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All right let's go my name is jason the channel is a chain of blocks and in this video with crypto prices falling to what some would call uncomfortable levels we'll take a look at three altcoin projects that i think you can actually look to capitalize on the current fear in the market and add these undervalued all coins at discounted prices let's not.

Waste any time i want to start right here and a lot of you use brave browser i use braid browser and this is not a commercial for brave browser but i just saw this and look they've added a new swap feature to their browser so you can come over here and connect your wallet but they're having the sweepstakes or swap stakes as they're calling it and.

They're giving away some really good prizes and who doesn't like a good giveaway we do a lot of giveaways on this channel but i thought i'd bring this to you seven days of crypto i'm recording this on march 8th this is the first day and you can see look a thousand bats are giving away they're actually giving away a whole or a board.

Eight yacht club at the end of this so some pretty valuable nfts worth a lot so maybe something to take a look at if you go over and take a look at their swap obviously you'll connect your wallet i use metamask you can just import it pretty simply if you have the metamask extension so very simple and seamless to use i haven't done the swap yet but i.

Probably will just to try to take advantage of some of these crazy rewards so that's pretty cool and then another thing we always talk about orion on this channel and orn another big win big for both of these actually ascendex and orion partnering together to combine liquidity so now you're going to be able to take advantage of liquidity on a.

Sendex on orion protocol and look the reason i'm mentioning this is because they're having an ama on twitter spaces coming up in two days so i'm recording this on march 8th but on march 10th they're doing this twitter spaces with their chief of marketing timothy horwell and ascendex global will be there as well i'm going to be there listening.

Because this is always very interesting and you always have to pay attention to these things because when you have something like this and we always talk about like who's acquiring the liquidity where is it moving and this is a pretty interesting move so i think we'll get some good information out of this ama coming on march 10th so let's go over.

Here because this is what i want to talk about as we look at the crypto market currently sitting at 1.81 trillion it's been down right like and look this comes on a day march 8th where joe biden has just announced that the us has cut off the import of russian oil and gas we're awaiting joe biden to make some sort of announcement or legislation possibly on.

Crypto this week we're also awaiting the cpi numbers for february inflation numbers as they're often known so look a lot of things are going on and a lot of uncertainty and that usually coincides with price fluctuation we also have putin's war going on to week two at this point so look i want to get in here as we talk about this pretty much all.

Cryptos are down waves protocol is up and we're going to talk about waves coming up in future videos but look the first altcoin that i want to get into is not one that's new to this channel we've talked about phantom a lot right we've talked about phantom we've talked about phantom defy and look phantom currently at a dollar 32 right.

Now and the last time i put it in an altcoin video it was at a similar level this a dollar thirty level it then went on to go up to exceed three dollars in price so look why has it has it collapsed so much and if we look over here at coin get go of the top 100 cryptocurrencies over the past seven days phantom has decreased by the most.

As far as price is concerned right so like did the technology suffer did what happened well really what happened is you had two people that have developed some apps and have somewhat of a cult following not just for phantom but in the old entire d5 ecospace say hey we're calling it quits maybe it seems like they've done this before maybe this is.

Just a hoax but look it seems like they're pretty serious and i'm talking about anton nell and andre cronin if you see this tweet andre and i have decided that we are closing its chapter of d5 and look i respect them from doing this right they can do whatever they want but look they said that this is not something that's a knee-jerk reaction.

I've been thinking about this for a couple of months my only concern with this if you have been like thinking about this a bit on the horizon why did you launch solidly in solid i mean like that would be my only thing there but hey this sparked people to just sell out on phantom and maybe andre and anton were.

Two of the people that were selling out but hey what what does it really mean if you look over here tweet from the ceo of phantom michael kong it doesn't really mean a whole bunch all it means is that the domains that they were using to host these services will shift to other domains you'll still be able to use all of the same services they are going to.

