Tips on Passing the Insurance State License Exam!

What good youtube my name is Kenny J the insurance guru back at it again with another insurance video and this is Kenny J TV less than 50% of people passed the insurance state exam the first time let that sink less than 50% of people bassy insurance that exams the first time I was doing my research and I was.

Like that is insane the tests are hard they're meant to confuse you but I am here today to give you tips and tools in order to pass the State Exam and be successful in your insurance career rule number one always alot yourself enough time to study so I'm gonna keep it real with child this is not like undergrad where you can memorize and cram the day.

Before and go in there and ace that test this is not what this is this is very serious and important information about your career that she should take serious so a lot yourself enough time realistically if you are working a full-time job and you're trying to obtain your license I will say within a week a week and a half to two weeks is a.

Good time frame to set aside since the rule number two flash cards flash cards flash cards so flash cards were literally my best friend when I was studying for these exams like I don't know what it is about flash cards but being able to test my knowledge and then flip it was amazing so whenever I saw things that I thought were very.

Important to the exam I always wrote it down and literally for every chapter of each license I have a thick stack of flash cards you can pull them out whenever you know when you're studying in here waiting in the doctor's office just pull those flash cards out I'm another tool I would save you're more than ever.

Product owner would be Quizlet which is the online version of flashcards so the next rule is definitely conditional to how you got your free license your certificate so whether you did it in person whether you did it online on a program which I will talk about in another video what is the best program for your pre-licensure but I know for.

Most online free licenses they do have this so rule number three take all of the practice exams that you can take so one thing that is very important is you can literally study the concepts you can literally study the terms and if you never look at a practice question you will not pass that test it's like it almost trains your brain to think in a.

Way that you have never thought before which kind of goes into the next rule rule for is you have to grasp the concept you can learn the definitions all day like I said before you can learn the terms all day but if you don't know how to convert that and answer that into a question then honestly it's not gonna be good for you so basically a lot of.

Questions on the State Exam are more conditional questions Molly went to the store she rear-ended Billy's car and drove off who is covering Billy's car that's the kind of questions that you'll see on the exam rather than saying what is uninsured motorist or what is underinsured motorist you're gonna see more of those conditional questions on.

The test you would definitely have questions on there that are literally saying what is Apparel or what is that or define that but most questions are conditional because most of the time they do know that you know the basic information of insurance because that is the easiest but when you actually get into the industry you need to know what.

Policy goes with what or what coverage do you need to put on this policy in order to best suit the consumer world number five is definitely my favorite rule take breaks that is very important for you and your brain you don't want to overcrowd your brain and cramp your brain up with all this information at once so usually what I did.

I would study for an hour and then take a break for about 15 to 20 minutes to let my brain breathe and taking that information because it needs time to process all this information that you're gonna get once you don't let it get to the point where you're reading and you just like what did I just read that is the worst because you want to sit here.

And you want to maximize your time you don't want to spend three hours on the same chapter because you're reading and you don't really understand what you're reading rule number six if you have any questions that aren't really getting answered through the program or do whoever I want to reach out to a licensed agent we're always more than.

Happy to help when I took my test I actually reached out to an agency that I'm working for now before I even got the job I reached out to them and said I have a question about a certain policy can you explain it to me a little better drop a comment below I'd be more than happy to help you guys and answer any questions that you have about the.

Insurance industry questions in regards to the tests or just about different coverages of policies that we offer rule number seven is definitely an important rule it's honestly up there with take breakers honestly if you do not pass the first time it is okay the percentage rate for passing the first time is below 50% to be completely transparent with.

Y'all I didn't pass some of my licenses the first time it's not easy it's okay you just gotta dust yourself off and get back in there which goes right into rule 8 if you feel like you're not doing well on the test and there's some concepts or some things that you don't understand try to remember those things so you can go back and review so let's say you are.

So confused on homeowners insurance and you understand that nine times out of ten they're gonna ask that question either the same way or in another way on the next test that you take because like I said longer you'll understand the concept you can answer any question pertaining to that topic now don't go in there and try to memorize every question.

Because one you won't finish the test in time and two it's nearly impossible unless you have some type of crazy photographic memory and I will say just for a sign no it's so much material so don't get overwhelmed once you start studying some stuff on the test is literally common sense you just have to think breathe and just take your time.

With each question because a lot of times the wording will trip you up people will skip over important words like what is not a part of this coverage instead of what is a part of this coverage so just take your time breathe get a good night's rest before the test get a good meal before and don't stress it don't try to cram before.

The test either don't try to study before the test and don't doubt yourself because I guarantee you know more than what you think you know and those are my tips on passing the insurance state exam if you have any questions about anything that I covered or anything that I didn't cover drop that thing down in the comments below.

Thank you guys so much for tuning in don't forget to Like comment share and always subscribe and hit that bill for my latest notifications when I drop my video every week every week I'm dropping the video again thank you for tuning in my name is kenny jay the insurance guru and this is KJ TV.


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