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I have a topic that will make you smile properly i want to talk to you about the top seven dental insurance companies for braces don't go anywhere welcome back folks to another edition of the awesome sweetie kiwi show how are you today i hope you are doing fantastic.

I'm doing marvelous if you are to ask me if you are doing as great as i am go grab a cup of coffee or tea or vodka let's roll in today's conversation i want to talk about dental insurance specifically for braces according to the american association of orthodontist.

Nearly four million children undergo autonomic treatment in the united states each year and the thing is it's not just kids really one-third of all orthodontic patients are adults and braces can cost about six thousand dollars or even more for complex needs and uh dental.

Insurance specifically orthodontics coverage can offset the high cost of orthodontic treatment for families or individuals so we actually reviewed some of the top orthodontic insurance providers to come up with this list of the best dental insurance for braces.

Based on things like coverage limits waiting periods cost and more what is it really when we talk about dental insurance for braces what is it it is also called orthodontic insurance and this is a type of insurance specific to orthodontic treatment and that includes braces.

Retainers and other procedures designed to fix the alignment of your teeth and jaw and uh orthodontic insurance is not usually a standalone product instead of dialings may be included in dental insurance or covered by a dental discount plan and many dental insurance policies do.

Not include any coverage of orthodontics so you may need an additional policy discount plan or a writer to get help paying for orthodontic treatment and uh so basically the the dental insurance for braces typically includes discounts and some level of coverage for.

Treatment including exams imaging braces retainers etc so just because you have orthodontic insurance however doesn't mean your braces will be free and there are things that are excluded from this type of insurance so when orthodontics is included in data planes straight limits typically apply and.

Orthodontic insurance generally has a lifetime limits that fall far short of the total cost of coverage so even with a quality dental policy in place that includes coverage for orthodontics you may still have to pay thousands of dollars.

Out of pocket for braces and similar treatments and so the is paying for dental insurance for braces worth it you bet it is worth it because according to oral b for example the cost the cost of braces can vary based on the type of treatment and.

Length of treatment required so you have metal braces that range from 3000 to 7000 ceramic prices four thousand to eight thousand lingual prices eight thousand to ten thousand and invisalign four thousand to seventy four hundred.

So let me first talk to you now about the rankings number seven we have here usa dental insurance our score 8.5 over 10. usaa insurance is a dental insurance is great for military families and obviously usd uswa has a strong reputation for customer service when it comes to.

Dental insurance for military families and actually boasts a 2 000 lifetime maximum limit for orthodontic treatment what are the pros and cons here the pros the strong reputation for customer service for the military they have quality dental insurance policies issued in partnership with.

Cigna and up to 2000 lifetime maximum for orthodontics the cons you have the policy not issued or administrated directly by uswa you have a 200 deductible for orthodontic treatment and it's not available to families without families without military status.

The the thing i want to say here is that overall if you are in the military usa is a top-ranked top-rated bank and insurance company whether you are active duty military you are a veteran or you have a relative in the military so like many other insurance products.

Offered by us double a it scores top marks for customer service with its dental plans and usa uh issues dental insurance in partnership as i said earlier with cigna and the signal security 1500 plane is very similar to the signal dandel 1500 plane.

You can buy directly from cigna with some key differences with uh the uswa plan the orthodontic deductible is a one 150 dollars higher at 200 but you get double the coverage with the 2000 limit in terms of lifetime limits all right so this is something you have to.

Really think about and uh while usia dental insurance requires working with a third-party insurance provider the policies are great coverage for orthodontics from a reputable and trusted partner and the cool thing here is that you can actually uh benefit from other discounts.

On other products offered by uswa if you're able to uh to lump all your insurance products with them so this is something you have to think about number six we have a humana and our score 8.5 over 10. this is best for no waiting period for.

Orthodontic discounts so if you are not in the mood for weighting and you want to get the treatment right now humana is great discounts for orthodontics are available with most dental planes and coverage starts immediately there are no waiting periods what are the pros and cons here the pros.

You have multiple planes with various price points with orthodontic discounts included you have extensive coverage available for most traditional dental treatments and the cons not all plans include orthodontic discounts and no direct insurance coverage for.

Orthodontics and some plans have waiting periods for dental services one thing you have to know in general is that humana is a top player in the dental insurance space they are an insurer based in louisville kentucky and they have earned an a minus financial strength.

Rating from a m best and dental insurance plans from humana do not generally cover the orthodontic treatment but they do come with discounts for orthodontics so this is something you have that's the slight distinction here and in the planes we actually reviewed which included the dental preventive.

Plus ppo the dano loyalty plus ppo and the complete dental ppo orthodontic coverage was limited to a discount plan so this is something that you need to know and payments for orthodontic coverage are specifically excluded this means that.

