Top 5 Altcoin Gems for March 2022 💎

With the world in turmoil right now the markets no surprise are following suit but still there are coins and tokens out there in the crypto space that are well worth looking into even with what's happening right now with the market and with macro global news it's possible to find many gems out there in the altcoin space and.

Today we're going to talk about some of those projects that are undervalued through no fault of their own that may one day recover and get up to 10 20 30 x 40 x maybe even 100 x gains once the market finds its way back up on its feet again and so in this video we're talking about five very at least in our opinion undervalued tokens that are on our radar.

okay just to set the stage here we shared in a recent video the fact that our portfolio looks kind of like this we essentially split it into two parts we have a total portfolio this consists of long-term positions that we're holding that we're really not touching at all and then the second part is a trading.

Portfolio these are coins that we trade actively and the ratios of course can vary sometimes it's 60 40 maybe it's 70 30 maybe you have a different split it really depends on short term medium term and even long term objectives and we're not trying to be prescriptive here either everybody has their own strategy what works for person a may not.

Necessarily work for person b but this is generally how you know we treat our portfolios if you guys have a similar strategy maybe have a different strategy altogether let us know what that is in the comments below by the way guys as always be sure to like subscribe share and hit the bell to receive notifications so that you're up to speed.

With all of our latest content but as we were saying whether it's a 60 40 split maybe a 70 30 split really your trading portfolio is where the action happens so this is where we're trying to suggest a strategy right now you need to be aware of which coins are about to pump so you can be ahead of the game obviously and which coins are more of a short-term.

Gain so you can add them to your portfolio at the most opportune moments and that is very much the mindset that we are approaching this video with we're looking at five exciting projects all of them are high value but for different reasons are undervalued right now in the market now some of these selections are going to be old favorites you may be.

Familiar with a couple of them others are kind of new kids on the block so to speak that we really do have our eyes on for a lot of positive reasons but without any further ado let's get into our top five undervalued altcoin projects okay so coin number one it's certainly one that we've talked about previously on the channel it is infinity.

It's built by engine of course one of our favorite projects and one of our favorite teams and that's because engine has been around really for quite a while and their worldwide network has over 20 million gamers the engine ecosystem is huge and that allows everybody to buy sell and distribute nfts non-fungible tokens an engine built affinity as the.

Cross-chain token highway that can accommodate any nft from any blockchain that is a remarkable feature because to get a little bit more technical for a moment all of these nfts on all these different blockchains speak a different language but affinity has managed to navigate this reality very successfully and provide a solution.

Really this makes effinity a real super highway for nfts and makes it a next generation blockchain for nfts we identified affinity all the way back in june of 2021 just before its massive price rally which happened in august of 2021 and if affinity has gotten you interested check out our deep dive video that's the one that's playing.

Right now we'll link to this in the description below and since that time affinity has accomplished some pretty impressive things it went on to win slot six in the polka dot parrot chain auctions in december of 2021 last year and currently they're on the polka dot rococo test net but they're going to be on boarding on polka dot network as a.

Para chain on march 11. so that's coming up pretty quickly and we all know that going live as a polka dot parachain means a lot of price action we recently witnessed a massive price pump in moonbeam's glimmer token that's glmr when moonbeam went live on the polka dot network on the 11th of january of this year and interoperability and.

Cross chain are expected to take center stage this year in 2022 that's still our bet so effinity seems to be set for a major rally in our opinion and one of the pluses of effinity is that they're environmentally friendly other great points include their scalability the fact that they're fast and offer cheap transaction fees and later this year.

They're also going to launch their nft marketplace if you want to understand engine and affinity better in the simplest way we also recommend you check out our quick two minute crypto explainer video specifically on engine and effinity just like our deep dive video will include a link to this.

In the description below so at the time of this recording affinity has a market rank as you can see of number 478 with a circulating supply of 168.9 million that represents 8 percent of the total 2 billion supply price as you can see is down along unfortunately with the rest of the market as i record sitting at 35 cents.

Right now the all-time high though keep in mind was almost 10 times larger 3.15 cents in august of 2021 with a market cap of about 59 so let's call that 60 million dollars 59.9 million and look affinity is on our radar for a couple of reasons several actually march is going to be a busy.

