Top 5 Crypto Coins In February 2022 (MOVE FAST)

What's up guys and welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another crazy day in the world of crypto so in today's video we're going to be speaking about some metaverse and blockchain game tokens that i think show some real potential now the key to this video is that i've gone out and researched and found coins that are really close to.

Their ido and private round prices now this is really important because here on the channel i'm always speaking about launch pad and how much of an opportunity they are but yes a lot of them have a very high barrier to entry and i know that puts a lot of these coins out of reach for a lot of people now in this video what i wanted to do.

Was find projects that have come all the way back down to as close as possible if not lower than those original ido prices and that's exactly what we're gonna do today the reason why i thought this was the perfect opportunity is right now we are at a deciding point in the market we could potentially be moving back into a bull rally here we don't know for sure.

Of course there are some tensions happening in the world there's no real way of knowing for sure now of all of that said if you don't know me already my name's connor and i am not a financial advisor i'm just a guy with a broken wrist sitting in his room talking about different ways to make money online so please never make any.

Financial decisions based on my videos and let's jump straight on to coin market cap you can see that the market is a little bit red today but what i think is happening is just a retest of a support as you know if we go through a resistance and we flip that into a support that's a bullish scenario and i think that's what's happening right now.

But if we take the market cap of say xrp cardano or solana all just over 30 billion dollars and we head over to the metaverse section you can see that the entire market cap for the whole metaverse blockchain gaming realm is 31 billion the same as just those single projects the room for this to grow is absolutely huge in my opinion and we.

Need to take advantage of every situation that we have in the market just before we jump further into the video as you know the market may go up or down but one thing you can count on is getting returns from your staked crypto one of the platforms that i personally use is blockfi i decided to join a partnership with them here on the.

Channel because i personally trust them with my own funds if you guys do want to sign up to this platform and you move your crypto over to it for things like bitcoin and ethereum you can get around four to five percent return on those staked coins which you can then passively reinvest directly back into bitcoin or ethereum now on top of that.

You can also state usdt which i personally also do and you can get around eight or nine percent on that usdt and if you want to you can get a pretty fancy card so the link is down there in my description using that link you'll get up to a 250 bonus and one more thing before you move on i am giving away a hundred dollars over on my.

Twitter so if you fancy it follow the link down there in my description let's jump straight into coin number one and coin number one is definite finance now this is a project that i personally hold myself along with a bunch of the other coins in this video if we head over to this website called crypto rank you can see that the ido price of defender was.

Around 40 cents right now only sitting at a 2.8 x the price right now is just over a dollar now of course all of the projects that i'm going to speak about in this video are pure speculation most of which don't have any games that are even out yet so pure speculation massive massive risk but if they do pull off what they say they're gonna do like i.

Said is that a dollar and an all-time high of nine dollars so even if we get back to where it was before that's a nine x so one thousand dollars into nine thousand dollars so the game itself looks like a game you play on your mobile phone or something like that one of those addictive games and of course it's got that play to earn feature you.

Can see they've got 13 million dollars in total assets locked in the game now moving on to the second project this is soul chicks now soul chicks has had a little bit of fud surrounding the project this could have resulted in the reason why the price is down definitely a project you want to go out and research further decide whether or not.

You think the team and the project itself will pull off what they say they're gonna do but this is a very interesting project because it's actually lower than the ido price the idea price was five cents and we are now currently sitting at two and a half cents you can see that they have a game demo promotion releasing in 12 days over.

700 000 members in their communities and some initial gameplay that you guys can check out also something that i do like to see is a lot of partners and also a fully docs team and as we speak even if you had the opportunity to invest into the private round of this project you would be down almost 50 now the third project i want to talk about is siddhas.

Heroes siddhas heroes is currently sitting at around five and a half cents having an all-time high of 18 cents as we speak right now they are up about 31 x from the ido price so not as low as any of the other tokens we've spoken about so far but this project itself does look very good and i did want to bring it up to you guys just in case it.

Managed to slip through the cracks another project that looks to me like they have all of the workings for something that's going to be massive in the future of course again pure speculation because the game itself is not currently out but at the price it's at right now five cents and having an all-time high of around 18 cents that.

Gives you around three to four x still from where we are right now and as i said i really feel like the market is absolutely heating up right now so getting involved in these projects now early has the most amount of risk because we may start coming down from here but if we do flip bullish this could be life changing heading over to.

The fear and greed index you can see that we're on a 51 which is neutral so right now we really don't know where the market's gonna go if we do have good news that comes out from here it will be very nice of the cryptocurrency market now moving on to the next coin we have meta strike this is only up 5x from the ido price now this may seem like a lot.

500 but we often see ideo and private round projects going 50 to 100x we've seen this a number of times here on the channel if you do want to stay up to date with these opportunities as soon as i find them come over and join the patreon over there you'll have access to all of my trades and you'll be able to.

Chat with another thousand traders and i think it's one of the best communities out there right now so if you don't like it within the first couple of days just drop me a dm and i'll give you a full refund so the reason why metastrike stands out to me we've got those call of duty vibes they're already live on trusted platforms like kucoin and gay io.

Of course the game itself is not out yet you're not able to play or anything so pure speculation at this point now moving on to our next project that's sin city now this is another project with huge partners and investors and it's bringing essentially those gta vibes onto the blockchain they have 3 million usd worth of nft sold out in 18 minutes.

They got a 500 000 strong community and they are the number one in volume over on the binance nft platform and as we speak right now only a 5x from the ido price so those were some of the coins that i could find that were as close to the ido prices as possible before we end the video i do want to quickly take a look at some other projects that i think.

Have amazing potential but again haven't come down close to those ido prices but still down significantly from the all-time highs projects like wilder world sitting at a two dollar price now be careful it is up ten percent today but at two dollars that still gives you about a three and a half x to the old all-time high now a project that has.

Been making the rounds recently pegasi coin itself down quite significantly just today but from the all-time high we are sitting around a 50 reduction this has been getting a lot of publicity recently giving a lot of people axia infinity vibes you got scholarships you got ways to build a business and passive income within the game so it could be.

Very good but do keep into consideration what happened to axiomfinity when everyone got super euphoric over it a lot of people lost money i myself am down from my initial investment of axiomfinity still holding still grinding within the game because i believe they may possibly come out from that but there are people in my patreon right now.

Making thousands of dollars daily and weekly just from this game so definitely something to look into and as the price is down 50 right now could be an awesome opportunity now last of all we got star atlas sitting at four cents with an all-time high of around 25 cents so 5x to get back from there and this is one of those games that looks like it's.

Going to be absolutely incredible one of the most popular games back when we did have that explosion of the metaverse and blockchain games so hopefully i did provide you with some value today if you have any coins or projects that you think are going to absolutely explode if we do go into this next bull run let me know down in the comment section i'm.

Excited to hear from you remember if you want to win that hundred dollars in usdc head over to my twitter and i'll see you guys in the next video peace you

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