You will not receive insurance payments towards braces or similar treatment no matter your deductible or annual maximum and all coverage is in the form of a discount so when you think about humana think in terms of discounts all right and we actually we had a sample quote for a family of.

Four there were four possible dental plans available three of which included orthodontics discounts so ppo plans that included orthodontic discounts were available for 69 141 or 150 per month and this actually depends on the level of coverage that you choose and because.

Orthodontics coverage under these planes comes at a discount not a covered service like nanowork deductibles and limits therefore don't apply for orthodontic treatment okay and orthodontic discounts are available right away this is something you have to be aware of and all plans have a 35.

Enrollment fee number five folks we have aflac our score 9 over 10 and aflac is pretty cool for adults best for adults and what are the pros and cons here the pros dental insurance dental insurance supplemental coverage can keep costs low.

Compared to traditional dental insurance and an optional orthodontic insurance rider gives you important orthodontic car insurance coverage if you need it and different orthodontic rider coverage levels can help you actually find the best balance between cost and coverage something you need to uh you need to.

Maintain at a personal level and in terms of disadvantage there is no online insurance quotes or public pricing so you gotta contact the company dental insurance supplements may not include orthodontic treatments without an additional rider and you have a 24 month waiting period for orthodontic treatment coverage.

So this is kind of this is a little bit uh a little bit sort of long in our view so but one thing you you want to understand here is that with aflac you have quality you have a national player you have a quality you have lower cost for adult orthodontics coverage in exchange for a longer.

Waiting period and dental coverage is a health insurance supplement and orthodontics is covered by a rider which can keep costs low compared to a traditional data insurance policy and and an individual orthodontics cost writer was 325 per year in a plane that we reviewed.

One thing i want to say in general here is that aflac aka american family life assurance company of columbus offers dental insurance supplements with an optional rider for orthodontics supplemental coverage really means that it is designed to work alongside another insurance policy.

In this case health insurance and aflac and its affiliates all hold an a plus rating from nm best and aflac is actually accredited with the better business bureau with an a plus rating so they have excellent customer service excellent interface.

Excellent user friendliness of their interfaces excellent um excellent um reimburse policy reimbursement so that's pretty cool and uh because affleck offers dental insurance as a supplement in orthodontic coverage as a writer you can actually build a somewhat a la.

Carte insurance policy to meet your specific autonomic needs and like with other insurers monthly cost and coverage may vary by the level of coverage you choose and also where you'll live i'll be right back right after this welcome back folks to another section of the awesome sweetie kiwi show we are.

Still reviewing here the the top seven dental insurance companies and we have number four signup our score nine over ten and this is best for a low deductible if you're looking for a low deductible in terms of uh insurance companies for braces.

This is pretty cool the 50 deductible for orthodontics coverage after a 12 month waiting period is among the lowest reviewed and the high level dental insurance plan includes a 50 discount on negotiate negotiated treatment cost what are the pros and cons here so the.

Pros we have uh orthodontics coverage begins after a fifty dollar lifetime deductible no ref no referral needed big discounts on uh in-network orthodontists and the disadvantages here you have a low-cost policy so lower-cost policies do not include orthodontics coverage maximum one.

Thousand dollars lifetime coverage for orthodontics and the only plan with orthodontics coverage has a higher monthly cost so you gotta really sort of know that and uh cigna i've spoken a little earlier about cigna when i was referring to us double a dental insurance cigna is really a major.

Health and dental insurer that operates in most states and they hold an a rating from a m best and its head plans earn an average rating for customers satisfaction from jd power and they actually have three different planes you have.

The highest level plan signal dental 1500 includes orthodontics coverage the premium for a family of four for example came out came out to about 150 per month and the other two plans do not include orthodontic treatment coverage so it's something you need to know.

And one thing that i also want to say here is that a orthodontic treatment has a 50 laptop deductible with a signal i've already said that but they also have a 1 000 lifetime maximum benefits for both in and out of network providers and the coverage this coverage has a 12 month.

Waiting period so in network you pay 50 of the contracted fee so even after using up the maximum lifetime benefit you'll still save a lot of money thanks to the lower price of contracted fees compared to a treatment's less price something to.

Keep in mind number three folks we have our score 9.5 over 10 and this is the best place to shop for planes so low-cost dental discount plans can lower the cost of orthodontic treatment by 20 to 25 and sometimes even 30 and multiple options are offered for.

Comprehensive dental plans with actually the ability to shop around for multiple discount plans and dental insurance policies with one easy form so this is actually a platform where you're actually able to to have a lot of info from multiple insurance providers.

