season land break that land baby bring us lots of dollars and fly it back into the market so we can see a massive outpump that's what i'm saying sheldon sheldon.

We're in the middle of old season and the best shot that you could open your show with is the usdt dominance we're in the middle no no no this chart shows us the true alt season bro bro we need dollars brother we need money right a house there's a health season with no money in the market no no.

New money entering usdt and going into the market tornado cash tornado cash which i said yesterday is up 30 today platypus finance is up 23 today splits which i said yesterday is up 20 today d race 17 today and you're talking to me about the usdt dominance then why does my child look like this.

Bro it's all season when you talk about alts that's exactly what we're gonna do we're gonna talk about oats you can you can have your five minutes we can talk about bitcoin then we're going to talk about alts you got it still let's do it click click have you heard the news what where this finger on the pulse is my.

Shelter new click click when the sniper shoots we got sensing quick intro then i'm going to go through my boring charts and then we'll go into.

Alts which are not so boring actually apparently boring now finally finally the world's starting to realize what i've said along for a long time about some tokens there's one token in particular i want to talk about that we'll get we'll get into it once you've finished your um bitcoin talk.

Once you've told me again how bitcoin is going up and you've told me again how the bitcoin dominance is i mean then you could then we can talk about stuff i know everyone loves my boring charts i know i know i know i know i must say i do i love i love bitcoin but no more than seven.

Months your time starts now in fact before your time starts welcome everybody subscribe to the channel like the content show them your time starts now actually no stop stop stop don't forget if you want to win a bitcoin we have to say this because otherwise people forget if you want to win a bitcoin a full bitcoin you just.

Have to open a kucoin account using the referral link below or scan the qr code at the top and you can win a bitcoin but don't tell anyone if you tell anyone the more people you tell the less chance you have of winning the bitcoin so do not tell anyone about this giveaway let's keep it between us end of story great now you have exactly six.

Minutes and 45 seconds to bore us okay we don't need round for this one okay cool guys what's up banta fam so let's go through obviously we can see you know we're at that very very big cell wall at this point and it takes time you know it makes sort of time uh it makes sense sorry not time uh that we we hovering in the zone a bit and you.

Know i had a tool this morning that i went through this morning and it's actually showing me that the big cell wall is sitting between forty four thousand and forty five thousand so it's nice to see that you know we're getting little bits of rejection there but we're not getting completely shut off which is a really good sign so it means we slowly.

Started to charm through that wall ryan what do you want to say which tool is that it's coming it's very exciting it's coming it's coming it's coming it's coming you know you talk about your new shows i also got a very new fantastic tool that is coming we're just finalizing a few things.

Um so so uh yeah it's nice to see that we're at that point where we're slowly chopping slowly chopping soda chopping at the end of the day guys same thing as i was saying yesterday is when we're looking to break through the cell wall over here we then have the cell wall sitting at a much higher point which.

Means we can look at a strong acceleration through the market at that point um the only thing that we're still seeing right now is we still don't have the higher high end point just yet so as long as we don't have that higher high end point you know a test of support can happen at at any time and we sort of want to be at the point where we're.

Chomping at this wall but it's crunch time now it's time for bitcoin to start breaking through now to really start momentum because if we keep hovering yeah we do start a little bit of rejection zone you know bitcoin could come test the 42 000 zone again and that's why it's very important that you know we start making.

Progress and we start chomping through that wall and then from that we can obviously see a strong acceleration to the upper side now the boring chart of the day which is the usgt chart is a super super super important chart for me very important chart because the last time it happened we were in a crazy.

Crazy crazy season where we had literally i think it was five months of money growth in the market so for me this is a super important chart and a super important line that we finally break this damn trend because this was the trend when we broke to this side over here where the dumps started happening and we started to get the the.

Strong aggressive red market and these sort of things and now we're finally at that point where we would make a very weak sort of low very similar to this low yeah and it's sort of showing me very much a head and shoulders that is playing out from the usdt dominance and this is an important chart that we on that line right damn now so we got.