Month for them their main net is set to go live on the 11th of march when they onboard as a polka dot parachain secondly they are working on nft multi-asset pallets and reason number three is their work on the parachain transaction fees they're going to be as low as 2.5 or even free on jump net but most importantly perhaps last but.

Not least is the vesting of the crowd loan rewards close to 7.7 million dot dot were contributed towards the crowd loan and each contributor is going to receive 26 efi per dot so that's a total of 200 million efi to be distributed linearly throughout 96 weeks now you could probably see why efi is on our radar let us know if it's on yours.

And let us know of course if you have additional reasons to add efi to your portfolio by sounding off in the comments below coin number two on our list today is one we've been talking about quite a bit actually recently cosmos ticker atom atom it's number two and is in the spotlight once again not because of its recent price rally but.

Really because there's a lot more that's about to happen in march as you guys may know cosmos bridges various blockchains and is called the internet of blockchains so cosmos is a layer one protocol with a pos that's proof of stake consensus mechanism therefore staking in the cosmos ecosystem comes as second nature and it's now coming up.

With version one of liquid staking which is going to be directly integrated into the cosmos sdk software development kit this is going to open up a whole new realm of d5 possibilities allowing holders to maximize their atom while still earning sticking rewards so for example osmosis a decentralized exchange and one of the 36 block chains in the.

Cosmos ecosystem comes with super fluid sticking cosmos and osmosis token holders can add their tokens to a liquidity pool on the osmosis amm on their automated market maker and at the same time stake their lp tokens this way they earn double rewards besides adding liquidity users also help to secure the network and this will first be available.

For the atom osmo pool but eventually the complete osmos ecosystem will be able to join the inter blockchain communication protocol icb connects all cosmos block chains and that is a very important feature that is worth mentioning and worth highlighting and really worth celebrating because with the icb dapps can create block chains.

Known as zones a super fluid staking advantage is that smaller zones on cosmos are not left out they can offer higher yields as an incentive for investors without affecting security liquidity of the lp tokens is directly put back into the system and so this strengthens the security of the platform if you'd like to learn more.

About cosmos and adam the token have a look at our recent video about cosmos atom in that we also offer a price prediction so check out the link we'll include that in the description below as well all right so the atom token is down ever so slightly on the day it's ranked number 20 right now with a market cap of 8.3 billion us dollars the circulating.

Supply stands at 289.5 million the maximum supply is infinite however so if that's of any concern to you it just is something that ought to be noted price just under 29.28.93 with an all-time high of 44 and 45 cents just a few weeks ago in january of this year and you know one.

Nice thing that puts cosmos and adam more specifically on our radar is that they've been showing green candles now for about two weeks give or take really even while the whole russia ukraine conflict started and so in our opinion this has been a resilient project and by adding the superfluid staking to the cosmos ecosystem they're going to get.

Another boost as well liquidity on the network will increase specifically for smaller zones and we think that this is going to translate very nicely into the price performance of atom coin number three here's one of the new entrants that you may not have heard of we're talking about evmos a blockchain in the cosmos ecosystem.

Really it has all the bells and whistles of cosmos it's built with the cosmos sdk on top of tendermint and has ibc and we should also mention that this is a proof of stake blockchain evmos is compatible with ethereum's evm and is considered to be an ethereum copy which is built and runs on cosmos so this makes evmos the entry point from ethereum to exploring.

The cosmos ecosystem and on march 2nd evmos launched its main net after rescheduling this from the 28th of february but now it seems evmos has run into some issues and the chain has been halted for about 24 to 48 hours but with a cleverly designed airdrop novel tokenomics and cross-chain compatibility.

The latest evm compatible environment may quickly rank among the most popular once it overcomes kind of these teething issues that it's facing and after all we have some compassion in this regard what they're trying to achieve is not easy there will be setbacks to keep the evmos community happy the token amount of their wrecked drop was already.

Increased by an additional 20 million tokens that brings the total allocation to its wrecked drop to 100 million tokens and the wreck drop seems to be the coolest and most fair and newest air drop mechanism that we've seen in a while so they use a new gas drop mechanism it involves the most or the highest number of chains and apps in an.

Airdrop ever and by air dropping they bridge users people who got rugged or fell victim to exploits for selective ethereum events are getting rewarded including the first cosmos exploit victims of thor chain there are no further tokenomics details for the evmos token available at the moment the token is not yet available for trading on any.