What are the pros and cons here the pros you have multiple providers quotes with one easy form you get access to dental discount plans that cost less than 200 per year for families and you can compare and contrast planes without leaving the sites what about the cons not all planes.

Listed include orthodontics coverage each plane has its own participating providers which may limit your dentist and orthodontist choices and the phone customer support has limited hours particularly on weekends and one thing that's one thing you have to choose to keep in mind is that is a.

Marketplace okay and shopping around if you really think about it is one way uh is one of the best ways to save money on insurance and dedup is a marketplace where you can actually compare and contrast multiple insurance and discount plan providers in one place.

And they feature savings plans from top insurers and companies including etna humana and delta dental because it's not really an insurance company in its own right does not have they don't have financial strength ratings all right and uh one thing we found is that um.

You using a platform such as dental plans and then going to the direct provider of the insurance policy can actually save you anywhere from fifteen to twenty percent okay and uh according to many planes offer autonomic savings ranging from twenty to thirty percent of.

The treatment cost and coverage can begin in as little as uh 72 hours with no lifetime cap on coverage something you need to remember number two folks we have aetna our score 9.5 over 10 this is actually the best.

Price when it comes to uh insurance company for orthodontics and they offer deep discounts for orthodontics for less than 10 bucks per month fantastic while not all dental plans include orthodontics coverage aetna offers several plans that include.

Orthodontics treatment coverage or discounts such as the dmo program what are the pros and cons here folks the pros traditional dental insurance plans may include coverage for orthodontic treatment dental discount plans are available for less than 10 dollars per month.

And you have a wide availability nationwide and affiliated with a major pharmacy chain cvs for that matter and what are the cons here so um below average ratings for customer satisfaction in health insurance division and you have some direct purchase deal plans to not include orthodontics.

And you have the fact that multiple plan types can cause confusion in choosing coverage for orthodontics which is why you want to contact the customer service before making a decision in aetna we all know aetna is a major health and dental insurance company that was acquired by cvs in november.

2018 and cvs is a nationwide drug store chain and they maintain aetna under their cvs health subsidiary and the company holds an a rating from nm best signifying a strong financial footing and the ability to pay for customer claims.

And what we love here is that uh with it now you have diversity you have choices and uh there are plans there are dental plans sometimes include autonomous coverage so whether you get a plan from work or on your own it's important to review your specific.

Orthodontic treatment coverage in addition to regular dental coverage and current customers can also call the number on their id card or to find out they can find out about what orthodontic needs are covered by their plans it's always good to call the customer service all right and.

Through aetna individuals can buy dental insurance plans or a dental discount card number one folks when it comes to the best dental insurance for for braces we have delta dental our score 10 over 10 in our view this is the best overall.

Insurance company for braces and delta dental has a wide range of planned choices with varying levels of orthodontic coverage at different price points to meet varying needs and budgets and there are options for basic autonomic coverage at a low cost.

To extremely comprehensive coverage at a higher cost and it is actually the largest dental coverage provider in the country and what about the pros and cons you can choose between a discount plans and traditional dental insurance there is no referral required for.

Orthodontic coverage some plans offer coverage with no waiting period and you have a wide range of planned cost to fit varying budgets what about the disadvantages here not all plans include orthodontic coverage the best pricing is limited to in-network dentist and orthodontist and.

Each state and region state or region operates somewhat independently so coverage and service may vary by location and uh but this is still a great proposition when it comes to dental insurance for braces because.

Delta dental is one of the largest and most recognized names in dental coverage and according to a business for example that delta dental is more than twice the size of the next largest insurer think about that so with delta dental insurance you can choose between.

The death of care usa savings plan or the delta dental ppo and depending on your location you may be able to sign up for delta dental on your state's health insurance exchange or and whichever plan you sign up for will have at least a portion of your orthodontic.

Treatment covered that's fantastic and coverage varies based on your specific plan but most delta carry usa planes include pre-orthodontic treatment planning x-rays orthodontic treatment and retainers in either case though you can work with your orthodontist to.

Get an estimate of the total treatment cost before getting started including all discounts and coverage from delta dental this is a great option because the last thing you want is to actually be uh be surprised by the cost all right so always call the company and.

Inquire before you actually go ahead with the the treatment all right folks this was it for today's conversation it was a quick convo about the the best dental insurance companies for braces and so here is a recap number one we.

Have delta dental 10 over 10 number two we have aetna 9.5 over 10 number three we have a 9.5 over 10 number four we have cigna nine over ten number five we have aflac nine over ten number six we have humana eight point five over ten number seven we have.

Us double a daniel insurance 8.5 over 10. thank you so much for your attention i really appreciate it i will speak to you another time but until then remember stay marvelous you

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