This Crypto Could EXPLODE In 2022 (Top Crypto On Coinbase)

Coin market cap recently posted about the top 10 most viewed cryptos in north america and majority of these i was very familiar with i know of bitcoin shiba inu aetherium safe moon descentuland and xrp but there were a couple on this list that i had never heard about and one of them in particular really stood out to me because over 6 800 people added this.

Coin to their watch list and i never heard it before so i did a big bit of digging into a coin called talaria inu and it's pretty interesting because recently we've talked a little bit about farming as a service and they implement farming as a service as well and not only that but they also have their own nft collection and have grown very.

Rapidly so when i saw this post i decided let's do a bit of digging into the coins on this list that i wasn't familiar with because whenever you see coins getting added to people's watch list whenever you see coin market cap posting about most viewed cryptos well that usually leads to price increases very shortly because price increase.

Usually has to do with more people looking at a coin more people investing in it and more money coming into the project so let's talk about talaria inu so talaria inu is a web 3.0 farming as a service project interesting thing here is that many projects right now like meme coins that are on that.

List from coin market cap don't do anything other than just have cool logos have you know fun designs have a great community and that's great and everything but long term that doesn't do anything so the reason i think talaria inu was so high up on this list of the top 10 highest viewed coins on coin market cap in north america is because.

Of this farming as a service which has been growing very rapidly this segment of the market has been growing very rapidly so what this basically means is they're farming as a service strategy for talaria inu is essentially that they have three main categories things that they invest in sixty percent is low risk so that means that the money that they.

Generate from people investing in the project sixty percent of their farming as a service strategy is low risk meaning they are farming with stable coins on well-known protocols these are safer investments um not such high risk uh high reward opportunities these are more stable generally consistent profits second.

Thing is 30 which is medium risk medium risk this is more like yield farming in popular pools with higher apy and it has a little bit higher of rewards and the third is 10 of their farming as a service strategy is for high risk this is based on investing in high yield treasury based dows much higher risk newer projects.

Launching so they have a tiered approach to farming as a service which is why i think many people are getting very excited about this project the thing that is most important to know is farming as a service is basically you invest in a project they do all of this investing on the side for you so you invest in a project they make all of.

These additional investments to help grow the project and grow your investment so this was pretty interesting after that i did a bit of digging into their liquidity into how much is locked what like when to make sure the product is secure so first thing i found is that when you go to their website you can.

Scroll down and click on liquidity locked interesting thing here is it shows exactly on unicrypt network that 38 um is locked and can't be taken out for at least one year so this makes me a little bit more confident about this project and makes me realize why people are more excited about it because a lot of these meme.

Coins strictly meme coins people and there's a there's they're rug pulls founders walk away at the money but with this 38 um is locked can't be sold so this was pretty interesting you could see the exact amount on unicrypt pretty interesting third thing i found was going to be with their audit report.

Always important in my opinion when you're talking about these meme coins even if it's listed by coin market cap to have a audit report because you never know what project is gonna be secure what's legit what's not legit and this one they checked off all the boxes you can see pass for literally every single thing they were tested for so that was.

Also another positive and then last thing with this project that is why i think many people are so interested on it about it why over 6 800 people have added it to their watch list on coin market cap is going to be because of their nft collection recently they.

Announced um in january early january about their nft collection and this is pretty interesting the design the graphics look very great and in my opinion this collection has potential to be one of the bigger nft collections out there compete with the likes of some of the top projects out there you can see right now you can mint their nfts.

There's only 5555 that will ever be generated randomly generate nfts and there's 2 000 spots for whitelist at 0.03 per nft so i think for all these reasons that is why i've seen coin market cap and so many people add to lauria inu to their watch list as of recently so.

That's what's going on with that last thing i want to talk about so yes they have their nfts they have some whitelist pre-sale spots available still one thing that's interesting about this project last thing is going to be really with their burning mechanism when you look at any sort of meme coin any project out there everyone likes to know that coins.

Are being burned that this whole supply is continuing to a total available supply is decreasing to make your coins more valuable and that is also what talaria enu has they have this burning mechanism in place three burning mechanisms actually and the first is called automatic burn right now it's set to point three percent is burned every.

Two hours second is called a discretionary burn function this is similar to the automatic burn but it's called by the team and it can be set between one to ten percent and the third thing is discretionary buybacks and burn the team uses eth from marketing wallet to buy tally tokens and burn them so i think for all of these reasons that is.

Why they are listed so high on coin market cap as one of the top viewed cryptos in north america i think they do have a lot of potential especially with their farming as a service strategy because that is a very diversified strategy in this section of the crypto market farming as a service has been growing very rapidly and i.

Think any projects that have this are going to see massive increases in the short term last thing i want to talk about is going to be with regard to talaria ini's price so recently the market has come down a bit but over the last couple of months tellurium has still remained pretty consistent they've had a couple of spikes here and there.

But consistently they have been growing over the last couple of months so for all of these reasons right now i think this project is very interesting does have a lot of potential and seeing how many people are interested on it and have you know favored it t-a-l-i token talaria inu token on coin market cap is very intriguing to me you know seeing.

Coin market cap post about this i know all of these coins basically like bitcoin ship enu ethereum safe moon decentralian xrp i've even heard of um saitama i've heard of multiverse capital i've heard of almost every single one of these except hilaria inu and they have basically seven thousand new people who added it to their watch list really.

Almost as many as like xrp decentralized so for that reason i want to talk about this coin today because it's not very often that i find a coin talked about by coin market cap that i'm not familiar with and so when i am i like to do a bit of digging like to share this with you guys and let me know if you want more of these videos in the future but i hope.

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