Top 3 NEW Crypto Launchpads l Access Pre IDO & IGO Altcoins in 2022

Today i'll be sharing with you my top three early stage crypto launch pad projects allowing investors to get in these projects before they hit the public markets really really early stage opportunities in this video now this is a continuation in my crypto launch pad ecosystem map series that i started here when i was in batumi georgia on the.

Black sea now i'm back in the us for a little bit uh and then heading to south america but in this series basically while traveling i covered almost every single launch pad out there and now there's a bunch of these new ones i do want to focus on kind of this new trend um in this video since i've been talking a bit more about kind of metaverse based.

Things um in the past week with the crypto market because i do see this as a category that is a bit um recession proof in the vacuum of the crypto market right so if we're looking at crypto bull and bear markets what is the recession proof categories that i always like to talk about you know don't just look at the crypto market as oh they're all.

Currencies no there's so many interesting different little categories there in crypto gaming and metaverse based plays um in my opinion are very recession proof so even if there's a bear market there's still opportunity and that's what i'll be talking about in this video now always make sure to do your own research on any projects that i.

Talk about purely for educational purposes not sponsored by any of these this is just information i'm just kind of doing a bit of a brain dump on the things that i've been watching the first one being star launched now very very bullish on the salon ecosystem i've talked a lot about them in the past i was talking about them before they had.

Their intense run-up and a way you want to kind of frame this um is typically in the crypto market we see kind of two massive volatile moves that's when something gets launched um kind of on the public market called an ideo now so initial dex offering um and then once it gets actually listed on a centralized exchange like coinbase like gemini like.

Binance right so in this first one this is where kind of early stage investors so people that can get into these um into these launch pads and get into these projects have kind of this early stage access then they hit the public market then the reason i said it's a massive volatile.

Move is because i'm not saying it's necessary towards the upside or towards the downside we just see a giant spike there the good thing is where there's a lot of volatility there's a lot of opportunity high risk higher reward plays and then when we go on in like let's say you pulled some profits when something got listed on the ido and then.

You hold the rest of that project until it gets listed on a centralized exchange something can happen with uh anchor which i was holding for a long time then they got lists on coinbase which i did was not expecting at all and i remember i had it and i think my like i had it in my like old coinbase wallet so there's a coinbase exchange and.

There's like the coinbase mobile wallet and i have a ridiculous amount of crypto waltz but that one i had checked when i was like in istanbul and it went ballistic like i didn't even realize that they they launched on coinbase but this is that parabolic move that we typically see kind of in those two stages so remember.

After kind of the initial dex offering is what we kind of call it now and it gets listed on on the public market where maybe it's tradeable on unity swap maybe it's tradable and pancake swap sushi swap and then once it actually is being listed on a centralized exchange where kind of the masses can really really get into it the people.

That aren't as crypto savvy with the decentralized exchanges and kind of web three um they can gain exposure to these projects that's where we see the major major run-up so as i was saying here with solana like i was talking about solana when it was i think like under five bucks it was really really cheap um and and this is.

One that is a launch pad native to the islamic system now i'm bullish here mainly because of the low fees on salon i mean it's ridiculous what's going on with ethereum eth you know there's all these kind of big things where they hyped it up and they said oh fees are going to be a lot lower but it's it's hard to onboard new users it's hard to.

Get new people to kind of use this space um if those fees are so high that's why i really really like solana i like what polkadot's doing i like what cardano's doing i like kind of the alternative layer one solutions versus ethereum now i still hold ethereum long term um but that's just kind of my view on things if i'm looking.

At kind of onboarding new people and mass adoption star launch is the first insured ideo launch pad for the solana ecosystem um they have a couple different things here so kind of the three main pillars here is the propulsion program so that's advisory support and approved for projects are kind of like an incubator then they have.

The insurance fund so insurance that protects their community that's kind of one of their um main kind of points that they focus on is having this not only be the first launch pad on solana the really the but the actual first insured launch pad on salon because there is other ones that we talked about um that were already built on solana um in this.

