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Let me share with you some good news here are the top five free health insurance plans don't go anywhere welcome back folks to another edition of the awesome studio kiwi show how you doing today i hope you are doing.

Fantastic i'm doing marvelous if you already ask me if you are doing it as splendid as i am go grab a cup of coffee or tea or vodka let's roll today we're having a conversation about a very important topic what are the top five free health insurance plans.

Out there the thing here is that the high cost of health insurance is one of the most debated topics in in our country right i mean you've heard about high deductibles steep co-pays and expensive prescriptions leaving you to wonder if health insurance is really worth the cost.

On the other hand you can now be penalized by by not having health insurance now the excellent the excellent news is that if you are unemployed or do not make a high income you can actually get health insurance for free or at a discounted rate.

So is health insurance really free there are a few types of health insurance options available for you and your family if you are unemployed uninsured and pregnant if you make a low to moderate income or if you are disabled medicaid children's health insurance program and government subsidized.

Marketplace healthcare plans are all options to explore if you fit these categories and please please go ahead and do some research and apply for those if you fit in one of the categories i just mentioned very important now what is medicaid medicaid is the this health health insurance is a.

National government's provided health insurance program that helps low-income or disabled americans and their families better afford health care and medicaid is a national program but it is it is funded through each individual state and sometimes medicaid pays.

For your health and your health expenses directly but other forms by requiring you to choose a medicaid plan offered through private insurance companies and what is chip chip if you earn too much money to qualify for medicaid but cannot afford health insurance for.

Your family your children can qualify for chip and chip offers affordable insurance options for children under 19. so the the cool thing here is that even if you do qualify for medicaid your children might be placed on a chip insurance plan.

And chip great thing even better things here is that chip can also cover pregnant women and you also have the government subsidies for marketplace plan so the marketplace is where you can shop around for insurance coverage if you don't like your company plan.

To not receive insurance through your job or are unemployed although there are many low cost plans available on the marketplace you may be able to you may not be able to afford the co-pays or deductible on most major planes and there are other health insurance options for the.

Recently unemployed for example you have cobra and cobra is kind of cool also and and if you lost your job or no or no layoffs are on the horizon then make too much to qualify for medicaid or government subsidies the you can you can actually um opt for cobra and that's pretty cool and.

Um and cobra actually offers coverage to employees in the event that they lose their job or are no longer eligible for workplace health insurance so cobra allows you to extend your health insurance for a certain amount of time.

Typically 18 months so this gives you time to find a new job with health insurance or to find a different long-term health health care plan during your transition period so the amount you actually pay will vary based on your coverage terms and location.

So as we are having a conversation about free health insurance let me kind of quickly cover the um the the the factors that determine free or low cost health insurance so when determining your health care um premiums insurance providers typically look at five main factors only five i want you to take a piece of.

Paper right now and put it down or commit it to memory five factors you have age location tobacco use are you a smoker or not individual or family plan selection in category or level of service so those factors all help determine how much your health care.

Premium will be let me repeat it let me repeat it age let me repeat the main the five main factors age location tobacco use individual or family plan selection and category these factors are still relevant when determining whether.

You qualify for free or low income or low cost insurance however additional factors including your employment status pregnancy status or income level will also determine your eligibility the thing here is that to apply for free or discounted health insurance.

You if you think you qualify you might qualify you can easily fund your status for discounted health insurance for medicaid chip or a marketplace plan by completing a marketplace application all right by the way you you if you need to have.

Quite if you have questions about marketplace go to all right now health insurance is required the federal mandate that required health insurance has been lifted but some states have enacted state level mandates.

That require residents to have health insurance so even if or even were not required health insurance can protect your family against catastrophic health care costs and help make routine medical expenses more predictable and most health insurance plans provide the 10.

Essential health benefits that were part of of obamacare requirements so coverages include things like preventive and welding services prescription drug coverage emergency services ambulatory services lab services pediatric services and more and many plans cover a wide range of a.

Wider range of healthcare expenses but but maybe uh may cost more than basic plans or may have higher out-of-pocket costs for some services and to really save money on health insurance because that's the really that's the the idea of the today's show really.

Whether you get a free health insurance or a low cost you want to save money so for health care plans that comply with the affordable care act only a handful of rating factors affect your premium so this include agent location at least one one of which can be cannot be changed so smokers will.

Pay more in most cases and your choice of plan level can affect premiums as well so if you choose a high deductible health insurance plan you could reduce the cost of premium right so and because these plans can be combined with a health savings account.

