TOP 3 Best Crypto To Buy Now March 2022 (Making Millionaires)

Early buyers in the cryptocurrency industry will make millions maybe you're researching best cryptos to buy now again don't buy or sell any altcoin that we talk about just because we talk about it it's not intended for financial advice or investing advice strictly for information education entertainment purposes only i'm going to bring you.

Three altcoins that i'm super bullish on in this video and you saw what happened with tara luna you saw what happened with bitcoin you saw what happened with shiba inu you saw what happened with dogecoin you saw what happened with axe infinity you do not want to miss what's going to happen with these altcoins maybe you want to move to the beaches of.

The world thanks to the cryptocurrency space so many people are winning in our community and we're hoping so many people make money online so i'm going to jump on the computer i'm going to show you these three altcoins and one of which is actually in a pre-sale right now so you're seeing it before anyone else so comment 777 if you're feeling.

Blessed comment 777 if you're feeling bullish if you're ready to become a millionaire let's run it what's going up bull runners nick here with run and we're gonna kick this video off with a quick giveaway we're giving away a hundred dollars and all you have to do is give this video a bruce lee stomparoo right to the like.

Button subscribe and comment below every single comment that you leave enters you into win and then head on over to to subscribe to our video newsletter right now because that's where we announce the winners every single week now without being said let's make some money all right so on with a.

Market cap of 1.7 trillion dollars and over 18 142 cryptocurrencies more altcoins are being added every single day so everyone is wondering which cryptocurrency is going to be the next big thing so i'm going to cover three in this video and i want you to imagine over the next five to ten years what's about to happen with this industry.

There's gonna be more millionaires made than ever before and of course we talk about crypto every single day so if you get value out of this video give it a like the first altcoin is xrp fan favorite now this one we've covered a lot on our channel and what's happening with xrp right now we're going to play an interview with brad garland house the.

Ceo a brand new interview so hanging tight but xrp is ranked number six and if we look at the market cap of this project it is a large cap at 34 billion dollars however the amount of money that i feel is going to flow into xrp is going to be astronomical and if we're looking at the chart right here for xrp xrp pulled a hundred and fifty two.

Thousand percent gain since its inception and right now what we're looking at for xrp is we're looking at a symmetrical triangle pattern so you're going to see a resistance in red in a support in blue now with the resistance there's lower highs and with the support there's higher lows which makes the triangle symmetrical and at the point.

Here on the right hand side one of two things will happen uh depending on the trend that the altcoin is in and the current market sentiment so we'll either see a breakout to the upside and a continuation of the trend or break to the downside in a trend reversal now xrp has been bullish since march of 2020 so the current trend right now is bullish.

If we were to see a trend reversal for xrp what it would look like is something like this where xrp would break to the downside below this upward trending support line we could see a pullback to re-test and then a continuation to take out the price low of right around 18 to 20 cents that you guys could see which happened in march of 2020 and after the.

Lawsuit of december of 2020 now the only reason why something like this would happen in xrp break into the downside is if bad news came out of the lawsuit so as far as risk to reward ratio for xrp you want to be very careful obviously we're going to need to see what happens with this lawsuit but i feel that this lawsuit right now is ripple's right of.

Passage for xrp to be used for massive cross-border payments would be a break to the upside above this downward trending resistance a pullback to retest it and then resuming the up trend and of course we can see in 2021 the all-time high was a dollar and ninety four cents but the all-time high overall for the project was three dollars and eighty.

Plus cents so nearly four dollars so where we are in relation to the all-time high for xrp is 431 that's a 4.3 x now if we were to look on coin market cap right now the reason why i'm so bullish on this project is if you look at all of the projects in the top 10 xrp is by far the most suppressed so the.

Right of passage that is taking place right now for ripple versus the sec is very similar to what happened right here you see the u.s securities and exchange commission website elon musk settles sec fraud charges tesla charged with and it resolves securities law charged so the sec sued tesla they paid 40 million dollars in penalties sec.

