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What up guys in this video we are going to look at four coins for gaming a metaverse coin that could do five x's and x in this year 2022. now before i continue let me give you a quick update on everdone which is a coin that i talked about right now this coin dome has done over 60 x as a matter of fact he did 94.

X before he dropped to about 60 x now and this is still in the first month so if you have gotten ever done even when it was listed on oks you are still at 5x profit so this means that if you stay tuned to this channel because i'm going to be giving you more of this type of project this year so make sure you are subscribed and you.

Have that notification bell pinned down so to continue first what is the materials universe is a real world but it is virtual so in this world you can buy land attend meetings conferences make friends build houses rent seats and do many more we have seen a good growth in the.

Multiverse project since 2021 and the speculation is that the growth this year and the coming year is going to be massive so if you want to learn more about the metaverse if you click on the card above we have done very good videos on this project you will really really get to understand and like this product so what are gaming projects gaming.

Projects combine crypto and video games many are online games that use a cryptocurrency as the game currency players can use the game crypto for purchasing characters and weapons this game also often use a play-to-end mode where players can end cryptos as a complete certain task.

Now the crypto market has been down for about two months now but we have we're seeing signs of a recovery and this is the best time to start stacking up more coins ahead of the market recovery so make sure you like this video subscribe if you have not and let us get to these.

So the first coin is called veracity veracity is a protocol and product layer platform for video entertainment esports and digital content management it is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency company that has just received a u.s patent for his proprietary technology that helps eliminate ad fraud he has a mission of significantly increasing engagement and.

Advertising revenue for video publishers on any video platform with a great number of users the platform offers reward in vra for watching subscribing and winning it has an all-in-one wallet with guaranteed security to your nft digital currency and participation in esports now veracity is mostly unique for its proof of view protocol.

Technology that produces precise secure and verifiable audience metrics users can watch earn and play on the veracity e sports fights club platform veracity was funded by a team of professionals with a proven record in the video and media industry it was founded on the 18th of may 2018 by mark rj it is ranked number 342.

According to coin market cap after the time i'm making this video with a second supply of 4.47 billion vra and a market cap of 135 million 718 951 which is still low for a project like this the second coin is alice my neighbor alice is a multiplayer builder.

Game introducing blockchain to millions of players anyone can buy and own virtual island collect and build exciting items and meet new friends players are represented by their arbiters which can also be customized with in-game items all of those are tradable through the marketplace or marketplaces on other.

Block chains alice talking is a native cryptocurrency in the game it allows token holders to play invest and also be part of the game it's aimed to introduce blockchain to millions of players and targets a diverse gaming community within the traditional gaming market alice is used to purchase game items it is also used as taking reward and as a.

Reward for users that play the game also token holders can participate in decentralized governance process that decide on the use of the revenue gaming development and growth it is ranked 185 according to coin market cap it has a certain supply of 30 million 600 000 and a market cap of over.

268 million dollars now the third coin is chromia chromia is a blockchain platform and a secondary framework or protocol that is built on existing blockchain like ethereum and the binance smart chain it makes it easy for people in the real world to build decentralized apps for a better world it aims to solve problems such as bad user experience.

High fees frustrating developer experience and poor security which all this prevents decentralized apps from going mainstream chromium already has a wide variety of application building upon their blockchain they include headgets a d5 option trading platform my neighbor artist which we just talked about which is an open world farming.

Game and lac property chain a government land registry initiative the blockchain uses a unique architecture code relational blockchain as well as a custom programmable language called rail what chromia is trying to achieve can be compared to cloud computing each dab running on chromium has freedom to choose from a variety of fee.

Structure one application may require users to pay a transaction fee in chr why another application could stick enough chr to allow their users to make unlimited transaction without paying any fee at all the core team of chromia consists of perimen henrik and alex all three have de-proof in the crypto space going back to the early days of bitcoin.

And ethereum it is ranked number 170 across the coin market cap with a circulated supply of over 567 c h r the fourth coin is krabada cre a fully decentralized play and nfc game on avalanche ecosystem where players assemble a team of 3 car batter to end.

The indian currency treasure on the sea cus players can mine loot breed and defend your treasure on the game crabada has a lot of positive news that could drive the movement of their coin they intend to expand its in-game modes to future daily and monthly quests integrate players and crabata level and launch on.

Other blockchain they also aim to introduce land ownership and improvements like pvp tournaments boss fights additional game items and more crabad economic console 3 main assets one is nfc assets kravata can be bred and used in games to earn cryptocurrency with the real value or crabadder lives on the blockchain so players have full.

Control of their assets cra is the governor's token which is rewarded for sticking and playing the game during the incentive period cus is the in-game currency and we are playing the game in form of mining looting and learning crabar via the turver cus can only be obtained exclusively through.

Game play it is currently around 337 according to coin market cap and has a market cap of over 132 million dollars and a cycling supply of over 82 million c r a so guys this is where we'll come to the end of this video and mind you all you've heard in this video is not a financial advice.

Always do your own due diligence before you purchase any of this coin if you have enjoyed this video so far what you can do right now is to encourage us and do that by what liking this video and sharing with your friends when you like the video it is the only way youtube knows that the content is valuable and show it to more people which helps to.

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