Bitcoin sitting at 44 000 right by the cell wall and we got the usdt chart sitting right on the trend right now and what i did you know there's two things that that's telling me that this market has to erupt very soon and very quickly is because we're making a higher low on dominance and we're making a lower high on bitcoin so this is a very very very.

Important chart around both of them because this is where we need this to drop and we need bitcoin to break and when that happens then we have this three chart that's the third chart then this will break down so that's the let me paint the picture bitcoin we need it break up usd determines we need to break down and.

That will show us that we then going to have a total market cap break out and then we're going to have the dominance collapse then we can talk about old season and talk about the major thing right now we're sitting on the borderline right now where is there another correction first.

Or is it right now and you know like is it super important go for it right doesn't it feel a bit too easy doesn't it feel a bit too like almost like there must be something in the way like it just i don't know it feels like it's too good it just feels like.

You know like run we've only had like two three weeks of this now we entered three months of fair like this market does get easy making money does get easy like you know that's the stages that we haven't even started yet like we haven't even this was was the previous rallies of dominance to the output side this is all we've gotten so far so we like only.

Like we keep saying just the tip like exactly that we're only just the tip right now and we're waiting for the proper eruption like we're just boiling right now we haven't had the the proper explosion we've seen nothing yet right if we have a drop in this dominance and we have bitcoin break through that thing like.

We're gonna see a rally and we're gonna see a strong damn rally you know we're looking at 400 billion dollars to enter the crypto market on the next pump alone it's not even by going in the future that's just the next leg of where we're looking at and that's a strong really really strong point of that so we're at a critical stage and the way i'm sort of.

Trading it now is we know pullbacks is is the time we add to entries you know that's the time where we capitalize on on the market right now so do we get that pullback first where we have a smaller pullback back to the 42 zone you know that's on support that's why i want to capitalize on the market or do we break this damn.

46 and if you don't get your damn entries like you're going to be left very far behind so it's very important does this here does this here does this here remind you so you look at this over here does it remind you of that over there it does.

Visit enough is that enough of a pullback for you to say that potentially we've seen the retest uh yes because you see how it's uh just on the left of it so let me see if i can jump on my chart just i can show you it let me just clear up here there you go so this yes makes sense to me because this.

We want this to be our inverse head and shoulders and the right shoulder must always match up to the same levels of where the left shoulder hit so that's what we want we don't want to to actually go lower and that's the trend that we are holding so yes that was the pullback that i wanted possible that we test there again.

It can happen but this is the levels we want to hold we want to hold forty one thousand forty thousand dollar region for us to be in that level that you said this level right over here now what are the indications we got there was we got that higher high and you can see very much that we got the higher higher this time too so yes.

You know it is reminding me there but it's crunch time now it's time we got the higher high and we got the higher high and we got the retest yes for now was that the full retest only the next higher high will tell us we haven't got the higher high yet so.

It's time the next two days like it's time the market has to start erupting now and when bitcoin breaks this level we're going to see the whole the whole market erupt not just bitcoin so okay yeah if that's the case if that's the case then what would you be getting into what would you be looking at so i think we've.

Had we've had the confirmation we've had the confirmation we've had we're we're looking for a second confirmation effectively the high high would be a second confirmation but you don't want to be you you don't want to be waiting you want to start dipping your toes in.

Right yeah so what would you be buying um so obviously the the big ones that i was looking at is you know i'm loving finding the coins that i've had this long downwards trend like i'm loving it this is showing to be such a really strong effective strategy.

So i'm finding the good olds uh that are breaking these downwards trends at this point at the moment uh the first one which i spoke about you know a few times and it's doing a beautiful uh inverse is uh ftx token it is chart of the day today guys remember that is on the website as well um as well as the link for coin panel so you guys can go and.

Have a look at all the chart of the days there and all the chart updates that i'm doing there it is a tool that you have to have that i can communicate with you in a strong aggressive market it's just something that's super super important it's a toolbox guys it's a toolbox to to to to uh to your charting and what you do um.

