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How's it going everyone it's sam today i want to talk to you about the top 10 cryptos for 2022. now with that in mind i do want to give a little background for where i think we are overall in crypto right now so we are going to talk about bitcoin a little bit longer than everything else but i do want to talk to you about the top 10.

Cryptos here today so we can see that the market's down a little bit but we have to think long term what's going to happen a year from now six months from now and not just think about the day to day because it's really easy to get caught up in that so if you guys don't mind hitting the like button and the subscribe button.

This video is going to take a lot longer than my normal video and it's going to have a lot more put into it so if you guys like that please hit the like and subscribe so that way i know also i do want to talk about something a little bit different first now i do want to talk about nfts just for a minute so recently a crypto punk sold for over 10.

Million dollars there is an extreme amount of money that is flowing into nfts even if there is red or green on the market people still want this digital artwork the problem is that a lot of people don't have access to these nfts for example right so you might be able to grab some crypto potato pancake or something like that but the.

Really high quality nfts are outside of almost everyone's price range which is where today's show sponsor comes in otis so otis is an investing app where you can get fractional ownerships of rare collectibles art comics sneakers nfts playing cards all different types of rear collectibles personally i am really.

Interested in the nfts such as a crypto punk because i don't want to go spend several hundred thousands of dollars to buy one now they do give you on the profile a little background on the actual item they give you how many shares there are they'll give you how many investors are invested in it and more information like that so you can.

Make money a couple different ways you can either sell your shares to other people on the otis platform or if otis sells the product for more than you paid in a buyout now using the link underneath a video if you deposit 50 on the platform you actually get one free share of a collectible so if you guys want to check that out underneath the.

Video definitely check it out using that code thank you to otis for sponsoring this part of the video let's take a look at where we are in the crypto market and just in the market in general so recently the house and senate voted to raise the debt ceiling by 2.5 trillion dollars so they are going to get about a year.

Out of this 2.5 trillion dollars and at this time cpi and ppi is going insane what's interesting is a lot of people don't really look at the producer price index or the ppi a lot of people look at the cpi because that's what we generally think of as inflation and that the cpi is about 6.8 the producer price index is about 9.6.

And this is considered a leading economic indicator rather than a lagging economic indicator like cpi because this is how much it costs for these different companies to actually make their items so a lot of people are thinking we're actually going to see cpi go up a lot of people also think that cpi is not real a lot of people think that it's a rigged.

System and that we're actually closer to 10 12 14 15 inflation also if you just look at the assets that are going up in value they're going up 10 20 30 percent the indexes are up 30 on the year so that shows that there is an extreme amount of inflation especially.

Asset price inflation now some countries are doing some types of policies to to cut down on inflation the bank of england just surprised investors yesterday at the time of this recording by raising interest rates bryn became the first big rich economy to experience rate and rate increases so what did they do well they rose rates or.

They raised rates from 0.1 to 0.25 that's a very small amount so they felt like it was big enough to raise rates but they still can't raise them that much the u.s is waiting a good amount of time before they start raising rates they're talking about four to six months before they start raising rates now of course they are saying that we're going.

To raise them three times but back in 2018 we did see that there can be some issues with that the whole market dropped there was a tapered tantrum and uh there is just a sentiment that the fed won't be able to raise rates as quickly as is needed because of the fact that they are so connected to the stock.

Market and really are focusing on the well-being of the stock market so at the same time all that is happening at the same time inflation is rising like crazy and we see a need for crypto like we've never seen before.

Bitcoin on exchanges is down to a three-year low so the demand is going to increase the supply is going to decrease or it already is decreasing also we can see that there are a lot of people that are fearful which some people would say is a bad thing because.

That shows negative sentiment in the market but that's typically a buying zone that's typically a good time to buy is when people are fearful you want to sell when people are being greedy so with that being said we also are at reset rsi levels right we're on the weekly here and we're in the 40 to 45.

