Top 7 Simulator Games So Far for Android &/ or iOS #4 (October 2021 – December 2021)

In this video, we take a look at the Top 7 Simulator Games So Far Part 4.

Download Game Links:

Police Sim 2022:

Nextgen Truck Simulator:
•iOS: Coming Later

Off Road:
•iOS: App Store Version/Full Version likely in a few months time

Truckers of Europe 3:
•Android (Only Test Version Available. Full Version Comes In A Few Months Time):
Apple doesn’t accept Beta Games, only Full Versions Unfortunately. It will come for iOS in the Full Version.

Rotas do Brasil Online:
•iOS: Not Available

Project Trek:
•iOS: Not Available

Tank Physics Mobile:

***Reasons for list:

7th Position)
It has nice graphics and good shaders but limited in gameplay. The vehicle handling is a little delayed and slippery. are a bit features and depth of gameplay is limited. This has potential to be a great game.

6th Position)
Good game with all basics done well. The graphics are good and it is under 100MB in storage size. The game is a little limited and doesn’t have that much in depth content.

5) Excellent physics and details. This is a good simulator overall. Graphics are decent overall. The game doesn’t have that much content so stays in 5th place.

4) Very good range of vehicles to choose from. Good graphics and has pedestrians
The vehicle inferiors are not as good as some of the other games. Also, this is more of an arcade than a simulator.

3) Very good gameplay and details such as pedestrian physics. Impressive night time rain effects and decent daytime graphics. There are many different police jobs available. Excellent range of vehicles to choose from. The game is a little large in storage and could be a bit better optimized.

2) The graphics and details are very good. Vehicle physics are quite realistic and you can see the mud effects over time. The customization is good and the game is well optimized. The game doesn’t have that many vehicles to choose from though.

1) Arguably the best truck simulator that has come to mobile devices along with Universal Truck Simulator. This is not even a full game, but just an Alpha/ Test Version. The physics are realistic, the sounds are unique and the models are detailed. The graphics and weather effects are outstanding for a mobile game. Textures and vegetations look good. Most of the trucking and vehicle details have been though about. The mud and washing effects have been nailed. As mentioned, this game is only a test version, so there is no A.I vehicles, only one truck and no big map There are a few bugs like truck not getting dirty unless you turn the rain on.

Essaouira – Anime Maxwell
Retro – jiglr
Tule – Lost
Stay with me – Onycs
Jnathyn – Rise
Jnathyn – Dioma
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Top 7 Simulator Games So Far for Android &/ or iOS #4 (October 2021 – December 2021)

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