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Yo what's good y'all it's hereich in this video we're gonna talk about the top five cryptocurrency to invest in right now for 2022. lately the crypto markets have been quiet we've been seeing huge discounts but remember that this is a time where the most money is made so i've spent the last month analyzing hundreds of different.

Cryptocurrencies and this is my list of crypto i think are the best buys right now you'll want to watch all the way through the video because what we're gonna do is a full analysis on each of these cryptocurrencies i'll go over key numbers recent news and why i expect them to grow before i begin if you enjoyed this how to make money with.

Crypto videos don't forget to smash that like button so that youtube can recommend you with more valuable content just like this and if you want to be part of my journey subscribe to the channel i would love for you to be part of the search family with that said let's get started all right so coming at number one we have the cryptocurrency.

Called solana now this is a cryptocurrency that's quite popular in the crypto space especially since it gained a lot of attraction back in 2021 if you're not familiar with celana it's essentially a decentralized blockchain built to enable scalable user-friendly apps and it's known to be very fast and having cheap gas fees compared to other.

Applications like ethereum so in the start of 2022 things have been looking really great for aslana especially after all the recent news that we've been getting solano ceo said that they're doing more upgrades in the solana network over the next four to five weeks openc the largest nft exchange in the world is adding solana nfts which is.

Huge coinbase the crypto exchange is launching solana ecosystem coins and michael jordan the basketball legend is backing up solana nfts with a round fundraising of 46 million dollars so yes indeed there's a lot of great news to be excited about now in terms of price point right now solana sits at a price of 95 with a total market cap of 30.

Billion dollars and a 24 hour volume of 1.6 billion dollars and looking at the price history of solana back in november 2021 as you can see here solana did hit a high of over 250 dollars which means that the price level right now is more than a 2x below that all-time high level now honestly solano is one of my favorite projects right now i've been.

Aggressively dollar cost averaging celina and i do think that if this project continues to innovate with all these good news a lot of growth can be achieved okay so moving on to the second cryptocurrency we have on this list is ethereum now before you click off this video i know a lot of people are talking about ethereum but i generally think.

That there's still lots of growth potential with this project especially because of the major upgrades with ethereum 2.0 that we're going to see in the next few months of 2022. so for those of you who don't know ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap right now after bitcoin and it's the blockchain that's used in many.

Applications like opencnfts and many more personally i've been holding ethereum ever since 2020 and a lot of people in the crypto community are talking about right now how ethereum could potentially pass bitcoin in price action in the long term now whether or not that claim is true what we can expect from ethereum 2.0 which is said.

To come this year is an upgrade in its smart contract chains which will make ethereum ultimately more scalable more secure and more sustainable to the environment now many people are wondering if you need to do anything to change your current ethereum to ethereum 2.0 but no it's automatically swapped so there's nothing to worry about in terms.

Of price point ethereum is currently sitting at a price of about 2 500 with a total market cap of about 300 billion dollars and a 24-hour volume of about 11 billion dollars and in terms of historical price points as you can see here ethereum did peak at almost 5 000 back last year in 2021 so right now we're currently in about a 2x discount.

From that price level and personally i do think ethereum still has a lot of potential for growth especially if you're a bit more conservative in your risk tolerance in the crypto space i think ethereum could be a great crypto pick for the rest of 2022. now moving on to the third cryptocurrency we have on this list is sandbox or cryptocurrency.

Ticker symbol for san for some of you you've probably heard of sandbox before from the metaverse hype and from people by millions of dollars worth of digital land in sandbox but for some of you you may have never heard of this before now essentially sandbox is a play to earn metaverse game where the utility comes from living inside the metaverse.

Recently there's been a lot of growth in the metaverse industry especially since early 2022 where we heard many multinational rich companies like apple investing in a metaverse tim cook google is also investing in a metaverse alongside some of the best gaming companies in the world like unity in my opinion we're still really early into.

The metaverse and i do think that paid wearable through metaverse games could very much be the future and that is why i see lots of potential in projects like sandbox decentraland and axe infiniti as gaming crypto right now is still in huge development now in terms of price action sandbox is currently trading at a price of four dollars flat with a total market.

Cap of 3.7 billion dollars and 24 hour volume of what 1.3 billion dollars so if you compare the market cap of sandbox compared to solana or ethereum the previous two picks this is comparatively going to be more volatile with lots of potential and if you look at the year chart for sandbox as you can see here we did peak at above eight dollars back in.

Late november last year so right now the price is about half full it's all-time highs i personally do hold a good bag in sandbox and i do believe that with all the metaverse hype innovation that's coming in 2022 we could see some massive growth in this project now coming forth on this list is chain link crypto ticker symbol for link for some of you og long.

Crypto investors you would know that chain link has been here for quite a while and it's a project i think has so much importance in the crypto blockchain ecosystem yet it's still severely underrated so for those of you who are new to this chain link is essentially a blockchain abstraction layer that enables universally connected smart.

Contracts in simple terms what this means is that chain link helps other cryptocurrencies and other blockchains to interact smoothly with each other how by giving access to reliable data feeds apis payments and other resources now recently we've heard some good news about google investing in chain link and celsius using the proof of stake system.

In chain link and personally i do think that this can serve as a great catalyst for people starting to realize the power of this oracle and one other element of training that i think is really great is the fact that they're getting lots of partnerships every single day so in terms of price channeling is currently sitting at a price of 17 with a total.

Market cap of 8 billion dollars and a 24 hour volume of 700 million dollars and looking at a more macro perspective in the 2021 bull cycle of may chain link actually surpassed 52 dollars which means that if we were to go back to those all-time highs again that could potentially mean a 300 x in profit so this is definitely a project to keep a.

Lookout for okay so lastly on this list we have polygon crypto ticker symbol for matic so what exactly is polygon polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting ethereum compatible blockchain networks and recently there's been a lot of great news around polygon starting from the eip 1559 upgrade which will make the.

System stronger to news about polygon reaching a new milestone of 7000 d applications which beats ethereum's daily transaction volume and in terms of user adoption polygon recorded a billion transactions last year with over 2.67 million monthly active users and keep in mind that that is a lot of transactions a lot of users especially for the speed.

At which polygon runs at and that's why it's so attractive for ethereum personally i'm very bullish for the sentiment of polygon in 2022 and i'm also bullish for the crypto space as a whole right now polygon sits at a price of 1.67 with a market cap of 12 billion dollars and a 24 hour volume of 800 million.

Dollars in terms of historical data polygon did peak twice in 2021 where we hit two dollars and 45 cents in may and almost three dollars back in december so right now with all the crypto markets pulling back a bit this could be a great time to accumulate some polygon but there you have it guys these are my top five crypto picks to buy now for 20 32.

I think each coin in this list has its unique elements that allow it to grow to make you some massive gains hope you guys got lots of value from this video if you did make sure to like this video and smash that subscribe button down below to be part of the search family as always let's make this money it's your rich and i'm out.


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