Charges microsoft corporation with fcpa violations they paid some fees to the sec sec charges former senior attorney at apple with insider trading they paid some fees to the sec so in terms of right of passage the sec loves to go after companies that have money and one company that has money is ripple with a 34 billion dollar market cap them.

Charging ripple for selling xrp as a security i personally feel that a settlement will come to take place where ripple will have to pay the sec and that will give some clarity for xrp which in my mind would cause a breakout for this project and good news to spread like a wildfire but on top of that even more good news with biden's executive order.

On the cryptocurrency space let's hear what brad garland house has to say joining me now brad garland how ceo of ripple brad thank you so much for being here it's great to see you good to see you too kate thanks for having me of course it's a big week for crypto with this executive order what does this mean for the industry and uh what's the big.

Takeaway for you look i think this has been a very positive event and frankly you know we had heard as i'm sure you had a lot of rumors about an upcoming executive order i think this exceeded my expectations of what we could have even hoped for because the first step to solving a problem is.

Acknowledging you have one and for me the executive order is really calling out something we've been saying for years that one there's a massive industry it's not going away we have tens of millions of u.s citizens participating in various ways which is awesome but it also is calling out that look we.

Have had a a fragmented and siloed uh approach to regulation here in the united states and that is impacting the united states leadership in this very critical very rapidly growing industry so i thought it was a very positive evolution and uh i'm hopeful that it'll catalyze some some solutions that we haven't seen yet and.

That seemed to be one of the big themes competitiveness and the us not wanting to fall behind on being on really the forefront of innovation do you think that played into it the u.s feeling like it might be falling behind i think it's clear it had a big impact in.

Why the executive order was written i think what we have seen really and you kind of see particularly the talk about silos you know you kind of see to some degree the the executive branch saying hey this sec the security exchange commission can't take singularly the lead.

Because it has to think holistically every time the sec is mentioned in the executive order it's alongside the cftc as well as the cfpb and i think we have seen here in the united states you know things have been uh withheld sorry they've been moving more slowly and as to your question you know outside.

The united states in countries like japan in singapore in the uk in switzerland even in the uae you're seeing in entrepreneurs and investors able to pursue opportunities in crypto and blockchain without that uncertainty because the regulatory clarity has been been there.

Something ripple has been calling for from well beyond even the recent lawsuit with the sec so you mentioned the sec i got to ask you about the sec versus ripple case what can you tell us about that uh at this point what's the latest and has there been any progress when it comes to that lawsuit.

Well it's been you know almost uh quite a year and a half since the sec uh sued ripple suit myself chris larson and we are moving as expeditiously as we can it has certainly been frustrating to see the sec drag their feet uh you know this just this past week expert discovery wrapped up the sec had sought.

Delays around that and i mean one of the ironies around this has been that gary genser the chair of the sec has been quoted as saying justice delayed as justice denied and then goes out and seeks the sec goes out and seeks delays you know it's rare for a defendant against the sec to be pushing to see things happen faster but we think it's.

Very clear that the sec has overstepped the sec has taken what's called the howie test which is the test to determine if someone's security and they really stretched it beyond recognition so uh i i'm hopeful and optimistic we'll see some decisions uh around some key elements that are before the court today.

Uh that may be within weeks we'll see i i i think the questions that the excuse me that the court has been asking have been very thoughtful and i'm hopeful that we'll get some clarity soon and you've described the sec in the past as really picking winners and the idea that xrp as a cryptocurrency has been taken off of exchanges like coinbase um.

In some senses investors have missed out and not been able to trade xrp on those exchanges ripple has also seen certain downsides uh is it fair to say that the sec is picking winners when it comes to xrp or other cryptocurrencies well one of the things i loved about the executive order there are a number of themes that we.

Have been at least championing in the in the marketplace that we saw in that executive order one of them was about the importance of a level playing field and as you pointed out a big part of the executive order was around u.s competitiveness and what we saw happen at the sec is you.

