Top 4 Coins To Buy During The Dip That Will EXPLODE In 2022 (Best Crypto Dip Buys)

The crypto markets are continuing to dip and there's a lot of fear in the markets but i'm not worrying about the small dip that we're having so far it's only down around a couple percent and even if it dips a little bit lower in the short term i won't be worried either because as i wrote away yesterday on our discord even if the markets dip further in the.

Short term it's caused by the food that won't matter in three months time video i'm going to talk about the market dip and i'll also go through four coins that i think will make the most gains in 2022 this list will include some already established coins as well as some other coins deeper in the top 100 that i think could have a solana like run in 2022.

I'll also go through some reasons why i'm bullish and also my price predictions for these coins as well make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any important crypto videos and also make sure to join the syndicate discord that free discord i was showing link in the description before it closes because i'm going to be going more in depth on my.

Price predictions for other coins for 2022 and i've also launched a 100k crypto giveaway for christmas which you can find out about how to enter in that discord before we start though i do want to talk about the market dip i know this looks worrying we've got bitcoin down well we've got bitcoin only down a couple percent but it has broken through.

That 48k support so it could potentially go to the next support zone of 42k ethan's finally broken true 4k it was staying up there like a rock for ages and we've got other coins down quite a bit uh more uh polygon is still doing pretty well over that compared to where it was of the last few months cardano of course getting battered over the last.

Couple months down to 127. most coins really just in the top 100 getting hammered in the short term a lot of the gaming and metaverse coins have also taken big hits and i know this does look worrying for people who are new to crypto people who maybe are into crypto during the summer or even if you got into it this year you're still.

Relatively new to crypto if you've only had one cycle and this may look worrying in the short term because but what you have to realize is that these dips happen all the time in crypto right now there's a lot of food around inflation and around omicron and also a little bit around the evergrand thing in china and no one.

Could really predict that all of these things will come together and that's what kind of leads to these sell-offs in the short term but this has happened many many times even this year back in may of course we did have the famous china ban where they banned it for the 19th time and it caused fresh new panic but if you had have just held and maybe.

If you held bitcoin you wouldn't be that much better off but if you have bought ethan on the dip if you had a bought solana on the dip if you had a bought cardano on the dip and then had smart contracts if you bought pretty much any altcoin luna even in the top 10 or the top 100 then you would have made massive gains so while you know waking up and.

Seeing your portfolio down 20 30 40 percent over the last couple months especially if that is when you got in you were buying in new all-time highs of course no one wants to see that but you have to focus more so on the long term on what your long-term goals are and continue to follow your plan of dollar cost average into coins do you think.

Will do well during this boron because at the end of the day every single dip that we've had so far has just been a great opportunity now eventually that will change and there will be one dip that leads into a bear market but for reasons we've talked about in previous videos all the unchained data the whales buying up a lot of ethereum and a lot of.

Other top all coins it doesn't look to be that point anywhere near that point yet first coin on the list for the coins i'm looking at for the top four coins for 2022 is luna so terra has been one of the top five altcoins uh in the entire space for gains in 2021 right up there with shiba that's not actually a joke they've both gone up by like 10 000.

Percent but unlike sheba there are many many reasons why this is only the beginning for luna and why 2022 could get luna to even higher highs so of course luna is tied to the decentralized stablecoin which is ust uh ust is a stablecoin so it represents one dollar the more demand for ust the more luna that is burnt that's how they.

Hold those two in balance so that there isn't just mad money printing like there is in other areas of the economy i do think that a big trend for 2022 will be towards decentralized stable coins like ust and away from traditional centralized stable coins like tether where the more times that a private company is involved the more likely that.

It is that eventually it will collapse or the government or really anything like that but when you do have a decentralized stable coin that is away from those influences with luna this risk of just some government body just ruining the whole thing and taking all the money from themselves or a private company that is eliminated anything that.

Can happen in that sense will eventually happen and while that's bad news for centralized stable coins in the long run it makes me very bullish long term on luna and other projects like ust i also think that the longer the bull run lasts the greater the impact on luna's price will be because the more investors will be piling into the bull run and there.