An hsa to take advantage of tax-free savings for healthcare expenses before i get into the rankings please check out this short video that tells you about how we go we have a very strict methodology a rigorous approach when it comes to categorizing reviewing and evaluating all the insurance plans that we review.

In this show check this out right now all right number five we have molina healthcare molina healthcare is kind of cool for low cost and fees and what we see here.

Is that we've done extensive research about um molina and molina is uh a top provider for medicaid in the country hands down in the last few years they've done a lot of a lot of work in terms of in terms of outrageous to government entities across the united.

States not only at the state level but also at the city and municipal at county level and so molina works closely with state governments to ensure you are given the best coverage possible for the lowest price so if you're looking for is.

You know if you're looking for a low price and you want to go with molina and our score for molina is 9 over 10 great company great company to work for great company to actually interact with and they are kind of their customer service is really stellar and you can expect no co-pays and full.

Coverage for most medical services through this provider and low or no copays for prescription drugs are also the norm for molina medicaid you can receive medicaid through molina in california florida idaho illinois maine michigan mississippi new mexico.

New york ohio we have also puerto rico south carolina texas virginia utah washington and wisconsin the thing here is that molina has been very strategic in rolling out their its service to other other states in the union so as of now they only covered the states that i just mentioned.

One thing i want to mention one thing i want to also specify is that even if you don't have even if your state is not in the list that i just gave to you you can still apply for molina healthcare coverage medicaid coverage online and you can be you can very easily.

Be you can as easily qualify for the low cost or the zero dollar medic medical medical insurance coverage and fees so molina healthcare best for low cost and fees our score nine over ten number four united healthcare another great one we love united healthcare.

And healthcare is best for online convenience here is a company that does everything to make your life easy and uh and depending upon your situation you you can get free health insurance through united healthcare and united healthcare is our score.

Rather our score i forgot to get the score our score is 9 over 10. united healthcare is another top name in the healthcare industry and they offer medicaid services if you qualify again medicaid means that you are.

Getting free health insurance you're not paying anything because you've already checked the four categories i gave you either you make uh too too little money you know your income is insufficient you are in a protected category and so on and so forth so the.

United healthcare community plan will help you find a low income program that is best for you and your family so if you qualify you will gain access to united healthcare's um online platform which allows you to quickly schedule payments without disrupting your day and we've.

Actually tested that platform it's just marvelous folks it's marvelous they've done a lot of work the developers at united healthcare have come up with a great app so whether you access the plane on the internet or through your mobile you would see that the platform is easy.

To use the interface are is user friendly you have a lot of resources there to learn about your to learn about free health insurance to learn about medicaid to learn about how to increase to how to improve your own health and this is part of united healthcare.

Push to actually humanize if you will to put a human touch to the whole health insurance program at united healthcare so we want to give them a huge queue for a huge kudo for that another thing we have is that united healthcare's has stellar customer service they are very responsive.

24 7 available and you can even request the prescriptions online talk to a nurse or take part in one of one of united healthcare's online wellness program that's what i was i was just telling you earlier the the the online wellness program is is a fulcrum of united healthcare's.

Plan to actually improve policyholders um fitness fitness levels and they're doing a great job because they're trying to push people very gently and very positively to to um to get better to feel better to to have a positive mindset to have a healthier mindset.

So we love united healthcare for that and for that we have given them nine over ten and uh they are part of our top five free health insurance plans i'll be right back right after this welcome back folks to another edition of the awesome sweetie kiwi show i hope you're still with us today and.

We are talking now about uh number three kaiser permanente i never know how to pronounce this is it kaiser is it kaiser a friend of mine who was german told me it's kaiser but i'm not really sure i think it's kazer but all right so k0 permanente we love this company our score 9.5 over 10.

And this is uh this free health insurance plan provider is best for additional features in other words as you know a traditional healthcare plan has standard features right with cases are permanent you actually get additional extra features and they offer.

A range of affordable health insurance options including providing medicaid so if you qualify for medicaid through kaiser permanente you will also receive access to their mobile app wellness programs at discount rates education center and experienced staff kaiser permanente's um healthcare.

Healthcare imperatives is kind of analogous it's kind of similar to what i just said about united healthcare in other words caser the staff at casey permanente has done a fantastic drop they've done a fantastic job not only in terms of syncing the mobile the mobile processes to the desktop to the tablet.

In other words they're having a a what i call a mo a device free device free navigation so consumers don't really feel it whether they move from desktop to to tablets to mobile so they have a great app keyser permanente app is fantastic the.