Cool so uh ftt for me for safer bets good investment entries uh ftt showing good fantastic strength right now we then have what's happening on avax brother when it comes to the the um the fundamental side of avax because now we're breaking a beautiful trend and i don't know about you we you know we're waiting for the confirmation of bitcoin.

Of the higher high and this bad boy is doing it here for us already and this looks very nicely as the inverse head and shoulders and we are breaking daily trend and if we have a look here you know we've only just crossed the weekly stochastic rsr to the top so i got four great indications on avex right now what's your thoughts fundamentally.

Is anything happening there yeah abex is about to i mean it looks like it's about to explode there's a whole lot of things happening on the avex ecosystem what i'll do is i'll post a tweet thread on my twitter at cryptoman run i don't want to go through the whole tweet thread here because it's not going to be a charting show but it's a whole.

Lot of fundamental things happening on the on the avex ecosystem right now in terms of the token so um i think that's i think avec's probably good bet probably quite a quite a good bet right now um what else so ftt.

Yeah ftt avax i have spoken about those um the last one are you releasing okay go for it yeah yeah roon broke that trend it's testing right now it's on support right now so rooney rune was the big one we spoke about in the week you know cosmos was a big one we spoke about as well uh.

We did look at super and this is exactly what you want to see guys like you want to see how we break this long downwards trend we then shoot up make the right shoulder this is exactly what we wanted to see from bitcoin and now we're starting to release here so it looks like super's waiting for the bitcoin eruption and if it waits for that you.

Know the break of this level is when we're going to start to see true uh volume come in and we look we can look at a you know super rally back to the 1.7 1.8 quite quickly so that's obviously showing strength i saw moon river still hovering slightly into our zones which is good i made the higher high yesterday so that one's.

Looking good i see secrets got a possibility of making its way back down it didn't make the higher high yet so it can make its way back down to 6.2 and i'll definitely be capitalizing uh on secret um let's just have a look the other ones here tezas vet all of them are signed to to break those long downwards trends so.

That's what i'm doing brother i'm looking for the very clear chart of a long downward strain cycle and we're starting to break these trends because they started to show a lot of strength and volume comes in super strong when we break those things so i'm not chasing the coins anymore i'm waiting for the coin to tell me so i got my list of.

Coins and when that damn alert goes off and the chart looks beautiful and you know we've got a clear indication of a long-term downtrend then i'm capitalizing so i'm being very stingy with my entries and i'm not forcing it into any coins i'm not jumping any too hard i'm not following in what i mean.

Take me to tornado take me to tornado cash so you spoke about it this morning brother what's happening here well this is something that's fundamental to crypto it is effectively the only real private privacy transaction uh protocol if you want to.

If you want to transact you know the problem with east if you go and buy a cup of coffee using ethereum when you scan your eth wallet there the person everybody knows your entire history you know and it's not only in that wallet a lot of people say oh don't worry that's a normal wallet it's not only that wallet because.

Every eth wallet needs to have ethereum to do a transaction so when you in order to to you will send ethereum from one of your other wallets to do the transaction and now what you're reading is that everybody's actually starting to use tornado cache so.

Xerox sifu use tornado cache you're looking at the guys from looks product from looks which is like the open open c competitor use tornado cache everybody's using tornado cache and now the market's starting to understand this privacy narrative i've been talking about this this privacy narrative for a long time and now the.

Privacy narrative is starting to play out this is a coin that was at 400 last year wow yeah if you zoom out zoom out you'll see this coin this coin was at four hundred dollars look at this wow wow wow wow.

Yeah okay and it's and it's not like there's a hundred other coins that do the same thing there's only one and it's completely decentralized so for me tornado cash i've been talking about for a long time whether it goes up now whether it goes up in two weeks or a month or whatever.

