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Hello investors my name is daehan welcome back to your number one place for all your investing needs in today's video we're going to be looking at the top three altcoins to potentially buy right now so yesterday on wednesday we had some great news from j pal about the you know inflation and tapering and different things like that which kind of.

Pushed you know the stock market and the crypto market to rally in the past 24 hours so in the past 24 hours the market is up about 3.37 percent we have our top gainer here in the past 24 hours god's unchained which is up about 28 trading at 6.72 cents we see volume here on bitcoin at 36.3 billion ethereum at 28 billion bitcoins up about two percent.

Ethereum's up five and a half percent bitcoin close to the 49 000 area meanwhile ethereum close to about 4 000 or 4 100 depending on where we're at right now then we see all these other altcoins are starting to rally as well all coins are five percent 10 even 15 percent on some of them we see you know.

Celina up 13 up here avalanche is up over 18 percent luna is up twelve percent polka dot up eleven percent uh down here we have a chain link ten percent as well elrond is up over twenty three percent axi infinity and decentralized about six percent and seven percent the meme coins here doge and sheba both having a little bit of a.

Trend up here dogecoin is up 2.3 meanwhile she was up about 1.5 doge trading at around 18 cents or so so things are starting to you know trend on higher once again which is a positive sign possibly for a rally going into the end of 2021 that's what everybody has been looking.

Forward to pretty much for the christmas type rally situation to happen and for things to start moving again so guys before we get into this content go ahead and smash that like button for me let's say for 50 plus likes on this video subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notifications to get notified every time i make a new video and as always.

Leave a comment below letting me know which cryptocurrencies are you currently looking at now let's get into it the first altcoin on this list is gonna be right here crow so we saw pullback obviously with a lot of these altcoins and now it's potentially time for a rally right here hit lows at one point of about 51 cents.

Yesterday now it's currently trading at 56 cents it is up about five percent in the past week we saw uh you know a 7.7 percent drop in the past month a 26 rally and then on the one-year chart 769 percent you know higher so this coin was trading at around one dollar recently that was the high this is obviously a glitch right here on the.

Chart so this coin was trading around six cents uh you know in december continue to go through you know the rest of the year going around that same range and then here we saw a huge rally pretty much in october and into november hitting highs at one point at around one dollar that we saw on as you can see right here about 99 cents was.

Hit right around thanksgiving so from that 99 cents area we went down to about 50 cents which is about a 50 drop that we saw from the high to that low and now we're potentially having a you know a little bit of a return so 14.3 billion market cap currently volume is at 298.5 million 27 higher than usual we see our typical hold time at 19 days 68.

By activity 32 cell activity and our ranking is number 12 right now on as it continues to grow higher and higher now chains is an ethereum token that powers pay a service that aims to allow users to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies while receiving cash back rewards obviously as.

This cryptocurrency continues to grow i believe that more popularity will become you know bigger and bigger with this one and more people will hear about it and get into it and we're going to see another huge rally with this one so right now there's about a ninety percent uh upside close to 100 upside just to get to this all-time high area that we.

Saw about 99 cents which would bring it close to about a 25 to 28 billion market cap and could push to continue to go even higher so this slight pullback was a great opportunity in my opinion for long-term holders that believe in the coin for the future obviously whenever we have pullbacks like this if you were willing to buy the.

Coin at top why would you not be buying it while it's on sale i say the same thing in the stock market if let's say tesla is trading at 1200 and you're saying wow i'm really bullish on tesla and you know i think it's going to continue to go higher let me buy some and then tesla crashes down to about 900 per share which has happened uh would.

You not say that again wouldn't you say wow i'm really bullish on tesla i'm going to buy it on this sale no what usually happens with people's mindset is people usually say oh wow tesla's crashing down to 900 it could go lower i'm not buying right now which is not the right mentality in my opinion for real investors and that's.

Why you know that's what separates the real investor from the beginner noobs i guess you could say you have to find those opportunities and take them when you see them guys so that's going to be our first altcoin on this list second one coin in the list is going to be avalanche avax this one is up about 18 here in the past 24 hours making a nice.

Rally from 86 all the way to 107 right now in the past week this one's up 14 with the lows down here about 75 dollars in the past month we are up about 14 hitting highs at one point here at around 150 actually some from 150 all the way down here the lows are about 75 once again a 50 drop so we saw a 50 drop in a matter of about.

Two or three weeks and now that's an opportunity right there from 75 dollars we have a 100 upside just to get back up to the all-time high area so as you can see it's already starting to have that trend done up and we could see that rally continue into the end of 2021 like i said right now there's a big rally a lot of people are getting back in that.

Fear is gone that you know the fed is gonna you know do different things like raise interest rates or something like that that's the fear that people were having before jay pal spoke and people were scared and some people took profits some people were doing tax loss harvesting they didn't want you know their coins or you know whatever they.

Had stocks to go lower and they were scared about the market and right now the fear is gone pretty much everybody's kind of getting back into things and things are looking good for us so currently 26 billion market cap we see the volume here up almost 100 higher than usual at 2.6 billion it is.

Currently ranked the number 12 coin or actually ranked number eight coin with 12 day typical hold time we have 71 by activity and 29 cell activity avalanche describes itself as an open programmable smart contract platform for decentralized applications avax is used to pay transaction fees and can be staked to secure the network avalanche.

