Top 3 Crypto to Buy in February 2022 (HUGE Potential)

All right as you know crypto took a big i'm sorry a huge dip this past month but you have to remember as much as your portfolio is in the red and you're probably down a lot times like these in the crypto market is when a lot of money is made and the prices that we're seeing right now are levels that we probably will never ever see again now with all.

My years of being in crypto the one thing i've always learned is you always regret not buying so put your big boy pants on put your emotions to the side and let's see which coins you guys should be looking into this upcoming month yo yo yo what is up guys it's your boy faris and in today's video i'm going to be going over my top three crypto.

Picks that you guys should be considering for the month of february 2022. and i think if i were to choose just one word to describe the coins i'll be talking about today i think i would choose revolutionary so make sure you guys watch the whole video through to know exactly why i chose that but before we get into the video if you guys want.

Free crypto just for signing up which i don't know who wouldn't coinbase gave me a special link where all you have to do is sign up and you guys will get free crypto so if you guys want free crypto all you have to do is sign up using a link description box below also make sure you guys smash that like button subscribe if you guys haven't already i.

Make videos all about money finance crypto all that good stuff so make sure you guys subscribe so you don't miss out on any future videos okay so coming in at number one we have avalanche now avalanche is a blockchain that allows developers to build depth or decentralize applications kind of sounds like ethereum right but instead it has.

Fast transaction speeds and low gas feeds the two things that ethereum always struggles with now since launching in 2020 avalanche has gone from four dollars to all-time highs of about 135 dollars and it's hovering around 64. right now so from a technical standpoint if the price goes back to levels it's already been at so this 135.

Range you can see a 2x return on your money right away now the reason i think avalanche is going to dominate is because their numbers and adoption rates have just been insane if we look at the vp of marketing for avalanche he posed some super insightful analytics about the projects he shows how developer adoption has increased 18 in the first.

20 days of january to almost 18 000 developers and similarly contract deployment increased 13 to almost 100 000 smart contracts he also shared how avalanche is experiencing ethereum level activity just a year and a half after launching reaching 84 of ethereum's daily transactions i mean if they can achieve.

These crazy numbers in just a little over a year that just shows how good the team over at ava labs is and the superior black chain technology they are offering not only is the blockchain amazing but one of the founders and ceos of avalob's emin gun just ended his 20-year plus teaching career at cornell in computer science to pursue crypto.

Emin gun has an insane list of accomplishments that would just take too long to listen this video but trust me when i say this that this guy is a wizard when it comes to this stuff and when you have founders like this it's hard for a project to flop also when we were experiencing those heavy stress with the markets tanking and everyone.

Panic selling many blockchains like solana just stopped working or had technical problems avalanche on the other hand was one of the few that didn't experience any issues with these massive volumes now on top of everything that avalanche is doing a ton of new dapps are being created on the blockchain there's decks a lot one inch.

Who's making improvements to their platforms we have platypus and the list just goes on and on and a little cherry on top of all this adoption is that if you're going to hold the coin since avax is a proof of state coin you can stake it and make around 10 return on your money every year which is some pretty nice passive income if you ask me.

Overall when i'm looking at avalanche i'm super bullish from the numbers that the teams are putting out so early in the project and honestly i can see the price of avalanche going back to the 125 range pretty quickly okay before we get into the second coin i know a lot of you guys are into trading or want to start trading so i highly suggest you guys.

Looking into lux algo it's an algorithm that tells you exactly when to buy and sell stocks crypto or forex now i've been using it for almost two years and it's honestly changed the game for me they have so many special indicators that you guys can use to make your trays even better now i've talked about them plenty of times in previous videos but.

If you guys want solid signals that are actually correct to tell you when to buy and sell you guys can attach it to your own trading charts by clicking the link down description box below alright so coming in at number two we have cosmos now cosmos is coined the internet of blockchains basically what cosmos does it allows independent blockchains to.

Operate with each other so for example it allows public and private blockchains to transfer tokens to each other and it does this through something called ibc which stands for inter blockchain communication protocol which you can just think of being like the glue for cosmos pretty much holding everything together now without getting too.

In-depth ibc allows different applications to send tokens and data to one another now i'm not going to go too in depth into this because it can get very confusing but if you guys are interested there's plenty of other videos you guys can watch online which you can watch after finishing this video of course now the main reason why you.