Uh crypto launch pad ecosystem map series um i talked a lot about all the different launch pads on solana but this one's very very new crypto banter they really really hyped it up i think they might have partnered with them but the reason i like it is because typically when we see something like that happen um it has that massive hype but now it's.

On this massive massive pullback and that's where it's more interesting right so when everybody's hyped up about it and it's being talked on and all the biggest shows um that's when you see those valuations now it's pulled way way back down not saying pump and dump or anything like that i'm just saying i kind of do.

Like what they're building long term it's actually the founders um of uh of card starter that's what it is uh the cardano launch pad that i really liked they have their kind of full deck here where they talk about all these different things if you want to see a detailed review of any of these launch pads that i talked about in this video.

Let me know in the comments down below i just think it's so important to zoom out for a second and go okay what's going on with uh with the crypto um decentralized capital raising versus the traditional market and that really i think this article really shows it well as kickstarter traditionally which has been kind of this crowdfunding platform.

They're now going to the blockchain world right so they're kind of they kind of have been this ideo or ico launch pad in the traditional world for kind of a for crowdfunding at the end of the day that's what that's what they call there but in this where you're able to raise capital in a completely decentralized way um it's much much more interesting.

Much more opportunity and a lot more money to be made with ido's in kind of the launch pad space so i think this is just as far as like a narrative trend um this is very very interesting that they're moving over there but to continue on here like like um i was saying uh they basically sorry about that they.

Basically show kind of all of their tokenomics here um they talk about why they chose solana they talk about you know how do you actually participate in these ideos so the the basic format for this i talked about these in the other videos in the launchpad ecosystem map series is um kind of it's different preached.

Launch pads people always reach out and they're like oh how do i get in the us well to be honest with you most of these have kyc so if the us is your only citizenship if that's the only passport that you hold that is going to be an issue that's why i always talk about second passports and residencies on this channel so if you're interested in being.

Able to access these things but you're born in the us and you made a decent amount of money maybe your business owner we do offer that as kind of a consulting service that's kind of my main business the channel is kind of for fun what i do here on youtube but mainly i'm working with people kind of on international real estate emerging.

Market countries um and kind of just investing internationally in general uh but beyond that you know we have those contact links down below in the description if you'd like to reach out there but that's just the the truth of it i mean there are launch pads out there where they don't require kyc but it's kind of becoming a norm in the.

Space i recently had an interview with herity network that are kind of building more things in this decentralized capital raising space and you can go check that out it was on the channel just a little bit ago it's like interview with herity network ceo and i talked with them about their basically their whole idea around.

This is they actually want to create individual legal entities behind each project that's being launched um on their on on heritage network which i think is interesting but there's also other there's other mediums it's all just a big experiment at the end of the day and who's gonna win out and i think stars is doing something interesting.

Here because it's not just the stars token they actually have the secondary token um they basically break down how that works here i'm not gonna bore you guys with this too much i just wanna do a basic overview and then move on to the next one um so beyond this we have something called game fi and they launch igo so initial game offering so just.

Like ideas these are kind of like little think about them almost as like little economies that are being pushed out like if there was a machine for pumping out um new country economies right it's kind of interesting and um like it just fits in with what i was just saying it's all just a big experiment and at the end of the day if you can really identify.

Trends here and you can identify okay why are some of these doing so well because i can tell you i mean they've done them and my last launch pad that i'm gonna talk about here i mean they've done some insane returns game five has done some some better than this but um when we're looking at platform total raises and the all-time high of these so.

If you're able to get in before this igo some of these have been insane this is obviously for star punk the next one i'll talk about but for game five i mean if we look at some of the ones that they've done like d-race they did incredibly well with a lot of these and igos and i think this as a concept is very interesting to launch.

Not just new coins not just new projects but actually things that are kind of little economies like i was saying um that will be running through the bear market through the bull market it really doesn't matter um and that's why i kind of talked about this as being relatively recession recession-proof or as recession-proof as you can get um as the.

