tapped in so i can tell you there's so many plays that are happening right now guys that can really put you in a position to make a ton of money all right but my three picks of course was for sure blocktopia ufo gaming and atari all right and i.

Actually gave you a freebie with this nem play right here okay guys so these are my current plays man cryptocurrency is taking over guys you definitely want to be focused and locked in as always it's a pleasure take care stay bless your boy stevenson lindor one more time make sure you subscribe you like comment and share this with anybody.

Who's interested i'm about to take over this whole crypto game i'm about to put you guys on to so many things on how you can make money with this but let's get it let's go your boy is out

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