Exchange but from our research we know that evmos is going to be used for staking for governance and for gas consumption on the evm and evmos is on our radar because really they're starting out in the cosmos ecosystem which is always an advantage with their main net and being the port of entry for ethereum to the cosmos ecosystem that.

Also is something that gives a certain gravitas to this project and if you missed the evmos airdrop don't fret the cosmos ecosystem has lots of potential airdrops still happening again check out our latest airdrop video so that you don't miss some of the best upcoming ones that are going to be happening soon all right coin number four on our list.

Represents really an old favorite elrond and it's been making its rounds around the block really since 2018. elrond is a fast a secure and a highly scalable blockchain we also feel it's a very well established blockchain whose roadmap by the way leads us all the way into 2023 but before looking too far ahead let's first take a look at what is.

Happening this month elrond's staking is moving from phase 3.5 to phase four now this is going to be implemented towards the end of the month and this adds a few new components it'll enable slashing remaining elrond foundational nodes are going to be completely decommissioned and more third-party providers will be able to offer their services but at the.

Same time on-chain governance will be added and this allows network members to give direction to the protocol's future by voting on important protocol modifications elrond's ticker egld is currently ranked number 45 with a circulating supply of 21.9 million that's out of a total supply of 32.2 million the price as you can see.

Sits at about 136 and a half dollars u.s the all-time high was as high as 545 back in november of 2021 so just a few months ago market cap right now sits just above 3 billion and we like this project it's on our radar because you have new updated staking options and governance and a.

More active role for network participants that's going to become available soon we're very excited about those features okay and coin number five the last entry on our list is roon this is thor chain's rune more specifically so thor chain went through some rough spells we're not denying that with hacks playing a major role that led.

To you know fading interest let's be honest in this project but now they seem to be back and firing on all cylinders once again the roon token that's r-u-n-e almost doubled in price during these last few weeks a 70 surge during the current world situation is always something that is noteworthy in our books but really two events are helping.

Thor chain at this particular moment so number one their long-awaited mainnet launch and number two integration with terra the mainnet launch was in the making really from all the way back in 2021 but finally that's about to happen that's a big deal the main net is going to launch with a hard fork leaving the current blockchain behind but in the.

Meantime btc and ltc that's bitcoin and litecoin will be removed from the chain but the integration with terra brings luna ticker l-u-n-a shown here over these last two weeks it brings luna into play more trading and sticking options become therefore available luna has also seen a pretty steady increase in terms of price during these.

Last two weeks kind of bucking the trend if you think about it thor chain ticker once again roon r-u-n-e sits at number 75 currently with a circulating supply of 300 million that is 60 of their total supply of 500 million price right now sits at 4.57 at the time of this recording with an all-time high that recorded at 20.87.

That was a little under a year ago in may of 2021 they've got a market cap as you can see of about 1.38 billion dollars and roon is on our radar for a couple of reasons yes the mainnet launch yes the integration with tara but another reason is the high staking yields bringing in new blood investors of course and without any.

Surprise are attracted to 55 yield options on b usd or even more modestly 30 percent on dye that's still fantastic so there you have it five high quality yet undervalued projects on our altcoin radar right now they cover lots of different parts of the crypto economy as well such as a super highway for nfts.

That is what you get with affinity super fluid staking with osmosis in the cosmos ecosystem the launching of the evmos main net ends its token with the wreck drop staking on elrond enters a new phase and on-chain governance is added and look we have some projects which are making a nice recovery like roon as well which once again saw a 70 surge in these.

Last two weeks despite everything that's been happening globally we are fans of these projects guys the altcoin buzz team will be investing in them personally i will be investing in a couple of them personally we put our money where our mouth is but hey just as a reminder there's a lot of risk involved in this space.

Nothing that we talked about today should be considered official financial or investment advice if you're still watching this video guys go ahead and hit the like button also subscribe to our youtube channel altcoinbuzz and hit the bell to receive notifications that way you're up to speed with all of our latest recommendations and all that is.

Breaking in the crypto sphere of news best of luck if you do choose to invest i hope you all stay safe out there check out these other couple of videos which should be popping up right about now have a great start to your week members of the altcoin buzz army as always we do hope to see you again soon in our next video take care.


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