Know picking winners and losers saying hey we don't think eath is a security but we do think xrp is a security despite a whole lot of similarities so i i think that with the executive order i'm hopeful that you know we'll get some of that level playing field we have sought it's certainly not the role for the federal government to pick.

Winners and losers i think i'm a supporter and believer in what's happening in the ethereum ecosystem there's different use cases and again the executive order calls out specific use cases for example around cross-border payments where ripple has been focused really since the beginning.

And how xrp the digital asset kind of native to our solution can really solve a lot of problems and benefit many consumers and businesses here in the united states so best case scenario for xrp worst case scenario and most likely case scenario best case scenario is ripple wins the lawsuit versus the sec it comes to a.

Conclusion as soon as possible xrp breaks out and then re-test all-time highs passes all-time highs and hits the price predictions that everyone's thrown out there on youtube youtube of these 20 30 40 50 xrp price predictions worst case scenario uh ripple loses the lawsuit xrp is declared as a security it breaks to the downside and uh you know.

Just absolutely falls apart and it was one of those risk to reward scenarios that you were willing to play because you understood what you were signing up for most likely case scenario is ripple settles with the sec they have to break them off a little bit of bread pay him some money get the clarity that they want and xrp resumes world domination.

And breaks to the upside so i think uh most likely case scenario would take place similar to what happened with uh elon musk with tesla with microsoft with apple with dozens and dozens and dozens of other fortune 50 fortune 500 companies against the sec so the rite of passage what do you guys feel is going to happen for xrp next and.

For ripple as a company let us know in the comments below the next altcoin is thor chain or roon r-u-n-e it's sitting at five dollars and 81 cents it's ranked number 51 with a little bit lower of a market cap than xrp of 1.9 billion dollars it still is a large cap over a billion dollar market cap with an all-time high of over 20 dollars for.

This project so of course when bitcoin saw a major sell-off so did a project like this but thor chain making some massive moves and there's some big whales that are super bullish on this project as well too and i'm gonna share a twitter post with you guys in a little bit but thor chain is the decentralized and autonomous cross chain liquidity.

Network so if you have ever wondered how do you swap you know bitcoin for one of your favorite altcoins uh on the ethereum blockchain or how do you swap ethereum for an altcoin on the finance smart chain instead of having to go through centralized exchanges because a lot of centralized exchanges create these massive hoops for you to jump.

Through and very similar to bank account sometimes they might close off your funds depending on what country that you're in and you saw that happen with xrp where xrp stopped trading in the united states and if you were holding xrp on any of these exchanges and you didn't know what to do you kind of got screwed over there and that's what.

Pissed a lot of people off so thor chain is a pretty complex technology the main concept of this is cross chain liquidity being open to any person product or institution so i want to play part of this amazing video from cinematics they did a great job of breaking down how thor chain works in a whiteboard animation if i were to put together a.

Video like this or pay someone to do it it would take weeks so i want to get this video to you guys as soon as possible so if you want to see more videos like this make sure to go subscribe to their channel but check this out so what is searching all about how does it work and how does it make it possible to swap between native assets.

Across different blockchains you'll find answers to these questions in this video make sure you subscribe to my channel hit the bell icon and enable all notifications with billions of dollars in trading volume decentralized exchanges have been gaining more and more traction it's not uncommon to see over 1 billion dollars in daily trading.

Volume on uniswop alone although protocols like uni swap sushi swap or curve are great when it comes to exchanging assets within the ethereum ecosystem they don't support swaps between different blockchains to accommodate this problem a common approach is to represent external assets in the form of wrapped or synthetic.

Tokens on ethereum the most popular asset on other blockchains outside of ethereum is of course bitcoin there are multiple ways of representing bitcoin on ethereum that allows it to be traded on decentralized exchanges wrapped bitcoin brand btc sbtc to name a few.