Else tornado cash one of my favorite tokens i've said it for a long time just hasn't performed but now people are seeing that that that people are actually starting to use tornado cache people are actually starting to use it and as more people use it that's a good one um another one which i like but i think.

We've missed it is platter push platypus finance ptp so we missed it i did a whole show in it a while back and i showed people how to stake and boost their earnings and i said be in platypus finance and i just i think we've missed it you tell me pt yeah i'll have a look we'll.

Just check in on you let me just check it here quickly on the on the actual exchange chart um so you know you think you've missed it you think it's not a i think it's run a lot i think it's run a lot i think it's running a lot what is the market cap on it is it uh.

So let me look at i don't know fully diluted let's quickly let's do let's quickly do a little bit of research on this coin um okay so fully diluted 1.5 billion uh current market cap 73 million this is like the curve finance of avalanche so it's like it's like the curve finance of avalanche um.

Yeah look i've been buying it i must be honest i bought it my first buy was like 1.70 somewhere somewhere around there i don't know if it's too late you tell me what the charts are okay so if we look at yeah like it's you know look look where it's come from you know what i mean.

Be careful that's the initial that's the initial pump that's that initial exchange listing how do you do you know that extra yeah that initial we're going all in we're going to dj and then everyone realizes oh hold on a second we shouldn't have done that well well this is a simple you know guys got.

It in an audio they they all floated at this zone over here and then comes down it consolidates for a while and if it's a good token over time it then starts to gradual back growth through that and then start to like it's a very common pattern you're gonna see through a lot of the tokens just get through that yeah i don't know i don't know if i'd be.

Buying that one yeah if it does come back to 3.4 to the 3.8 region i think that's another zone so add it to your list guys be stingy for your damn entries so it's one to be looking at so it's gone for now and i think it is gone for now okay take me to ice which is the popsicle exchange popsicle finance which.

Is the daniel cester exchange um which collapsed looks like it's having a bit of a recovery what do you see in the numbers yeah so it's breaking definite trend you know i sadly on this exchange i can't use my tool but i can see very much taking this trend down with my eyes i.

Can see we're very close in the region of the next few days of a possible strong breakout and what's good about this run is the the next resistances are only here so when we usually break out of a range like this where we've come off a big downwards trend we then accumulate for a while we usually catch up very quick on the other side and the.

Sort of levels that you look at that you know this chart has been on a sort of downwards trend and we are making clear lower lows so if i am entering this trade like i already have in the back of my head where sort of a little bit of take profits is and tp points are for me uh and you know the clear areas for me are back to the region of nine to ten.

Dollars and after that obviously twelve to thirteen dollars so i'll be keeping eye on this long trend here and getting ready for it and if we have a bitcoin explosion or a market exposure you know this can be one that can rally very quickly up the other side i just will have a tp a tp strategy behind it um and leave the rest yeah we spoke about.

Astra port the other day i see it's up nicely as well we told people to buy i think a week ago like 60 cents 65 cents somewhere on there yeah yeah and it's it's guys what i like about azure is it keeps getting these big volume spikes and this is big orders like you know what i mean they haven't sent this thing into full range yet but guys look how.

You keep getting these buyers buys buys and these usually are market executions where the guys are buying in you know i mean getting that thing and then this is where they're accumulating and i'm sort of looking with a move like this you know over the the next bit of time where we can slowly gradually build up to this.

Level to the region of 90 cents but you know then we can start to see a really strong eruption take us to the zone here do some sort of cup and handle but this volume is exciting me something is going on here and there's a lot of interest in a lot of market order buyers that are happening here could have been so could it be that.

Volume could have been me all of them a lot of those green candles a lot of those green candles could actually have been me i must be honest yeah so so if you ever are buying in these these accumulating stages these are investment entries you you're entering in here because you're buying in an investment.

Zone at the moment that's only when we get to these big breakout levels you look at short-term but for now you're buying it as an investment and it looks like you're buying at the right time you're buying it when there's a lot of interest it's the highest volume we've had for you know for a while so definitely.

