Top 5 Metaverse Crypto Projects To Buy NOW (100X)

What is the Metaverse? I’ll talk about how to Invest EARLY into the Metaverse and list some potential crypto projects. In this video I’ll show you how you can invest in some of the best cyrpto projects positioned to do well in the metaverse 😱 Each one of these investment ideas have their own unique upsides and downsides. These cryptos the potential to make millionaires because not only can they go up in value with the metaverse hype, but you can also take advantage of their current business model right now with NFTs! And I’ll show why I like each of these cryptos. This is the future of business!

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👋 My name’s Logan, founder of Plai, marketing, NFTs, investing, crypto, blockchain, gaming, and the metaverse of some of my favorite topics! Snow Crash, Dune, and Ready Player One are some of my favorite books! I just went through Y Combinator and I’m here to keep you updated on the future of business.


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