Even though most of these approaches work fine they usually make certain traders when it comes to either the custody or the security of the assets if you want to learn more about it check out this video here what if there was a way of swapping native assets instead for example making a trade between bitcoin on the bitcoin.

Blockchain and ether on the ethereum blockchain and this is exactly where thor chain comes into play sourcing is a decentralized liquidity protocol that allows for swapping native assets between different blockchains such as bitcoin ethereum or binance smart chain when it comes to managing liquidity.

Sourcing uses a liquidity pool model known from protocols like uni swap or banker in this model liquidity providers lock two assets in a liquidity pool this in turn provides liquidity for traders who want to swap between these two assets and pay a small fee that goes back to the liquidity providers.

Sourcing is often explained as a cross-chain uni swap this is usually a good simplification for understanding the general idea behind thor chain so i think that's pretty awesome whether you hold thor chain or you want to participate in the liquidity pool to earn rewards this project sitting at five dollars and 81 cents right now if.

You go on coin market cap and you type in roon there is also an erc20 version for those of you guys wondering how to scoop it up on ethereum now again don't buy or sell any altcoin we're talking about just because we're talking about it keep this one on your radar add it to your watch list just click the little star right there but if we look at the.

Chart right here there's a few things that i want to cover on what's happening with door chain right now and one of which is a major trend reversal now if we look at a trend reversal you'll see bullish trends bearish trends and then trend reversals so right here this chart you see the old trend right here was bullish a.

Consolidation zone a breakout point which caused a new trend and a trend reversal to take place now if we go back to door change chart you guys can see its all-time high over 20 dollars so where it is right now in comparison to its all-time high 258 or a 2.5 x and if we see the all-time high from 20 when it sold off.

All the way down to three dollars this was a bearish trend now right here as you guys can see on the 26th of july of 2021 where this yellow circle is right here this was the trend reversal where it broke above this downward trending resistance line right here which was like the bat signal in the sky or the bowl signal in the sky to signal the.

Bulls to come in and absolutely take over the price went from three dollars back up to seventeen dollars which was a 98 day old trend so from a 70 day bear trend to a 98 day bull trend then we saw another trend reversal and a 94 day bear trend now as you guys can see right here now if i go ahead and zoom in.

Right around 17 at this peak when runes started to flip bearish 13 and 50 cents you see eight dollars right here you see support of right around nine dollars you see the support around six bucks right here so it's trading inside of this channel now because this downward trending resistance point was so strong one two.

Three four five six points of contact when thor chain broke out on the third of february we didn't quite see a pullback to retest it however this signaled a major trend reversal which is like the bat signal or the bull signal for the bulls to step in and to create buying pressure now there's a few things that could happen next for thor chain or.

Roon as you can see here key points of resistance key points of support right here as rune trades inside of this channel we have a macro resistance line as well too on the 22nd of august of 2021 the 6th of september 2021 when it flipped this downward trending resistance line it turned it into support you could see it retested it.

Right here on the 18th of november broke below it then flipped it again turned it into resistance now it's coming back up to test it and over the next few days this is a very critical point to watch right here if roon gets rejected from this downward trending resistance line and it breaks below this upward trending support line right here that you guys.

Can see we could go back down to retest and take out these lows between three dollars and fifty cents and two dollars and ninety cents which was previous lows back in the 23rd of january of 2022 this year and also the 21st of july of 2021 also back here on the 23rd of february of 2021 and on the 6th of february of 2021 before having that major breakout.

To the all-time high so i know this looks a little bit sloppy because i had to circle a lot of stuff for you guys but depending on the sentiment of bitcoin if bitcoin turns bearish then we could see a short-term sell-off for roon back into this key zone of support right here but if bitcoin remains bullish then a break to the upside four room flipping.

This resistance turning into support pulling back and re-testing it resuming to the upside the next point of resistance in terms of this macro trend right here would be roughly around 12 to 13 dollars for this project and of course long term based on the utility and function that this project is bringing into the marketplace that's one.