Wellness programs that they they are selling actually because they're not free though those programs are not free you have to pay for them but they give you a discount if you're part of the system and they're those programs are well curated they're well.

Devised they're well designed and i'm not even talking about the education center it's fantastic the the staff is great the customer service staff is also great and in addition in during our research we found that kaiser offers a good selection of in-network physicians to choose from.

Low or no cost you can receive medicaid through kaiser permanente in california colorado washington dc georgia hawaii maryland oregon virginia and washington and washington state next we have a blue cross blue shield my mother is favorite in your health insurance.

I love you mom so basically this we are giving 9.5 over 10 this is our score for blue cross and this is the best for choice and care providers so if you're looking for if you qualify for free health care and you want to have access to a wider catalog.

Of care providers blue cross is kind of cool because the and this is an association actually blue cross is is an association of several states blue cross bull shield entities i think they are they have about 39 and uh the association makes sure you don't get left behind with with.

Because they have a large network of medicaid accepting providers the cool thing here is that with one of the largest network of physicians and care providers in the country blue cross blue shield is a convenient choice for many.

Medicaid applicants and the company has a hip basic plan that offers hospital stays doctors appointments and prescriptions at low cost while its hip plus offers zero dollar cost for hospital visits doctors appointments prescriptions dentist appointments.

Vision care or chiropractic services so what you have here is you have the the hip basic and the hip plus this is the kind of a plan you want to target if you qualify for medicaid uh medicaid insurance through a blue cross blue shield those are the two the the two pivotal planes you want to.

Target hip basic and hip plus and uh because of the variety of uh services as i said as i just said we're talking not just about hospital visits and doctor's appointment we are actually expanding the gamut to things like duct to things like prescription dentist.

Appointments patient care or chiropractic services another thing i want to say here is that when it comes to blue cross blue shield you have to really experience again they have a great database of educational content we love at swedikiwi we love insurance companies that.

Allow you to improve your situation for example if they're if they're offering life insurance they're giving you educational content so you can be healthy you can try to improve your your life expectancy same thing goes for health insurance if they are offering you a health health insurance.

They give you access to educational content that allows you to improve your wellness and fitness and blue cross blue shield fits that that criterion and we love that we love them for that i'm not even i'm not even mentioning the stellar the fantastic customer service that blue.

Cross blue shield has based on our own analysis based on professional reviews based on naic neic reviews based on reviews on triple b the better business bureau and the trust pilot this is a great company number one folks number one when it comes to uh.

Free health health insurance plan in the nation right now the best in our view is aetna medicaid our score 10 over 10 perfect score this is uh when it comes to ethno you know i think one might risk using too many hyperboles but they they really deserve it.

The company is best for customer satisfaction and they they have they have a leadership that's committed to actually pushing forward a plan for stellar customer service efficiency in their operation in the claims process and the overall betterment of their policyholders when.

It comes to their fitness level fitness levels and healthcare situation so we want to give them kudos for that aetna medical aetna medicaid best for customer service they this is a major name at nine kids you don't know them they are a major name in the health insurance industry.

But also they are a medicaid provider so aetna medicaid offers access to a larger network of care as well as wellness programs and it offers low-cost or free healthcare plans to qualified members with a high customer satisfaction satisfaction rating.

And it currently provides medicaid services in california florida illinois kansas kentucky louisiana maryland michigan new jersey new york ohio pennsylvania texas virginia and west virginia when we reach out to aetna medicaid's customer service they.

Assured us that they were constantly looking into expanding that list of states where they are present in terms of their medicaid insurance provision so we are pretty comfortable that in the in the next two to three years or five years.

The company will would be in a better position to offer their medicaid health care insurance at the national level because again they have the resources for it they have the leadership for it they have the management that wants it so uh it is gonna it is going to happen for sure.

All right folks this is it for today i really appreciate your attention i quickly want to recap i want to first say that i i'm very i'm very uh grateful for your your attention this has been a monologue as all our shows but i know we've got a lot of feedback we're getting a lot of feedback.

On social media about the uh the excellence of the content so we're very pleased with uh with the feedback and thank you so much and like this content subscribe and share and ask questions our team will always answer you what are the top five free health insurance plan providers.

Number one we have aetna medicaid 10 over 10 number two blue cross blue shield 9.5 over 10 number three kaiser permanente 9.5 will retain number four united healthcare 9 over 10 number 5 molina healthcare 9 over 10.

Thank you so much for your help i really appreciate it i'll see you next time but until then remember stay healthy you

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