Range here so we are reset to the levels we were at when bitcoin was right around 30 000 typically we see a blow off top where we see a very high rsi on the two two-week and we have not gone there yet with that being said there is a lot of adoption so we talked about how there's a need for bitcoin we talked about how.

The supply is going down and now we're showing the demand going up so the demand is going to go up commonwealth bank of australia recognize risks and missing on crypto they say we see risks in participating but we see bigger risks in not participating so bank of australia commonwealth.

They are going to offer cryptocurrency services to some of their clients but this gets rolled out over time this is not a one day thing this this happens with a small group and then a bigger group and then a bigger group and australia is not the only country to do this switzerland colombia spain.

There are countries that are or banks that are adopting in countries all over the world they are going to offer this to their clients here very soon and we just got word that the federal regulator says credit unions can partner with crypto providers their new guidance will allow them to support the buying and selling.

Of cryptocurrency so how long do you think it's going to be before we start getting credit unions here in the us that are going to start offering these cryptocurrencies i believe they have a couple trillion dollars in assets too i think it's 1.5 trillion dollars in assets and full countries are now adopting bitcoin we saw el salvador do.

That typically i would assume that we would see a domino effect we're sure countries are watching to see how el salvador does but then one more country will pick it up and then it'll be quicker after that we also have companies that are raising large amounts of money so we just talked about all the banks there they're.

Introducing bitcoin well nydig which helps bring cryptocurrency services to a lot of these banks and financial institutions they just raised one billion dollars so there's a lot of people that in a lot of companies that want to invest in some of these cryptocurrency startups these i've said this over the last couple days this is.

The type of company you want to be raising money because it helps all cryptocurrencies now there's also a lot of money floating around the cryptocurrency ecosystem finance launches a one billion dollar fund to fast track blockchain tech development.

A lot of other companies are doing something similar or a lot of other projects whether it's 700 million 500 million 100 million there's a lot of money floating around in all these ecosystems and at the same time crypto is gaining is gaining ground like we've never seen it before right here you can see that based on the.

Projections it took us about 7.5 years from 1997 to 2005 first to gain about 870 million new internet users we're expecting that over the next four years for crypto just based on what we've seen so far and we still have companies that are buying so like morgan stanley was one of the.

Companies that helped raise the one billion dollars but they're also buying bitcoin behind the scenes by buying grayscale shares so they're not buying bitcoin directly but they still need exposure to it so that is the first cryptocurrency everyone that is bitcoin for you i think bitcoin.

Is probably the lowest risk highest reward asset that you can get now of course that that depends on how you how you measure it right and where you think it will go in the future but i want to kind of go down the line and some of these cryptos i've talked about before.

Some i've talked about a lot less and some no one really talks about on youtube so i'm going to stick a little more to the high caps but i do have some smaller caps and let's be clear i'm very biased in this i hold all but one of these cryptos here today and that's because i believe and i'm.

Strongly the one that i don't hold i'm actually looking at buying here soon so ethereum is number one on the list ethereum obviously the second largest crypto out there a lot of money and total value locked it accounts for the majority of total value locked across all crypto so that is the number one smart contract.

Platform you see 7.26 percent locked up in ethereum 2.0 which is about 30 over 30 billion dollars worth now this will be unlocked when ethereum 2.0 comes out but remember ethereum 2.0 is going to be very bullish for ethereum now there might be a little bit of selling when that happens which will be a great time to buy in my opinion we're expecting.

That this coming year who knows exactly when it will come out but hopefully it does come out in the second quarter like expected we can see eip1559 reduced the supply of ethereum or the new supply of ethereum by about two-thirds when we have 2.0 coming out it will.

Actually make it a net negative so two percent will be burned every single year give or take depending on the volume of transactions that go through at that time larger companies or larger investing firms feel comfortable with ethereum just because it is a larger asset they can throw in a billion and it won't really push up the price all that.

Much of course it does push up the price but unlike a lot of other smaller cryptos it's not going to send it skyrocketing and they can put in more money right if you're a very large institution you don't want to do a ton of research to go buy some speculative investment and then push up the price and have to keep on buying in at a.