Yeah i love it um okay any other any other djinns on your side i mean i've got a few more djinns but i'm also talking on my show later about building a portfolio now because right now it's time to start building your portfolio important if you don't have a portfolio then right now is a great time to be building a portfolio.

Uh you spoke to me earlier about vader yes i did i like it i like it it's risky my problem was very interesting i do like it i do like it i hold a lot of data but it's risky it's like it's like it's one of the real risky risky risky uh trades in your portfolio if you do.

Have if the charts say it's cool and you do have you do want to take some risk then it's good but people must know that it's not this is not good yeah so guys these are obviously much smaller parts of your portfolio that you're playing but you know you know these are big range movers and you know fundamentally is very good.

Fundamentally it's it's the idea is very good it's very early days i like it i bought it uh but i put a small bit and i'm going to wait for it to i'm going to let it run and see what happens exactly so i don't think you're going to miss out on the small bets with us you know we got this long wage screen to the downward side yeah and i'll be.

Patient for bitcoin breakout in the market breakouts and i'll definitely be looking because you know like these moves here are crazy because you know this just has a little rally to the regions of anywhere to these areas and you can see the percentages you know you're looking at 100 200 300 to the top slag so smaller parts your portfolio but.

We can't deny this market erupts you know having a two three percent of your portfolio into the higher risk tokens you know that they can make you a lot of money yeah you have to have positions in the metaverse like we saw last night that jp morgan bought land in the.

Metaverse okay this this is the same jp morgan where jamie dimon said that you know bitcoin is the root of all evil he doesn't really care about bitcoin this is a guy who's now his bank is the first bank in the world to open a lounge in the metaverse now.

You think to yourself if banks are buying land in the metaverse and you don't have a metaverse play it's a sin like you can't not have you can't not be invested in many verses someone here jim jimbo jones says uh render is the perfect metaverse play it is but.

Render is not a metaverse render is not a metaphase that you got to buy if you want to buy meta versus buy sandbox buy decentraland um those are the those are the ones that are that are are right now the best and i think for me sandbox is better than decentraland.

Let's quickly see i agree so sandbox is is at good levels now as well it didn't really bounce so strong with bitcoin at this point uh it does have a possibility of coming back to four dollars um but sandbox is looking as the better bargain right now than decentralized definitely um and then if you want to degen if you like so that's these are sandbox and.

Sandbox specifically is is a very safe option when it comes to to metaverses because that's where coca-cola is that's where jp morgan is that's where adidas is etc but if you want a little bit more of a degen then i mean i'm looking at two one of them is wilder world so while the world also had a little bit of a eruption today maybe.

You want to check it out uh ticker it's it's wild willd i think okay looking good uh so guys this is the beautiful part of this market that we're in now like where we at now like these long trends uh they make you a lot of damn money you.

Catches things early so um nice volume spark there that's great it's waiting for bitcoin buddy that's all that it's waiting for bitcoin breaks 46 this is going to go crazy you know what i mean we can rally up to these ranges quite quick so everything's waiting for bitcoin right now and that's why they just dt dominance is.

A very important choice so for me depends how risky you want to go you want to go you want to go non-risky you go to sandbox you go to descent you want to go risky then you go to places like wild the world you can even go to places like victoria vr um you guys right you got.

Ten thousand dollars to invest in invest in the um metaverse play what percentage would you split your risk sort of thing would you go ten percent into the higher risk then the bigger gains are there you know what i mean if this market turns the game if it's only a matter of which you're talking only metaverse right yes let's.

Say you got i'm just using a thousand ten thousand dollars or thousand dollars as exactly let's say i would split it i would put four thousand into sandbox i would put two and a half thousand into that put two thousand into mana which is the central language and then i would start messing around.

With wilder world victoria vr um uh i mean i guess network if you want to call that um the i would put money on the small ones because you never know which of the small ones is going to shoot the light out um yeah and i think you never know yeah and if the market erupts we.