Have large teams behind them they probably already did have large teams behind them and look andre was pretty much just the face of these projects he's got a cult-like following in d5 and when he says stuff people take it seriously and now that he's gone well i'm sorry to see him gone but you know nothing's really gonna change right we.

Talk about phantom we talk about distributed ledger and we talk about decentralization it's way bigger than one or two people so look while the price has crashed i don't think it's really something to be concerned with if you look over here phantom daily transaction volume it stayed pretty much the same right like it dropped a little.

Bit had nothing to do with those two gentlemen leaving and it's pretty much just accumulated and gone up and up and up and there's been several days in the past weeks and months where we see phantom exceed the volume of ethereum blockchain so look i don't think there's anything to be concerned about and when you talk about phantom at.

A dollar 32 i think it's an absolute steal so phantom ftm definitely number one on this list when you talk about where you can go and get this token bring up all the trading pairs here look it's widely available go any of these places i would probably do it myself on i'm in the u.s you can also go to gate io if you want i find with.

Gate io the fees to get your crypto off that exchange tend to be a little bit higher than some but again do your own research on that phantom ftm at a dollar 32 number one on this undervalued altcoin list all right next up is tezos and we've talked about tesla's before and look this video here dedicated to the layer.

One block chains i think they are the safer place identifying these ones that you feel are going to be here for the next five or ten years the ones that are growing incrementally or exponentially and identify those and get on board with those and that's what we're doing in this video here and one thing about tezos that i really like is look they're.

Just this blockchain project they don't go out and toot their own horn they're not making a whole bunch of videos about what they're doing every single minute of the day but what they are doing is putting their head down and making a really good product so look if you look over here the other thing that they're doing is they're trying to align.

Themselves with mass adoption and they're doing that by aligning themselves with these key areas these key demographics so you see right here block space they're going to be at the south by southwest they're hosting a big big booth over there they're going to have a lot of speakers come so look they're just basically saying we know.

Our product is kicks ass people are coming to it we specialize in metaverse we specialize in nfts we specialize in gameplay these are very key industries and areas for crypto development and they're they're basically taking it to the people that are going to want to use that product and this is very crucial in my opinion.

They're also coming out here this is not the first time they're partnering with motorsports but tezos to become an all-star sponsor for motorsports and if you look over here this article which of course i leave all the links in the description box below go take a look here but look this really points out what they've been doing to boost up over.

The past year so if you look over here tesla's has already undergone seven upgrades based on on-chain governance so look this is operating as a completely decentralized blockchain the owners of the token are governing they're proposing new things and these ideas are either voted on yes or voted on no and then they're implemented on the system.

It's happened seven times over so that's pretty exciting when you talk about a self-governing blockchain the newest one here is hangzhou i hope i'm pronouncing that correctly that is coming in the next couple of weeks and if you look over here there are also a lot of applications that are running on tezos you don't necessarily hear about so many.

But over a hundred decentralized applications already running on this blockchain if you look over here at this graph over here tesla's daily transactions and addresses up up up every key metric that you would look at as far as on-chain metrics regarding tesla is just pointing in the up direction so while you're not hearing.

About it and their ceo is not coming out and tooting her horn and telling you what she's doing and where she's traveling all these she's doing it they're doing it and they're doing it as a team they have a very extensive team behind this project and they're just aligning themselves with key players if you look down here in april of last year.

Aligning themselves with the third largest fintech organization in france societ general and then another partnership with arab bank of switzerland and then recently the crypto bank siba so look it's just they're partnering with the right people they're getting their name into the key demographics as far as growing the.

Entire industry and if you look down here esports flow sports they just partnered and became the key partner for uk soccer's manchester united so look 27 million dollar deal to be featured throughout their training facilities and i think on some branding and uniforms and then additional partnerships with formula one mclaren racing so look all.

The key look if you're talking about esports you're talking about f1 and you're talking about manchester united tezos is just putting their head down building a kick-ass product and going after the key demographics and if we look over here tezos xt z is the ticker symbol currently going for three dollars and two cents mark cap on this is 2.6.