Idea obviously this is all a concept is a very very new market you have to do your own research you have to make sure um you're staying up to date i just find it all very very interesting i like to gain exposure to these things um that are much more speculative with profits i've already pulled from other things so i'm completely de-risked for the most.

Part in the crypto market because after you've been in the space a little bit you can pull enough profits where you can kind of just play around and that's why that's the way that i'm seeing the metaverse that's why i'm seeing game phi and all these things going on here that's how i look at it at least and.

Then we can see the tokenomics here so the token allocation it was two percent for the seed round twelve percent for private public two percent team is at sixteen percent advisor partner five marketing is twenty um you can basically see all that there so that's part of doing your own research and then just an example of an igo so if you're looking.

At the details here like i said it's different for each one so when people reach out and they're like hey uh how do i access this one i'm like hey either you've got to do your own research you've got to figure out yourself or i mean i i don't have time to work people for free one-on-one and all these things you have to do the research yourself you.

Have to reach out to the team do your due diligence because most the time these change every time so it's hard to give blanket advice there but it's very easy to find that's why i always link these things um while i'm making the video um you can see here like this one for example is different than.

The other ones so the pool details um is it the token the token ticker is siddis so sidus it's an erc20 so ethereum network um price per token is zero zero one eight um investing schedules you unlock ten percent at tge then unlock ten percent monthly over nine months that prevents from a big pump and dump and then um you.

Can basically see this so how do you actually join this igo so you go to this so connect the wallet um you stake you have to stake the game by tokens um and you have to be you should have to be at a minimum there's like a minimum for a certain rank yeah so you have to be at least a rookie rank for this and it's different for each pool.

Right so it's different if we're talking about another project but for this example that's kind of the rules there and that's just uh you know one i mean it is this token has run up i would be looking for a bit more of a pullback here um relatively low markup i would call this like a mid.

Cap project at 150 million dollars but if you identify if you kind of over understand what i'm saying overall in this video the overall trend of kind of launching as many economies and you see the upside here that's where identifying of somebody's plagues places at early stages can be very very beneficial and lastly here obviously follow them on.

Twitter so at gamefight underscore official follow all these on twitter just to stay up to date with what's going on you can also follow us at best global underscore io but lastly here with starpunk i kind of just mentioned that at the beginning of the other ones because i had similar type of returns.

With for some of these which are ridiculous but basically you can see like how this works so to decentralize incubators they basically say the game developers get a chance to present their newly developed game to the entire star punk community through a kickstarter style approach where games get funded before they.

Launch so you can see like if you're actually developing a game you can get incubated there whoops you can also buy srp and you can see everything here so this is an example of like 12 legions this is something where you could participate if you wanted to um you you have to obviously have um some of the initial uh.

You have to have some of these tiers so if you're looking at this from the perspective of okay what do i need to participate in this and get this early stage access so the tier fcs is looking like a 2000 srp minimum which is putting you what just below right around 1500 bucks not not terrible but if you're looking at this and you're.

Going okay i want to gain access either you can actually participate in the ideas or just hold a little bit of the token because if you're bullish on the upside of the project now i'm not saying you should obviously can't repeat it enough you always have to do in research this is not financial advice but if you're looking at this two.

Different ways to invest in it one would be actually participating in these but then you're kind of trading out these tokens srp tokens or if you believe in srp long term if you believe in what you're they're doing you can just hold the tokens and not really worry about them for a while right so two different ways about investing in.

This um kind of using them for utility versus just holding them and looking at that upside potential you can do a balance of the two but that's basically all also follow them on twitter if you guys have any questions any comments let me know down below in the comment section or you can join the telegram group follow us on twitter at invest.

Global underscore io the website is invest global dot io that's all for this one invest global if you enjoyed the video like it subscribe the channel stay up to date the notification bell and click all invest global and until next time

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