Will be more demand for stable coins that's why luna's graph if you look at it over the last year has been pretty much uh upwards and to the right of course it has had you know periods of time where it's just got pumped and then it comes back down but it never really consolidates as much as most other altcoins and even during the dips it.

Isn't really down that much and compared to where it was even a month ago uh it's still up by around 2x bcs and institutional investors are also hopping on the luna express and more and more of them are investing into projects in the ecosystem i do think that the terra ecosystem could be home to a lot of gems in 2022 if you want me to cover it in.

More detail then make sure to comment below i do think that luna has a lot of potential a lot of room left to grow into 2022 even though it has made absolutely insane gains from just a few uh from just around 40 cent when it was publicly listed uh eventually back there at the start at the end of 2020 i do think that luna will eventually be able.

To reach 300 to 400 dollars as its highs in 2022 which i know sounds you know crazy given that we are in a market dip right now but if you do look down the road three months six months or however long the bull run does eventually last it is very very possible as the market cap is only around 24 billion and i think it could easily get over 100.

Billion by the end of the cycle the second coin that i'm looking at for massive gains in 2022 is engine so engine is a software that allows developers to create virtual in-game items on ethereum engine is one of the faces of crypto gaming if you believe crypto gaming will do well in 2022 then you should have at least some engine.

Engine is so far we're thinking in the space and such a game changer that they actually created a type of nft and this forward-looking nature has allowed them to establish some of the biggest partnerships in the space with absolute giants such as dungeon realms and also subsidiaries of minecraft such as minecraft pbk texture packs and really.

This is only the tip of the iceberg where i think it will go in 2022 another reason that i'm bullish on engine is that they just have their uh they just have their paws in every part of the space so they have engine starter so engine starter is engines gaming and metaverse launchpad and it's another reason i'm bullish because it's an easy.

Way for engine to get the top upcoming projects onto its software and keep them there if you think the gaming cryptos are heading for higher highs then engine is a solid bet as it's becoming the default for the industry i do think that engine has the most potential upside of anycoin probably on this list for the sole.

Reason that while i think they will make similar gains all the coins on this list if you look engine only has a market cap of 2 billion whereas cordano was a market cap of around 50 billion i think maybe it's a little bit less right now and tara has a market cap of 10x this so while there is more potential for smart contracts i do think that uh.

When you look at uh the two billion market cap in gaming versus 20 to 50 billion dollars in layer ones i do think that there's still a lot more room to grow for engine i think a 10 engine is very very likely in 2022. the third coin on the list is cardano so it's a coin we've been talking about for quite a while cardano has been getting hammered.

Over the last few months since the release of smart contracts on this platform we have been talking about cardano since it was around you know 30 cent when i started my channel of course i've been i've been in cardano but a lot before that as well so cardano overall for the year zoom out big picture is still up by around three or four x from.

Around the start of the year that being said it has had disappointing price action but i do think that that will start to change in 2022 if you want to see all the in-depth reasons i did make a video recently which goes through all of that but essentially i think that the first half of 2022 was going to be very bullish for ada because while it is true.

That smart contracts have already launched on its network these have essentially been simple smart contracts they don't have all the functionality that binance smart chain smart contracts have that ethereum smart contracts have so once these smart contracts do have all that functionality and projects are able to connect with wallets and they're.

Able to do all the things that they want to do on the network then they will be able to fully launch one big step that has been done recently is that the first erc20 converter went live on the cardano test net uh the pluto's application back end also went live on the test nano for cardano around a month ago so these things generally go on the test not a.

Couple of months before they go on the mainnet so i do think we are going to see a tsunami of all the missing pieces of the puzzle for cardano d5 go on the main net in the next few months and once that happens i do think that cardano will surge in price because there will be massive demand for the ada token for all the projects that will be buying it.

Up for liquidity a lot of them right now are still on the ethereum blockchain they're still in the binary smart chain blockchain finance smart chain blockchain and so their token isn't actually using ada for liquidity just yet but as soon as that happens in uh q1 2022 and beyond i think we're going to see a massive amount of.

