top ten biggest insurance companies in the world hello viewers welcome to another exciting edition and thanks for watching today we shall be talking about ten biggest insurance companies in the world we all face different risks the risk of meeting with an accident falling sick being the victim of a natural.

Disaster or fire and above all the risk of life all these risks not only come with pain and suffering but they also heard financially insurance is one of the ways of being prepared for the worst it offers the certainty that economic part of the pain will be taken off if you are new here welcome we should subscribe and salanio.

Certifications so you don't miss any of our amazing videos let us take a look at some of the world's top insurance companies there are many criteria on the basis of which such a list can be prepared premium collections revenue profits geographical area assets and more number 10 United Health Group Incorporated United Health Group.

Incorporated is an American health care and insurance company it is a largest health care company in the world its revenue is 226 point six billion dollars as between 218 and 115 million customers it's to business platforms United Healthcare for health benefit and optimum for health services work together serving more than 150 million.

People in every US states and 125 countries the United Health Group uses its experience and resources in clinical care to improve the performance of the healthcare service sector the company's market capital was two hundred and eight point eight billion dollars on February the 5th 2020 headquarters Armand and toka Minnesota United States.

Number nine AIA Group Limited AIA group was founded in 1919 in Singapore and is currently headquartered in Hong Kong it is a largest by nation Life Insurance Group with a presence in 18 different markets including China Australia New Zealand India and Cambodia he specializes in life insurance and other financial services as of December 31st.

2018 a I am importantly had assets of 230 billion dollars and a market capital of 120 3.4 billion dollars as of the 5th of February 2020 nomber is American International Group American International Group has offices in 80 different countries the company founded in Shanghai in 1919 is currently headquartered in New York City it mainly.

Operates in three segments including general insurance commercial and personal insurance life and retirement as well as a technology subsidiary called blackboard insurance you probably recognize the name as one of the companies that received a bill out of 180 billion dollars from the US government following the 2007-2008.

Financial crisis according to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission credit default swaps were sold without collateral causing American International Group to fail the company has since recovered reporting for Channel 2 billion dollars in assets and a market capital of sixty three point eight billion dollars.

Number seven China life insurance Channel Life Insurance Company Limited provides life insurance services in China it is one of mainland China's latter states old insurance and financial services company as well as a key player in the Chinese capital market as an institutional investor the company was founded in 1949 when the people's.

Insurance company of China P ICC was formed its option people's insurance company of China called Limited was created after parting ways with people's insurance company of China in 1996 it was renamed as China life insurance company in 1999 the China life insurance company was restructured in 2003 as China life insurance group or company.

Which has several subsidiaries the businesses are spread across life insurance pension plans assets management property and casualty investment holdings and overseas operations this company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Chandon Stock Exchange and is the biggest public life.

Insurance company in terms of market capitalization in the world the company boast a markets capital of a hundred and ten billion dollars and assets worth five hundred nine billion dollars number six ping an of China being an of China deals primarily with insurance financial services and banking it is one of the top 50 companies listed.

On the Shanghai Stock Exchange farted in 1988 there was China's first company to adopt a shareholding structure the company is headquartered in Shenzhen China and is one of the world's most valuable insurance companies and one of the largest assets management and investment companies in the world its subsidiaries include ping and life being.

And Property and Casualty being an annuity and ping unhealth the company's market capital is at 211 point two billion dollars and it has assets worth about six hundred twenty billion US dollars number five MetLife insurance the actual name of Met Life Insurance Company is Metropolitan Life Insurance Company but it is well.

Known as MetLife worldwide MetLife is walking with over 60 countries and they have almost 90 million customers MetLife Inc is one of the largest global insurance providers it has a market capital of over forty seven point four billion dollars and assets worth six around it is seven point five billion dollars it is one of the world's largest.

Insurance and also provides services in employee benefits and annuities the company's affiliate and subsidiaries include MetLife investors MetLife Bank which was sold to MetLife securities Metropolitan property and casualty insurance company the headquarters is in New York the United States number four berkshire hathaway berkshire.

Hathaway was founded in 1889 and its associated with Warren Buffett who has transformed a mythical entity into one of the lightest companies in the world Berkshire Hathaway is now a leading investment manager conglomerate engaging in insurance among other sectors such as rail transportation finance utilities and.

Energy's manufacturing services and retail through its subsidiaries it provides primary insurance as well as reinsurance of property and casualty risk companies Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group Berkshire Hathaway primary group general re national indemnity company medical protective company applied on the writers US.

Liability insurance company Central States indemnity company and the Gardiners group aperture subsidiary's the company's market capital has reached a record of 557 two billion dollars with total assets worth over seven hundred and seven billion dollars number three Prudential Financial Prudential plc is a British multinational life insurance.

Company the headquarters is in London United Kingdom and serves over 26 million customers Prudential dates back to 1875 when it was established to sell barrel insurance to working-class folks in Newark NJ today the company boasts a balance sheet with assets exceeding eight hundred and fifteen billion dollars and a market capital of thirty.

Nine billion dollars number two aliens as even Allianz S II is a multinational financial services company in Germany its headquarter as a Munich Germany the aliens group is one of the leading most trusted integrated financial services providers worldwide founded in 1890 it is providing products and services from insurance to.

It's management Islands caters to customers in more than 70 countries insurance products range from property and casualty products to health and life insurance products for corporate and individual customers allowance maquettes capital stands at 103 billion dollars and it has battuto assets worth of about nine hundred and ninety four billion.

Dollars number one ax de este es de este is a multinational insurance company in France they deal with insurance investment management and other financial services worldwide with over a hundred and two million customers in 56 countries and an employee base of more than 125,000 AXA is one of the world's leading insurance companies its main.

Businesses are property and casualty insurance life insurance savings and assets management it was founded in 1816 when Sarah in trust companies merged to create ext the companies headquartered in Paris but has a presence across Africa North America Central and South America Asia Pacific Europe and the Middle East.

Yes they acquired 51% of the internet operations of call Patricio rose in Colombia in 2013 during the same year he became the largest international insurer operating in China and as a result of its 50% acquisition of champeen a Chinese property and casualty insurer the X they also acquired the non-life insurance operations of ICH SBC in.

Mexico the markets capital for a XE group is currently around sixty five and six billion dollars and the total asset of about one thousand and eleven billion dollars picking the right insurance company to invest in is important and should not be based on the company's size alone a few things on your checklist should be.

On the company's ratings its financial strength if the public specializes in any particular type of insurance refusal of claims in the past the proximity of the office premium rates and discount offered on multiple policies thanks for watching if you did enjoy this video don't forget to give this video a thumbs up share with your friends subscribe to.

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