Top 5 Mining Apps to EARN BITCOIN FOR FREE on Your Phone (2022)

When i click this button right here i start earning free bitcoin automatically as you can see here it's processing here and i'm now mining bitcoin using my smartphone in this video i will show you five apps to mine bitcoin on your phone so you can start earning money on your phone worldwide in africa asia united states america europe everywhere in the.

World but before i saw you click by click here in the application how i'm earning this free bitcoin on my phone i want to explain what does this mean when you earn money mining on your phone it's so called cloud mining so when you click here for example crypto miner it says mine free bitcoin you can see it's.

Mining right here it means that it's not mining inside your phone it's cloud mining so somebody else have those mining equipment and then you earn the money for that so it doesn't drain your battery life or anything like that you simply click a button and you start earning a little bit of bitcoin automatically and somebody else will.

Have the mining equipment they will pay you the rewards for that that's something you need to know because some people think that their phone is doing the mining no this will not be done on your phone you simply click the button and then you earn the money when somebody else so this is called cloud mining because mining on your phone it's.

Not practical for two reasons first of all it would drain the battery on your phone so that's not nice second you wouldn't earn much bitcoin with that because you your phone probably doesn't have much computing power and third of all apple for example doesn't allow it on their app store so there are three reasons why you don't want to use like a.

Real miner on your phone you'll rather want to use this cloud miners that might automatically when you click a button the first app is called storm gainer i have actually created for you this tutorial where i explain you more about this application and you will also get that three dollar bonus when you sign up through mylink and i just calculated.

That if you take my three dollar bonus you also get in the first 100 hours if you click that button once in four hours you get in addition you get a 50 cent bonus you get also one dollar bonus 1.5 dollar and two dollar bonus so in total that will be eight dollars and if you do this for example for eight days you earn extra two dollars for clicking the.

Button on average so in eight days you will be able to cast out the ten dollars into your storm gain account and then you will see here in the wallets in the usdt theater section and as you can see i have here around 17 at the moment i'm actually trading it against bitcoin so i'm doing a trade with that money and once i do that i.

Cast out some bit because i have around seven dollars worth of bitcoin here and at some point i will withdraw the money from here and i will put it on my account where i currently have around twenty five thousand six hundred dollars and it's earning me free bitcoin automatically but this one is not the mining app this is just a big.

Money app where i earn interest on my bitcoin but that is this topic for another video i explained here on my tutorials today we are going to talk about other applications so i will have a detailed click buckley tutorial also coming up about stormgame where i will show you how to withdraw money how to trade how do we draw money.

From this app for free but for now go to watch my storm game review and then you can learn to start earning money with the miner and then you can withdraw once my video comes out where i saw you click by click how to do it second app where you can earn money on your phone is called buying us and you are probably already earning money on binance if you.

Have watched my playlist earn money on binance you have seen here 37 videos where i show you click by click how you can start making money on bonus for example this one binance mining tutorial earn money while you are sleeping people absolutely love these videos and perhaps you are already making money on this app but i want to mention something.

Important so if you want to make money mining on binance you come here to more and then you choose here the pool section and now as i explained to you earlier you cannot behind using your phone for two reasons it will drain your battery it's not smart and second it's not even effective and many apps don't allow it so you need to have that.

Separate mining equipment as i explained to you in this binance mining tutorial but then you can manage your binance mining here on the app so that's how you will be able to enable this make money on your phone function you can see here for example you can mine bitcoin bitcoin cash i don't recommend that one but bitcoin yes and then also ethereum still.

At the moment and then you will be able to see your pool savings so you can earn let me actually show you that quickly you can earn up to six percent annualized earnings with this pool savings and then there are also other benefits so you can manage your binance mining account right here on this app and of course if you want to earn money.

Using other medals you simply come here to finance earn and here you can start earning guaranteed money worldwide you will learn more on my earn money on binance playlist there i will walk you through click by click how to do this on your laptop and also how to do this on your binance app so using your phone i will show you three more apps in a.

Moment but before that if you are enjoying so far remember to smash up the like and share this video with your friends who want to earn money using their phone so they can also benefit and they can start making money worldwide and by the way here i saw for example binance app trading tutorial so if you want to learn how to trade bitcoin i.

Also show it here and as you can see people are absolutely loving it 98 likes so people love these videos third application is called crypto tab and i also created this crypto tab money making tutorials where i show you how to make money with this and all this kind of stuff you can see 267 dollars cast out and here how you can access it you.

Simply come here you click crypto tab here and then it takes you here earn coins while browsing the web so again this is cloud mining so you click a button there every now and then and then it will start making you some free bitcoin automatically you can again use it on your smartphone you can see here google play store and also apple phones.

And then you can do the surfing and earn money while using their browser and if you want to learn more about that go to what's my crypto tab money making tutorials you can see people are also loving them a lot then the fourth one which is not actually a mining application but it cost a little bit similar category because you will make.

Money by clicking buttons so watching videos for example here three dollars and three dollars and four dollars and three dollars and ten dollars and nine dollars and so on and so forth this is a coin base earned and this doesn't yet work in all 200 countries but it works in more than 100 countries and you know the thousands of my youtube subscribers.

Have earned money with this and i've shown this so many times to you that i don't want to bore you with all the details you simply come here to my channel and you come here make money watching videos online i've shown you many click by click tutorial as you can see here here here here also so i have so so many times how to make money with.

This so i don't want to bore you but in a nutshell you simply click these ones here let me actually show you in a moment so this is very simple i've already taken the money here so i cannot earn no more at the moment again in the future as you learned in my previous videos so i click next lesson they usually give a question when you earn.

The money if you do this for the first time then you go to the next one and you earn the money so i don't hear actually hundreds of dollars in total you'll learn learned more details in my previous videos i don't want to explain the same details over and over again and you also get a 10 bonus which is 10 usd is around 8.6 euros when you use my link.

And you buy or sell around 100 dollars worth of crypto so simply use my link in the description and follow the instructions on the screen and that's how it works and then there is actually one and two more applications because i want to show you a bonus so i will show you two applications now and then i will show you the bonus app so there is this.

App called coin and many people say this is nice and there's also time stop so let me actually show you this one has four point five stars out of five based on more than forty two thousand reviews and this one time stop has a four point three stars out of five based on of more than forty sixty 000 reviews so you know the people are absolutely loving this up.

Personally i have not used this because i think these are not as effective as the other ones for example finance is much effective and coinbase is much more effective and storm game i have been using i have been clicking the button there to earn money daily but these ones i tried coin a little bit but it was a little bit complicated i didn't yet go.

Into full detail if you have better experience about it tell me in the comments below time stop it didn't seem worth my while so i didn't start using but if you want to start making money with mining probably going to pay for some pocket money you can try these apps as well and tell me in the comments how did they work and then a bonus.

Application where you can make money on your smartphone earn free bitcoin automatically is this app and you can see here around 24 000 and today in the last 24 hours it has gone up around 500 dollars but i don't want to bore you by explaining you the same thing so that's why i have created this app tutorial where i saw you.

For example four ways to make money on this application you also get a 25 dollar bonus if you follow the link in my video or you use my bonus code which is honest and i will see you in this playlist right now if you want to start making money on app and i will also leave you all the resources below this video where you get for.

Example 50 bonus to celsius 10 dollar bonus to coinbase and also bonus to buy-ins and other bonuses so see you immediately in the next video a wonderful day my friend

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