Top 3 Upcoming Airdrops l Free Allocation Early Stage Altcoins (Crypto News)

Welcome back to invest global today we're going to be taking a look at the top three upcoming airdrops now this is a nice feature that i talked about that's still relatively new here on coin market cap who continues to innovate uh recently in a daily d5 episode i talked about you know they've added this daily news recap.

They're really really competing with coin gecko and trying to keep users on the coin market ecosystem which i understand right so i uh one of the first things i did kind of an online business was actual helping doctors offices so whether it's orthodontist densest.

Pediatricians podiatrists all these different people get new customers and with this you understand that facebook and instagram and twitter and youtube the whole part of their ad ecosystem is you actually get better rates if you can keep the the basically people you're advertising to on the platform because the more.

Retention they have the more time people spend on facebook on youtube the better right so the more they can actually get in in advertisers costs so it's the same here with coin gecko you have to apply the same mentality and kind of switch around your perception from being a user to the owner of coin gecko or the.

Owner of coin market cap the owner of quin paprika right all these sites essentially were able to track tokens and in the past it's been kind of uh distributed where you're just tracking the tokens you're not actually able to buy and swap the tokens on the platform but coin mark cap is really.

Innovative and i'll get to these uh these projects but this is the whole part of this is you know they actually show you here in the calendar um free air drops events calendars ico calendar pretty awesome what they're doing and they also have the swap feature so let's just go here let's pull up the the.

Main page here and let's go to ethereum you can literally and you can see it right here the swap feature boom you literally connect your web through while you're staying on platform so there's they essentially are really really killing it as far as this goes personally i've liked a coin gecko for.

The longest time better but i do think coin market cap is is uh growing a lot quicker and actually adapting to the market changes so you can literally go in between uni swap they're going to have multiple other different connections here so literally all you do is just connect your web.

Through all you can connect your metamask just like you would on any other decentralized exchange and go from there so very very interesting plus with this they've been partnering with projects to do these air drops now you have to understand these are a bit different than the type of air drops.

Where they're unannounced right so really the best air drops are a bit more unannounced um they they it's not like you know uni swap was an unannounced airdrop like or a one inch unannounced airdrop if you didn't use the platform if you didn't use the exchanges and you're not stamped on the blockchain.

You didn't receive that uh that amount of unity tokens but you have to understand those really the best ones that's why i always recommend people that interact with decentralized exchanges even if they're just practicing playing around with them so you understand okay what's going on here and then you can.

Scale it up if you understand it a bit better but you have to understand the masses of people 99.99 of people have no idea how to use a web through wallet so just that being said if you know how to set up metamask if you know how to use uni swap different decentralized exchanges or web3 decentralized applications.

Um you're way far ahead of the crowd now these airdrops we're going to be talking about today are kind of in the style where it's like a follow the project the project's really trying to promote themselves that's essentially what's going on here is um most of the time like they're partnering up here which.

With coin mark cap which is like hey you know why not if you have the time um personally i don't necessarily do these but if you guys have the time like i'm i spend a lot of my time you know meeting with bankers and whatever market i'm in currently here in ikea ukraine about to head to warsaw poland um to look at real estate kind of do.

All these things i talk about here on the invest global youtube channel but hey if you have the time like i said you might as well participate in this airdrop and you actually will want to log into coinmark cap and um then you can see the actual how to participate here so it's pretty um pretty similar in all of these but again.

I think it's interesting because it's not one of these where you know you have to follow this project and then it's like oh you get paid in dollars the the the airdrop is in dollars no no this is an is an asset that potentially you know we've seen on this channel we've talked about ones.

Where i've talked about them early and they've gone up 50 x so yes i mean you may say oh this is not that much capital that i'm getting but you have to look at you're essentially getting an averaged in position on an early stage projects that's really focused on growing so i i really love that that is one of the.

Awesome things here um with these uh air drops on coin mark cap and then you have no risk right so it's all profit from there so let's say you know you get a hundred dollars in the airdrop token it goes up 10x boom you just got a thousand dollars so you have to look at it that way right in 10x is almost on the low side if you're.

Looking long term here um for crypto in general uh so very interesting polystart is probably my number one favorites um out of this you can see they're a polystarter website here what that what they're actually doing um all of these i do recommend you you look.

Into um you look into these different projects i actually covered polystarter um in my launch pad because it's a map series uh let me go back here while it's loading but i covered polystarter in my launchpad ecos map series because essentially it's a launch pad.