Billion dollars and we'll take a look at where you can trade for this if we pull up the trading pairs for xtz hit btc bitfinex if i was going to get it again i do a lot of transacting on i'll leave a link if you want to check them out is where i do a lot of my transacting for these all coins being as i am in the united states but.

Yeah xtz tezos let me know what you think about number two on this list all right and we'll finish up right here this is number three on the list we're just doing three today and i think especially in this market when we're seeing a little bit of contraction some uncertainty i think it's very very important do more research in the.

Project invest in fewer projects do more research in the ones you're investing in but this is one that i do like quite a lot a little bit of a smaller project than the first two it's called oasis network we've talked about this one again before and again you don't always have to reinvent the wheel sometimes you can just say hey i like this before.

Maybe it was a little bit more money maybe it was about the same price i can just add a little bit more to my portfolio at this time and oasis rose is the ticker symbol is one that i really like this right here basically what it is it's a privacy focused blockchain and it works very similarly to what we've seen with polka dots so look it's a two.

Layer approach you have a main relay chain and then you have kind of a application layer this allows for better security and what oasis is really trying to do is give large corporations the ability to transact on a blockchain using distributed ledger but still have control of their data because as we know data is the new oil and what we're.

Seeing right now especially right now with this war going on oil increasingly valuable and oil in the wrong hands becomes very very dangerous so look when you talk about data big data moving forward and how this type of technology can help oasis network is a way that this can happen so what this does is oasis has privacy features that create.

Basically a new type of digital asset and it's called tokenized data so basically big business or anybody can hold their own tokenized data and then transact in a private way but use that you know tokenized data to then transact on the main blockchain so that's why they have this two layered approach which is very cool and this is what you.

Know things like avalanche things like polkadot are using but oasis network is really focusing on that privacy layer and i don't think we've seen anybody succeed in privatizing in a you know scalable and accessible usable way for the end user this whole privacy feature what i've talked about before is how are all these blockchains going to work.

Together i think what we're going to see is stuff like this stuff like oasis network oh hey they specialize in privacy oh ethereum they specialize in smart contract execution and polkadot they specialize on connecting everybody so this is what we're seeing and that's why i think oasis and rose is the token i think is a very very powerful and.

Special project moving forward and if you look over here this is another thing that's pretty cool about oasis this is from massari massari collects a lot of good data it's a paid service but they did put this out this was from fourth quarter of last year this is the top hedge funds what are they trading as far as cryptocurrencies and if you look.

Right here number four on this list is the oasis network traded by 12 of the top hedge funds in the united states so look that's pretty interesting to me right because i feel like hedge funds in general just have some sort of inside or insider better they're not just throwing large amounts of money here for no reason so.

Look that's another thing to take a look at and when we look at the oasis token rose actually being that token this is smaller than the rest as i mentioned currently going for just over 22 cents with a market cap of 776 million and look this is one that definitely has a lot of room to run look at what we've seen of phantom in the early days things.

Like even tara luna avalanche all of these projects had times where they were at the level of rows and when you look where you can get this one pull up the trading pairs here and look a lot of you in the comment section always asking hey where can i find that so my easiest way is go to coingecko pull up any token you want scroll to the bottom of the page if.

You're doing it on mobile there's an exchange tab on the top but if you're doing it on the laptop here just scroll to the bottom of the page see all trading pairs that's the easiest way for me here are all the trading pairs here gate io is actually where i trade this one i don't think this one is available on yet but you can see here.

Binance if you're outside of the us coinx bitfinix it's pretty widely available and it's probably becoming more widely available as this one becomes more popular so look those three are definitely all coins that i'm adding to my portfolio i own all of them already and i'm just taking this opportunity of these low prices to add a.

Little bit more and if you want to see some more videos on yield aggregation and crypto passive income ideas check out this list of videos right here until the next time be safe

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