TOP Crypto & NFT Projects: Metaverse, RR Black Badge, McLaren + Tezos, Shaq NFT & more!

Do you want to know the latest NFTs? The Machine and Apple Suen talk about the new NFT releases and the latest NFT news; from Macallan’s to McLaren’s NFT and more, in this latest episode of The Human & Machine.


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About the Co-Hosts

Apple Suen, an NFT Artist
Apple Suen has been into creative arts since she was 2 years old. Her love for arts led her into oil painting when she was 15. In college, after completing a Fine Arts program, she decided to major in Fashion Design as well. She then went onto doing design in the fashion field for most of her career.

Apple loves traditional arts as well as visual arts, photography, videography and animation. Having left her own art for a considerably long time due to her focus on fashion to make a living, Apple is considering bringing back that 15 year old art child in her. It’s been her long time dream to get back to her art again and that time is now or never.

Tlahui Calva, aka The Human
Tlahui is a man in love with words and blockchain. His storytelling and passion to communicate led him to co-host The Human & Machine, a podcast and YouTube channel. Where he rightfully plays the role of an average minded Human trying to understand and explain in layman terms, the lingo and complexities thrown at him by The Machine, his heartless, yet brilliant co-host.

Hikaru Kasai, aka The Machine
Hikaru is a blockchain lover with a weakness for cooking. His outstanding understanding and experience in blockchain technologies, plus his unhuman work ethic have earned him the nickname of The Machine. In the show he plays the role of a hybrid, all-knowing-robot that goes out of his way to explain blockchain concepts to The Human while trying not to lose faith in humanity.


Check out the Timestamps below:

00:00 [Introduction]
01:16 [Macallan 1991 Cask NFT]
03:19 [McLaren NFTs]
05:29 [Rolls-Royce’s Black Badge]
07:33 [NFT Wedding Proposal???]
09:22 [Facebook Name Change]
11:31 [Supermodels’ NFTs]
12:56 [Shaq to Release NFT Collection]



This content is for entertainment purposes only. Any content or information published by The Human & Machine should NOT be considered financial advice nor a solicitation or encouragement to purchase or invest in any project. The message contained in the content shall not be considered a validation or due diligence result of the project. Do your own research.


About The Human & Machine Podcast

Looking for different ways to make complex knowledge available to the average person, Hikaru AKA The Very Boring Machine and Tlahui AKA The Very Average Human have joined forces to develop a podcast that simplifies various new DeFi Projects. Hikaru and Tlahui take advantage of their massively different personalities to try injecting a human touch and sense of humor to what is otherwise technical and challenging to understand. Through this podcast, they interview leaders of DeFi projects and try to get simplistic answers. So simple that even Tlahui understands—sometimes 😛

Multilingual? We have Thai and Chinese subtitles available on our videos.


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