Should be looking into cosmos is one word airdrops now if you know anything about cosmos you will know that they've been having a ton of airdrops on its network and the reason for this is because all these applications are running on the cosmos network so if you're staking atom which is cosmos native token you're technically a part.

Of all these projects because cosmos is what you call interoperable pretty much meaning connected with all the other dapps that are run on it meaning you most likely automatically meet the requirements for these airdrops because you're technically a part of them already and when i say we've had a ton i mean a ton just to name a few of the.

Airdrops that we've seen recently are stargaze comdex chihuahua dsm shade and this is only the start of what's yet to come so if you guys are interested in buying adam make sure you guys do yourself the service and stake your coins not only so you can make passive income but so you can also receive all these upcoming airdrops and as far as i.

Can tell there's so many more droppings so go get yourself that free money now when i was doing research i came across this really cool tweet that explained how most of the airdrops you're going to receive from cosmos will be layer 1 blockchain solutions which is really good because it'll expose you to different ecosystems and automatically.

Diversify your portfolio and as i said being a part of the cosmos network you're pretty much a part of many other networks as well also you have to remember when you receive these airdrops these projects are pretty much brand new they're just getting off the ground so you never know what can happen with its price and since they're essentially.

Getting free money anyway i think a great strategy would be to stake these airdrops and make some passive income and possibly experience some crazy gains if people start hearing about it in the future and money starts pouring in i mean we saw the same thing happen with the ens domains airdrop it was worth close to 40 000 for the people who.

Didn't sell and were waiting for the price to go up i think we just all have to realize that cosmos is super early to the punch and currently no other coins allow something like this to even happen so when we're looking at the price of cosmos i truly think the sky's the limit but in the short term there's a lot of support around the 35 to 36 range and i.

Can see it coming back to all-time high levels of about 44 in the very near future so for right now just make sure you're staking your atom to be eligible for these upcoming airdrops and if you are somewhat new to crypto and don't know where to start well you're in luck because staking adam is actually pretty easy as companies like coinbase which i.

Mentioned you guys can get free crypto from make it super simple to do so so if you want to stake adam on coinbase as well like i said the link will be down description box below and finally coming in at number three we have ave now ave is a d5 liquidity protocol where you can earn interest from lending out your crypto ave has a little over 20 billion.

Dollars in the protocol now this is down a few billion dollars after the crypto dump we just saw and a whole bunch of accounts being liquidated oh and also a quick psa if you guys are trading on leverage your accounts were most likely not safe this past crash and this is why if you don't understand how leverage works you shouldn't be using it now the.

Reason why crypto falls so hard when it does is because there's so many leverage accounts in the arena and when one gets liquidated the dominoes start falling and then it's account after account getting liquidated so i'm just saying this to those of you that are using leverage please be careful because it's not an easy game to play okay back to.

Ave now ave has a whole bunch of new markets that they introduce which shows that the team is constantly integrating new blockchains to their protocol to make transactions cheaper and faster for their customers currently they're working on ave v3 which plans to make it the most efficient define liquidity protocol ever allowing users to be able.

To transfer their liquidity from one network to another we're also seeing ave start to focus more on institutional adoption with them launching ave arc which allows the big boys so banks and other large corporations to safely start borrowing and lending in the d5 space which is huge news you see a lot of companies are jumping into crypto and.

Buying coins but not so many are hopping into d5 the main reason is because of compliance so what avi ended up doing was creating permission liquidity pool which whitelisted 30 companies to join and experience d5 to hopefully get more money in the space now ave is the only one i know of doing this to my knowledge but with all the relationships that.

They're building with these companies this will only help them get more funding and adoption in the future now when we're looking at ave's price it has been down a lot but i think the migration that we're doing to v3 and making the protocol more compatible and cheaper for its users i can see this easily jumping back to the 180 range but.

These were my top crypto picks for the month of february as always do your own research before you invest and let me know what coins you guys think will have some crazy potential down in comment section below also if you guys are interested in buying crypto i suggest checking out they have all the top cryptos you guys would ever like.

To buy so if you guys are interested i'll leave a link to them description box below and as always have a great rest of your day and i'll see you guys in next week's video peace

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