Ada bought up for that reason and then i think what we'll see is a similar uh price effect that happened to bnb back in q1 i believe of this year so if you look at b and b uh you can see that bnb had a massive run-up where it went from like 40 dollars all the way up to like 600 i think we'll see the same thing probably.

Happen in q1 q2 for cardano because there will be the initial impact of all of the projects starting to launch on binance because ethereum fees were getting ridiculous around this time and then after that happened bnb started going up because of this effect and so people started seeing the bnb was going up and then they bought it just to.

Essentially speculate on bnb which led to an even crazier price rise so i think we will see something similar play out for cardano it may go down to even a dollar in the short term but i do think that as projects start buying it up for liquidity it's going to go back up to two to three dollars and then once it has that positive price.

Momentum people are going to start buying ada a lot of people will be talking about ada and also the projects launching on the network and that's when it's going to skyrocket to its next price target i do think that ada would naturally return up to around three dollars and regain the gains that it lost just by this process of buying up.

Ada for liquidity but i do think that since we are in a bull run and there's a lot of speculation and i do think that it will probably end some time at the end of q1 or sometime in q2 but i could be wrong some people say it will extend beyond that some people say it's already over so we'll just have to wait and see i definitely don't believe that it's.

Over yet again looking back to previous videos if you want to see my reasons for that and also the discord i did post about it yesterday but i do think that since we are on a bull run speculation will essentially bid up the price of ada and we'll likely see a seven to ten dollar ada by the end of the cycle the fourth coin i want to talk about is.

Polygons so polygon is a coin that i've been talking about on the channel for quite some time and it is also a coin that i've been talking about in the patreon discord for ages buying it up a lot of it during the summer around one dollar even less around 60 70 cent and it has had a massive run and it's still uh quite positive even though uh it has.

Dipped uh from its all-time high recent and i do think that polygon will continue to be very very bullish in 2022 because of the enormous value of transactions on ethereum it would be super expensive and it would take way too long to run everything through the layer one of ethereum that's where polygon comes in and it takes the burden.

Off of ethereum and allows those transactions to be completed on its side chain polygon is seeing giant gains the few expected so far in 2021 and since matic tends to follow east price at just a more leveraged exaggerated rate a bullish 2022 for ethereum which seems to be shaping up as well would be even more bullish for matic as nfts and other.

Consumer level crypto products and gaming continue to gain traction in 2022 i think that ethereum will get the most benefit from this as it's where a lot of nfts are being done right now and i think that this will lead to a great increase in its price but also a great increase in the number of transactions and of course higher fees in ethereum in.

The past have led to higher prices for both itself but also higher prices for matic as well so you can see when ethereum was having this massive run up here to around 4k in may polygon was having a similar run-up as well because people were looking at the fees on ethereum and while people didn't really mind because.

Eath was going up massively it was in their head that okay these fees are ridiculous so they're looking for alternatives to that and polygon pumped as well so i don't think it's a coincidence that now eth is doing very very well relative to a lot of other all coins and bitcoins over the last couple months polygon is doing even better and.

I do think that there could be a big move for ethereum in q1 maybe even a two or three x and i think that if that does happen we're going to see an even bigger move for polygon and we'll probably see a 10 to 12 dollar polygon by the end of the site so i definitely think that the bull run is going to extend into 2022 and we will see higher highs in 2022 so.

That is the time frame when i expect these coins to achieve their peak prices i could be wrong the bull run could last even longer it is possible that some of these coins will reach even higher highs if that does happen so make sure to do your own research in the best position for 2022 and also make sure to join the syndicate so you can enter that 100k.

Giveaway and also make sure to join up because i do do these up-to-date in-depth posts on the market and also i will be doing an egg tree and exit strategy a little bit later on so make sure you join to see that and also you can talk to everyone else and pretty much just learn about the markets and so you don't get panicked and freaked out.

When there's like a five percent dip so make sure you join that it will be closing soon as as you can see it's getting quite busy in here so that's it for this video enjoy the rest of your day and i will see you in the next

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