Higher amount one crypto that not too many people talk about is bsc binding at smartchain so it is what some people seem to forget it's still one of the largest cryptos it's number three it's right behind ethereum and nothing else is even close to it so why is that well it's a great product honestly it is it is a very easy to use.

Product there are a lot of coins that are built on it because it's so easy to use to build new cryptos on there was a meme coin mania which pushed it up but it's been doing really well for about the last year but if we see any big push in meme coins again or anything like that it should do well and typically that would be towards the end.

Of a very bullish market that they did introduce bep 95 on october 22nd to speed up finance's burn process so every single three months if you didn't know this they take a percentage of their crypto or of their earnings and then they buy back bnb off the market and burn it so there is a net reduction every single.

Quarter in bnb but now they have bep 95 which also increases the burn you know one other layer one that i think you have to take a look at for 2022 is solana the transactions per second are very high and everyone is bullish on a crypto until something goes wrong right there's always there's always a trade-off in these layer ones.

Right ethereum is very secure but it's very slow and very expensive ethereum very fast but it's more centralized so this is a little bit old but you can see the average fee per transaction is under a cent this makes it usable for a lot of people for nfts for other types of gaming and transactions that way you can actually have a lot of transactions.

Without really paying that much in fees and it continues to gain more adoption of course it is more centralized that's a pushback i always get on it first of all there are lots of validators it's around a thousand now not 700 but then also the the majority of the people that hold solana are whales because of how it was.

Set up and it is a newer project there were a lot of vcs that got large amounts of money or large amounts of sole tokens it's a superior product to ethereum right now at least in the in terms of how quickly you can use it how many transactions per second it allows that being said it did get attacked recently or a lot of people thought it was.

Attacked it was spread that it was a ddos attack but they confirmed it was not attack it was just that it was slowing down because of some transaction speed issues now there's always a trade-off when you pick these layer ones which is why i diversified between several of them but from there we can look at polygon.

Which is a layer two polygon to invest 250 million matic into zero knowledge tech a lot of people think zk ropes will be a huge benefit to the to crypto in general because it provides more privacy for some of the transactions and they are trying to make themselves a leading force in the zk field they just purchased a zk roll up company for about.

400 million dollars with that in mind i did just do a full video on polygon so if you guys want to check out that video i'll link it on the end screen so you can go watch the full video now matic is turning into a fan favorite but another fan favorite from just a couple weeks ago is so crow token was pumped up like crazy.

Because of the fact that they were growing like crazy made a big marketing push they got in the news a lot and a lot of people were excited they went from just about 10 cents back in july all the way up to 90 cents back just a month ago now they've come down a good amount about 40 percent or so and a lot of people think that maybe this is.

The end for or i don't think that's the case i think crow will do quite well the thing is with these tokens this one and vgx which vgx i'm invested into crow i'm not because i don't use but with a lot of these utility tokens you get a benefit from using them or holding them on that website so if you hold crow you.

Get extra benefits on if you hold vgx you get extra benefits on voyager and you have to realize these pumped around the same time actually they pumped up a significant amount and this provides a lot of utility for holders so if you are someone that holds these cryptos long term and you want them to get interest.

And this is going to continue for a long time out it would make sense to buy these tokens and then just never sell them why would you sell them right because you're going to get extra interest you're going to get trading fee discounts access to things that you wouldn't normally get access to so with that in mind they are great to hold for.

The long term i personally hold voyager because it gives me a decent amount boost on my other holdings now if these companies continue to grow and crypto continues to go up they will do well it's just that they got pumped up very quickly because there was a lot of excitement especially in.

Uh november we did see a lot of excitement just in general in crypto and that's when it makes a lot of sense to hold these this validates what we're talking about right when crypto's doing well these things pump so that's something to consider especially because a lot of the world doesn't have access to crypto yet or.

Doesn't actually use crypto or buy crypto yet and then decentraland right we need to take a look at some of the of some of the metaverse tokens in metaverse worlds out there decentraland is one of my favorites of course with these cryptos you have to realize not too many people use them yet so that's the big risk a lot of them.