Of the reasons why i'm super bullish on roon and on twitter this post from logan shippy he said i could have sworn i watched an interview a while back where stable quan said roon is my second largest holding and if you guys know who who that is that's the ceo of tara luna which is the project that has been bullish while these other projects have.

Been bearish in the top ten and dokwan said in cosmos ecosystem to clarify he has four cosmo coins that are live osmo roon scrt and adam and roon is bullish is what he's saying so if dokwein uh stable quan is saying rune is the second largest holding this guy's a billionaire what should that tell you about the.

Direction of roon so that's why i backed up the truck for these projects and the next altcoin is inside of the metaverse space so for those of you guys that are always on the lookout for top projects and you want to know how to be able to maximize your income check this out below this video i left a link all you have to do is click it put in your best.

Email address you'll be instantly subscribed to our video newsletter you'll also be entered into 100 and on the other side you're going to see a button to get started what that button is going to do it's going to take you to a page that looks like this where you can create your free account you just have to put your name your email address.

Password repeat your password it's going to say you were invited by us as soon as you click create your account it's going to take you to the back office where you see this countdown timer where you get a buying bonus now when you click the buy button you're going to be able to choose the currency and calculate the coin price so you can pay with fiat or you.

Can pay with crypto you got bitcoin ethereum litecoin xrp xlm bitcoin cash uh stable coins as well too so choose the best option for you scroll down here to the contribution amount and the coolest thing about this is while that countdown timer goes that percent is only going to last for a period of time but if you choose to purchase a minimum.

Of 30 000 tokens you're going to get an additional bonus of 15 so some people start with a small amount like 10 thousand dollars some people go a little bit bigger with a hundred thousand dollars and the real big ballers the real big bulls work with a million dollars or more because you have.

To start thinking much bigger much sooner and of course never risk more than you're willing to lose but when you click buy now it's gonna pop up if you're choosing to pay with fiat you can pay with a debit credit card or you can pay via u.s bank transfer but let's say you pay with something like ethereum all you have to do is click the pay with.

Crypto button and send the amount of ethereum that you want to purchase to the wallet address here now be aware watch out for impersonators in the comments guys you do not want to do this through any other link other than the link that we recommend below because it might be a fake website so you want to confirm by looking below this video and.

In the description of the video next to our channel name you're going to see the link right here that is the only link that we recommend now quick disclaimer that is our affiliate link below where we do earn a small percentage that helps fuel value based videos like this but before you decide to participate in the pre-sale i want you to listen to this so.

The project is called luna 1 and it is the only virtual place that allows earnings studying and gaming in a seamless web 3 environment and this project just opened up for pre-sale and it's a new generation platform that will be a foundation for the virtual society with all aspects of social life it will use an open world concept similar to.

Sandbox that allows within one space to gain full benefits from games education work and other activities that will be available in the metaverse the main mission of luna one's project is to create not just a gaming universe but to lay the foundation for a global meta metaverse infrastructure with the ability to earn study play attend events.

Without the need to leave home and it'll give you the opportunity to connect the virtual activities uh with tasks from the real world while receiving virtual benefits that will have both value in the real world so what does that mean well first we need to talk about where the metaverse is going and why this project we feel is going to make massive.

Moves in 2022 well in 2021 metaverse projects generated 10 billion dollars in investments and that doubled in just one year decentraland which was a virtual platform that has showed you guys the chart of raised 25 million dollars in three rounds with 6.8 billion dollars of usd capitalization and the metaverse will become an accelerator for gaming.

Industry almost doubling its revenue with 413 billion us dollars revenue from live entertainment businesses that become part of the metaverse may exceed 200 billion dollars by 2024 and tim sweeney ceo of epic games said that the metaverse has the potential to become a multi-trillion dollar part of the world an economy if you agree give this video.

