Top Crypto Gaming & Metaverse Value Buys & Low Cap Gems During the BTC Dip | SOUL, Ultra, GGG & More

Hustlepedia is back today with another crypto gaming video and as always we are taking a look at the overall crypto gaming market, as a lot of projects are down this week due to Bitcoins drop to $59K as of recording. A ton of projects have now entered value buy territory in crypto gaming, and I go over 10+ projects in this video that are undervalued today and have great entry levels as Bitcoin is dipping. Some higher market cap gaming projects like Ultra, SuperFarm, Phantasma and more, as well as some small cap gems in Good Games Guild, NFT Champions, Metalands and more. I cover it from top to bottom in this video and lay out all the best value entries I see across crypto gaming today, and 2 new projects I have not discusses before in Citizen Finance and HodlGod.

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0:00 Intro
1:22 Ultra – Steam of Crypto Gaming
3:16 SuperFarm
4:23 Netvrk – Top Metaverse Project
5:25 Phantasma Chain – Smart NFTs For Gaming
6:25 Efinity Token – Built by Enjin, Built on Polkadot
6:55 Altura
7:48 DeRace
8:46 Thetan Arena -Future Top P2E Mobile Game?
12:05 Polkacity
13:26 Cryowar – LoL Style Brawler on Solana
14:43 Good Games Guild – TOP LOW CAP GEM
15:49 GameSwap
16:22 NFT Champions – Low Cap Pokemon of the Blockchain
17:08 IOI Token – TRM2 GTA & Midnight Club Style Metaverse
18:05 HodlGod ($VOID) – Battle Royale Potential Gem on WAX Blockchain
21:16 Citizen Finance – Metalands FPS Alpha Coming Soon
23:33 Final Thoughts


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