This Is The Next Crypto Coin Set To Explode In 2022 (10000% Gains Coming)

I have seriously found the next 100x crypto coin and why i can say this i'll explain in this video now it's not listed yet but it will be soon this is how you find the best games with crypto you look for projects that are not listed yet or they just listed like that day i mean yeah you can invest in bitcoin ethereum solana you know all the.

Bitcoins of course you'll make money but they're not going to 100x they might 2x 5x but we're looking for gains that we can retire off of so we're looking at what the whole entire crypto community as a whole is looking into what the latest craze is what planet earth is currently into and right now it is definitely web 3 and the metaverse you.

Probably heard this a lot the metaverse is definitely coming it is a gigantic opportunity that is right in front of us even facebook changed your name to meadow one of the most powerful companies in advertisement engines on the planet join in on this metaverse so metaverse tokens are definitely something you need to keep on your radar.

Guys and i found the absolute best one of 22. now while the internet is 2d and you sit on the screen and you watch web pages you play games or whatnot now web 3 and the metaverse is going to be fully immersive in 3d you'll be able to interact with people virtually all around the world as if they're sitting right next to you you can be in los.

Angeles california hanging out with your buddy in london now we already seen the beginning of this with world of warcraft and new world is these mmos where everybody's in the same world together but there's a company that's building a digital representation a one-to-one twin of our planet virtually now i have tons of videos of this company or two on my.

Channel if you want to check it out further but this company is partnering huge they're partnering with polygon they're partnering with mapbox and now most recently a former finance executive financed the largest cryptocurrency exchange on the planet and then form an executive is helping launch their cryptocurrency if you don't understand.

The gravity of what what i just said that is absolutely huge news guys this crypto 100x coin i'm actually talking about is the crypto that's coming from this company it is their crypto called essence like i said at the time of this video it is not listed yet but it will be in the first half of this year and this essence will be the lifeblood of.

The second virtual earth so me personally i would stack as much essence as i can get that's that's what i'm doing right now we have seen virtual land sales absolutely skyrocket in the last year talking like millions of dollars for certain plots and certain companies including uh sandbox and axe infinity and this is not a digital twin.

Of earth with graphics that are far worse so you can imagine the prices when this goes mainstream and people want to get real world and sentimental locations earth 2 and their crypto is going to take this world completely by storm in this year we're still in the first month i'm telling you this is why i'm going to show you exactly why this is going to be.

Extremely valuable now people consider me as one of the whales for earth 2. i'm one of the top five net worth users on this company to put it in their perspective predict another whale on earth too had to spend over three hundred thousand dollars to surpass my net worth on earth too why am i bringing this up let's look into essence.

Generation after spending 300 000 or a quarter of a million dollars you'd expect to get a lot of essence right no you would generate less than 2 000 essence a day that's sickening right 2 000 essence for a 300 000 investment we have to think of it in positive way the lower it goes down the more it's going to be worth like essence.

Is not going to be just another crap coin on the market hanging out in the 0.00084 range because if you look in my own portfolio my essence generation is actually dropping drastically now the white paper is actually releasing soon within the first half of this year so make sure to actually smash the like button and subscribe to the channel and.

Hit the notification bell so you're actually here notified when i go over the white paper so you can make the decision if you want to own this crypto or not but it's simple i make free content for you guys all i want is a like button smash and exchange make it turn black something is going to happen soon the ceo actually tweeted not that.

Long ago said something about when the twos align so maybe we'll have a lot of info coming up on february 22nd of this year 2022. if you're lucky enough to find my channel actually get in on this uh congrats why can't i be so confident with this this coin that's not even launched yet well let's look at other.

Competitors in the field of virtual sales axi infinity moons sandbox moons victoria vr moons urda which is a dystopian game where the earth is destroyed their twitter actually went from 10 000 to almost 100 000 followers in just a few weeks it was actually covered by altcoin daily which has over 1 million.

Subscribers actually uh positively reviewing this erdogan we actually have this evidence that's laid out in front of us another reason i can see this doing extremely well is because earth 2 and shane isaacs were actually approached by venture capitalists offering seven figure dollar amounts for single digit ownership of earth 2.

That's insane me personally if i was saying like i don't know if i can do that's a lot of money also crypto exchanges have been begging her to with deep promotion discounts to have them listed on their exchanges you usually see the opposite of that you see other you see these companies begging the exchange to be listed and they never do.

It's actually flipped this time now you can follow this channel make sure to subscribe and actually find out when day one of this crypto launcher so you can buy into it or you can be more proactive and actually get into this game and this this crypto before it actually launches i'll make that decision up to you but if you want to do.

That you actually just go into er2 er2 dot io that's the website address and start buying land that's how you get this essence essence comes from the land within the company so it's pretty simple you just log in create an account and then start buying land super easy that's why i love this company so much because it's so easy to actually wrap your head.

Around and since you made it all the way to the end of the video and give you seven and a half percent off all your land within r2 which will create this essence this 100 x coin go buy your local downtown go buy your house go buy a nice beach in the caribbean all this land no matter where you buy does produce this this essence and then once.

You highlight your tiles and you're actually about to buy towards the end of the checkout page you can see a promotion code just put this code right here into uh the checkout page and hit apply if you don't hit apply it's not going to work and then 7.5 refund it right away so i hope i brought you some value in this video oh and one.

More thing if you need a place to actually hold your crypto and get paid passively just by holding the crib you don't have to sell it or anything they just pay you to have your crypto definitely check out celsius they're offering a promotion right now for fifty dollars even transferring four hundred dollars into their into your account on.

Sales you get paid 50 bucks so it's actually a pretty awesome deal i get paid every single week it pays out every monday they give me money just by holding my crypto there that's what i do like i get i paid to sleep which is pretty awesome so definitely uh check out celsius i'll put it in the description box below or you can youtube.

Sell so you try to spin yourself up on this company because i love it so far i've had it for a few months now so uh yeah definitely check them out so thank you guys so much for watching and i'll see you in the next video

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