On polygon right so there's polystarter and there's a few others but i've been doing this launchpad you can some maps here so i go through all the different launch pads in the cryptocurrency industry and i basically break down okay what's the minimum amount necessary to get in so for.

Example here in polystarter it's very very low um and it's awesome what they're doing here polystart is a bit different than what's so obviously polygon is the layer two scaling solution for ethereum and recently i talked about um or the video might be coming out actually after this one's posted.

Um but it was a deep dive video just on polygon the beautiful things they have to offer to the crypto ecosystem in general how people are making ridiculous killing off stable coins and all these different things but uh the point here is essentially you're getting in on this launchpad project where.

That's why this is why this is my favorite airdrop is because they're they're promoting the projects with through coinmarketcap which is awesome um and with this literally you all you have to do is do things that you might already do if you're researching the project so follow them on twitter join the telegram group join the.

Announcement channel boom so easy to do join the telegrams you can also join my telegram group for invest global basically a group of like-minded investors maybe you'll do an airdrop moving forward of something but uh yeah the the telegram group's links down below in the description.

I also recommend if you have any questions any comments to really i mean you can leave them down below in the youtube comments but the problem is youtube keeps the leading comments and deleting my responses to comments like i'll write out a long thoughtful response and then it's like oh you know delete it for.

Some reason from youtube i'm not sure i think it's something because of their their like algorithm i don't know exactly what's going on but i know other creators have been struggling with that but it's very very simple so retweet the pin message um and then you're in right so then then.

The results will be announced so that's pretty awesome in my opinion because it's things that you you're literally already going to do a little literally take you less than five minutes to do these things very very simple so like they even have the links for you right here i mean how much easier could it get literally.

Poly starter i'm already following them all you do here you would retweet the pin tweets and uh when this is going on so this is um so you have to understand like there's already a bunch of ongoing air drops and i am recording this video i think maybe two days before it's gonna get posted.

So i'm these these are going to uh actually all probably be going on when this video is posted but uh yeah it very very interesting guys and then next one after that is the well airdrop so as far as this goes is ten thousand dollars um so you're not gonna get a ton but based.

On the amount of um people but it's it's very similar so you just add them on um coin market cap um you go go to a telegram group follow them on twitter boom you're in right so in in the the results are obviously announced so if you actually qualify for it but uh hey again why wouldn't you take.

Advantage of these things you're basically like i said getting early into projects with extremely low mark cap so i'm not saying well i'm not saying well is going to get to a billion dollars in market but you have to look at it from that side right so just to go from 68 million to 100.

Million let's say it does that that's a nice gain right there but then 100 million to a billion dollars we've seen a lot of projects do it right so um yeah very interesting opportunity guys just takes your time and especially if your time is not uh if you're doing whatever you're watching.

Netflix you're doing all these different things you might as well try and participate in these even if you don't get picked it's worth it um you at least or understanding some of these projects that are building incredible things so d-race um d-e-r-c obviously all these products if you're buying them you have.

To do in research but hey if you're getting the free token you might as well just get you might as well just hop in right so very very similar add them follow them on twitter i'm joined the telegram subscribe to their announcement channel boom retweet them and tag people fill in.

The airdrop participation so some of these like i said you have to log in and um and then you actually like uh fill some things out but it's basically all for this video guys i mean you understand what's going on here right so follow the airdrop calendar um on coin mark cap i do think that the fact that they're innovating so quickly.

And kind of leaving some of these other kind of uh coin tracker websites like coin gecko a little bit in the dust coin gecko is innovating but i think uh early projects get listed on coin gecko much faster than they get on the side code mark cap plus sometimes the the market cap you can actually see the.

Actual projects market cap right um you can actually see on coin and gecko more than you can see but again they're innovating i love they're doing this airdrop calendar i would love to see coin gecko do something to compete because i think the more competition the space the better because the users get a better.

Experience overall um and there's more innovation right the more growth the better so that's all for this video if you have any questions any comments let me know down below in the description if you know of any airdrops that are not going on in this coin mark cap calendar um that are more under the radar again.

Let me know in the comments or you can join the telegram group link down below in the description also that video series that i mentioned on the launchpad ecosystem map series um go on my channel click on playlist and you'll just see it launch party because some map series highly recommend if you're interested in getting into.

Early stage old coins that's all for this video if you enjoyed it at all like the video subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with the notification bell click all if you disliked it dislike it all good um let me know in the comments why you didn't like it but that's all for this one i'm always.

Looking to improve and iterate the channel so that's all for this one as always invest global and until next time

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