Is compatible with solidity ethereum's programming language and can be used to deploy custom uh private or public blockchains as a subnet as well so this one if it was to come back to those all-time high areas we were trading close to 45 billion market cap at the high that's where we were pretty much at with avalanche so we're waiting.

For this momentum type situation to continue and to continue to go higher and higher here into the next few weeks into the end of the year so we're going to be watching avalanche very very closely guys then our third altcoin is going to be solana sol we talked about this one when it dropped down to about 150.

And now we're going to talk about it again on the uptrend as well because this is a great opportunity in my opinion once again so salon is trading at 185 it is up about 13 in the past week it hit lows of about 148 so at 150 i talked to you guys about this and i said solana has taken a big.

Beating it could be an opportunity to buy so we saw highs of about 250 almost and then it went down to 150 dollars that is a 100 drop which is a pretty significant drop right there about 35 to 40 percent drop that was a great opportunity for any long-term investors obviously with those highs of even 260 at one.

Point that was a great opportunity i said this is the support level that we see here from the previous times was at 150 i said if we bounce off this level we could come back up even stronger if we break through this level we could potentially go down to about 120 before sinking even lower possibly under 100 if that was to happen if we were to.

Continue to get into this bearish market well we bounced off of this area right here around 150 and hopefully we're going to close the gap and come back up over 200 and continue to push on higher that is the goal right now in solana so 56.9 billion market cap 4 billion in volume 68 higher than usual we see our typical whole time in 28 days.

That is ranked the number four coin right behind bitcoin ethereum and binance obviously 76 by activity 24 cell activity now if you're not familiar with this one which you should be because we talked about it many times solana is a decentralized computing platform that uses sll to pay for transactions solana aims to improve blockchain scalability.

By using a combination of proof of state consensus and so-called proof of history as a result solana aims to be able to support 50 000 transactions per second without having to sacrifice decentralization so this one is great in my opinion as long as nft market continues to boom because a lot of people are using it you know to.

Trade different things and do different uh transactions solana is definitely a winner right there right behind obviously we have ethereum as well but solana is the big winner there that people are trying to find that alternative coin with less gas fees and different things like that nobody likes those fees nobody wants to pay those.

Fees and that's the thing that we like to see with solana so solana definitely huge upside here potential you know rally type situation we're gonna be seeing in the near future so you guys let me know what do you guys think about solana in the comments below as well now let's take a quick look at these crypto crypto bubbles here to end the video so.

First of all we're seeing a couple of big green ones here first one on the list obviously avalanche so that's like one of the big ones that we're seeing to start rallying here in the past week 20 percent we have knowles which is up 53 percent we have flux which is up 44 percent here dusk obviously dust network we talked about.

This one yesterday as well 96 here we have a couple little ones here cisco which is up 33 and then we have aragon which is up 37 but we obviously have some red coins here as well if you're taking out you know we're seeing a lot more red compared to green but that could obviously switch in a matter of days so.

We're gonna be looking forward to these crypto bubbles in the next week to see if things start to turn the other way once again then obviously we have the meme coin so let's talk about dogecoin first of all here it's up about two percent here in the past 24 hours making a little bit of a move trading at around 18 cents we saw.

This little pump here from about 16 cents to highs of over 23 cents when uh elon musk said that tesla would accept uh uh doge for its merch and then we saw it come back down a little bit pretty much to where it was before the pump in the past month we're down thirty percent guys in the past year it's up obviously five five thousand percent but on a.

Downward trend i'll be very very careful with dogecoin we need something huge to happen in order for this one to bounce back because we're in a very bullish market meanwhile doge is either trading flat or on a downward trend that's not a good sign imagine if we were in a bearish market what would happen here so 24.

Billion market cap currently on doge bitcoin trading at around 49 000 like we said hit those lows before you know jpal spoke and we're up about two percent now so here trading on thursday things are looking good in the past week we're down three percent past month we're down 23 and then on the one year chart obviously we're up 129.5 percent but.

We're still about 20 thousand dollars away from that all-time high area 922.2 billion market cap 32 percent of crypto market space volume is pretty much flat a little bit higher than usual 76 percent by activity 24 selectivity on bitcoin ethereum here up five and a half percent from lows of about 3 600 and remember guys when i said when ethereum.

Goes under 4 000 it's a good deal then i said if it goes under 3 700 this is a perfect deal in my opinion to get a dip buying opportunity if you're a long-term investor and that's something that i was looking forward to and if it weren't under 3 500 that would have been like you know ring the bell sound alarms it's time to buy the dip right here and.

That's exactly what happened here in the past week we're down eight percent past month 11 percent but on the one one-year chart we're at 535 percent back at around 4 100 almost about 700 away from that all-time high area market cap 478.4 billion 17 percent of crypto market space 77 by activity 23 cell activity and it's still you know.

Trending upwards and doing great things here on ethereum as well so things are looking good in the market the market is turning back around we're seeing a lot more green guys let me know in the comments below are you buying anything right now did you buy the dip were you waiting too long is it too late now or is this just the beginning smash that.

Like button for me guys let's say for 50 plus likes on this video subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notifications to get notified every time i make a video as always i am not a financial advisor this is not financial advice this is all for entertainment purposes only so before investing speak to your financial advisor and do your.

Own due diligence make sure you understand what you're getting into i hope you guys enjoyed it and hope you guys in the next one goodbye

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