Aren't fully finished products they're always working on them but if they have a working product even if it's not finished that is a good sign i like decentraland but keep in mind these are expensive if you look at how many users they actually have and then their market cap it's an insane amount of money per user.

But there's a lot of potential here in my mind facebook starting to focus on the metaverse is going to push more people to all metaverses so it's going to bring a lot of people into that realm and of course they're going to start off on facebook but they might not be happy with the fact that facebook is listening to them or puts up.

Ads all over the place or is taking their data and they might look for something like this where you can maybe have nfts and you can make money and there's a ecosystem and it's decentralized away from some of the big brother corporations so with that in mind decentraland i think will do well i think the top.

Metaverse cryptos and the top metaverses will do really well and then a lot of the other metaverses will kind of fall off it's not like gaming in my opinion right a lot of these say that they're gaming and metaverse but if it's more metaverse than gaming i think only a few will do well in gaming there are a lot of games that can do.

Well especially if there's a good if there's good tokenomics behind it those gaming tokens can do really well but metaverses i think it'll be kill or be killed they recently had a large sale that's something that always pushes up the price it seems like whenever there's a large sale or some news about some.

Company entering the metaverse but we have to remember it was up to almost six dollars and now it's back down around three dollars so we're almost 50 off of our highs so i think it will push back up it's just that like a lot of these other cryptos it was pushed up a lot in price because.

There was a lot of excitement now one other crypto that is very small it's a very small market cap but i think is less risky than most cryptos around this market cap is phantasma so sold token is the crypto that we're talking about here and it pumped up to almost four dollars and what this is is it's a smart.

Contract layer one platform so you can create on demand no neces no unnecessary costs you can create nested nfts and multi-layer nfts you can get perpetual royalties automatically time limited access to content and infusing multiple assets so this provides a layer of interaction and a layer of flexibility that a lot of.

These other nfts don't have so this is a small market cap but still it is a little bit protected in the way that it doesn't focus on one game doing well it has a variety of games that use them and that decreases the risk in my opinion we've had some strong support around this 190 range recently but of course with any of these kryptos.

I should say i should have said this at the beginning with any of these cryptos they could fall down that's why you always have to diversify and always reduce your risk as much as possible at least for what you're comfortable with so that's why i like to diversify that's why i like having some cash on the sidelines.

And then the last crypto that kind of goes to that point is donkey so donkey helps you gain interest or apy on some of your cryptos so they are copy farming so you can get in here you can put your money in an investing strategy that someone else uses and gets yield on and if you stake your donkey tokens you actually get a.

Bonus apy depending on how much you have in here so of course if prices fall down like cake fell down and bnb fell down since i invested in here the total profit is negative in dollars but you can see that it's actually gaining more cake and more bmb all the time and i also have i also have busd in here too so you can actually get a significant.

Amount of interest so if the market turns down or you just want to gain extra interest on your assets it makes sense to throw some in donkey and this is not sponsored i have worked with them in that capacity before but i actually use donkey so this is where a crypto like donkey can do quite well so overall that is what i see in the.

Crypto market those are some of the cryptos i think will do well this coming year now of course i'm not saying that these are going to be the top 10 performers top 10 out of the 10 000 performers i don't know what is going to be number one number two number three but these are some of the cryptos that i'm focusing on and i think will do well.

Depending on the rate environment and depending on the crypto environment but i want to hear your thoughts underneath the video let me know which of these you really like let me know if you hate any of these let me know if there's any dice should include on the list i could also include other cryptocurrencies like cardano so if they actually have the.

Decks go live and it all goes smoothly could definitely be included in here it could be a banner year because it has been sold off a lot i could also include v-chain one of the best blue chips out there i have a lot of cryptos that i can include even polka dot which is down over 50 from its highs which interoperates between the different.

Cryptos there are a lot of cryptos i could include in this so don't beat me up too bad thank you guys so much i appreciate it and i will see you in the next video check out otis underneath thanks you

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