Obviously know that's where the bigger gains are the only thing is guys so what i'll do with that is you heard round very clear that you know uh sand and mana are the more safer sort of plays which means those guys over time are safe bets to be running at and then you've got about 30 percent off or or so of your portfolio where you know this is.

The higher risk baby this is the one if the stuff goes crazy it makes you you know we can really see a strong eruption but those come with tp strategies just take profit strategies so just run them that those sandboxing them can ride for a while that will be great over time and any of these ones you run through just have a little bit of a tp strategy.

Along the way and it's a great money maker we mustn't ignore these coins when the market turns strong uh so he said was there any other one well victoria vr is one of them uh hassell actually sent me a list let me actually see hustle send me a great list today hustle's asleep now he's uh he's fast asleep.

Um i'm actually joining hustle show tonight he's gonna give me a list and we're gonna go through some charts and give the guys a nice little strategy behind it this morning it shows hustle and miles on the show uh it's always me and you on the show i.

Love how we're teaming up now and tag team yeah yeah four of us we've got a magical combination yeah we sort of work wild the world um sandbox and i'm just trying to see if there's any more meta verses.

Yeah i think you want to be on sandbox wild the world yeah that's that's pretty those are yeah i think those and and maybe there's there's new to come in the next two weeks but at least the guy's got a good understanding of a portfolio size you know what i mean and and what to sort of.

Be looking at that there might be new projects next week there might be new things to be getting um so that's great yeah guys as i was saying i am joining hustle show and we're gonna give you guys uh a little charting strategy behind all of these fundamental gaming tokens too just to help you along the ride and things go crazy that you have a.

Nice structure chart-wise too i love it it's like such a family i love it all right listen so agreed that now the markets are getting back to fun time there's going to be a lot of old uh going off guys if you want to get the alts when they happen you have to go to coin panel we can only talk about so many coins on the show and.

The problem is the coins are breaking out at different times all the charts are updated on coin panel if you want coin panel there is a referral link below use it it it's you get two weeks free and then it's like i don't know the numbers but it's like i don't know i don't know what it is.

For that now guys i've i've increased by 300 the team on coin panel now and we're making sure we have short-term trading lists for guys medium-term trading lists we then have investors list like we have everything there for you guys and and then one thing we did learn is through this whole bear cycle the guys were very happy on that thing because you know.

That's the way i had no i wanted no one left no one left in the bear market yeah no one like very few people left normal normal churn left which means that people it is the tool that saved people in in the in the down market it was at the tool with all the things.

Oh fred says chart of the day up on the website now very late fred spread this buddy did you go too hard on the birthday or what i it's this it's the ftt chart brilliant go and check out chatham day on the.

Crypto banter website best website in the whole world looks and feels like twitter uh lots of giveaways on it also great alpha on it and a great family on it a great family on it all right people we'll see you again in 9 00 a.m est i'm going to show you um how to build a crypto portfolio right now i'm going to reveal.

One of the buying portfolios just a little hint so we realized when we were building these portfolios that every person is different right so every person is different and what we're doing today is we're talking about we're giving you the first of the portfolios which is the djin ish portfolio we're calling it the.

Dgn ish it's like it's like people who are jewish they're not really jew they're jewish you're not like really you want a djinn but you're not exactly degenerate djen ish so today we're talking about the djin ish portfolio uh tomorrow we're going to talk about the.

D5 dj in portfolio so if you if you publish on d5 and then the next day we're going to talk about if you're a gaming dj what your your portfolio should look like we're actually going to go through each individual token actually show you how to give them um maybe a a standard of your opinion of percentages between all the two you know.

Like you know these ones a little bit maybe higher i think that's a really good way that that if this market erupts guys just have a little understanding much appreciation much appreciated until then scan scan this qr code because then that can.

Make you rich i don't care what you saw as much better than coinbase is it yeah it is cool it's got like a pac-man vibe to it i love it i love this i actually want to get this song and put it in my in my in my mixer here.

Wow dj man everybody see you later.


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