A like if you disagree let us know in the comments below so luna 1 is truly decentralized and unlike pseudo decentralized projects luna 1 is actually decentralized meaning not just logic is decentralized but also data storage voice messaging and streaming for gamers as well too and it's hyper real it's the closest thing to ready.

Player one for those of you guys that remember that movie or you put on the headsets and you're in this virtual reality game coming into the market so far it will include features like face tracking so you can see the movements of someone's face while you're playing inside the metaverse haptic and tracking suits and gloves that you can feel the.

Environment on your skin so that you can see the user's body and their movements which is some pretty crazy stuff mainstream access and unlike other platforms that you know are using the word metaverse but they're not actually developing anything in the metaverse it'll be accessible on xbox ps5 pc and have mobile access features as well and.

There's going to be virtual real estate guys so you can buy and sell real estate land in the metaverse design and build your own uh persistent environments you can fly ships participate in live expos concerts and events shop play compete and live life in a never-ending world and they have a very experienced team luna one boasts one of the most.

Experienced teams in the industry including many with mbas in doctorate level education and degrees employees from forbes fortune 500 companies and top level universities like mit and to participate in the pre-sale the pre-sale price is only at 15 cents and you can get access using the link in the description below like i just said quick.

Disclaimer that is our affiliate link we do earn a small percentage however when you guys do go through our link below you do get an additional percent on your purchase while the countdown timer is still there and once that countdown timer expires then the bonus is going to decrease and eventually it's going to disappear because the distribution price.

Is going to be 25 cents for the general public so you guys want to be able to take action first before everybody else and there's going to be so much more to this project that i've yet to crack into in this video with nfts leaderboards governance through their dow and uh diving into the real estate what that means for you inside the metaverse.

Decentralized storage everything guys so if you want to check out the light paper scroll down the team has done an absolutely incredible job on this project so far and if they pull off at just one of these things that they're striving to accomplish inside the metaverse it's going to be incredible so pre-sale price 15 cents distribution.

Price is 25 cents whatever is not sold in the coin distribution event the cde will be burned and eliminated from the total supply the coin distribution event will last will last until the main net blockchain launch then the remaining coins will be burned and the bridge will be open to allow holders to move to the mainnet luna one blockchain so i.

Absolutely love the name because if you guys go here and if you go on market cap and you see another major project that i've been bullish on that's tara luna tara luna went on an absolute ripper magoo 49 the past seven days so before that major bull run i made the decision to sell my brand new ford bronco first edition sport and i threw all of that.

Income into terra luna at 48 right around right here and then shortly after that massive volume came through this project so being able to spot projects before they take off is a massive massive benefit but i don't have to tell you that you obviously already understand it so imagine being able to spot projects like this before they go.

On these massive parabolic runs and that's exactly why we're showing you this project right now so to be able to catch these projects before they even launch is the best possible time to learn about them so click the link below create your free account that is our affiliate link like i said quick disclaimer we do earn a small percentage.

This is a fair pre-sale and you guys actually have the ability as well too to share your personal link and be able to earn during this pre-sale just understand that when the countdown timer expires this percentage buying bonus is going to decrease and over time it's going to eventually disappear as the entire amount that they've allocated for.

The pre-distribution event sells out so you guys if you want to participate in this just click the link below put your best email address click the button create your free account and plug in on the other side because if the metaverse industry is as big as everyone's saying it's going to be then i'm expecting some massive things for a project like this.

Now if they pull it off awesome if they don't pull it off awesome either way we're diversifying this industry and you know what we're doing we're backing up our truck all the way bank we're grabbing the bags packing them and stacking them leaving no bags left behind because we believe that fiat currency is going down in value that's a.

Fact cryptocurrencies and all coins the metaverse nfts play to earn gaming is going up in value that's the truth and we're all going camping together on the beaches of the moon so i will see you guys on the next video i will see you on the link in the description below on as always.

Stay bullish make sure you like comment and subscribe and share it if you fly you

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