Top Cryptos To Invest In RIGHT Now 2022

Ladies and gents my future millionaires now although these days have been dark with diets consisting strictly of ramen noodles and job applications forwarded to mcdonald's daily things may not be gloom forever the crypto markets work in cycles and this is the time when enormous opportunities are created in this video we'll be going over the best.

Strategy in investing into the crypto markets right now and by the end of this video you'll have a clear idea on how you can make money effectively through some of my top crypto picks for this year now before we get started with today's video if at any point you find value or you're just vibing with the jung dynasty do me a favor drop a like.

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Supply of vitamin d3k2 and five travel packs for free with your first purchase now that being said thank you to athletic greens for sponsoring today's video and now back to the content what are gonna be the top kryptos what are the plays this year brian and how are you navigating the fields so before we get into those crypto picks let me share.

With you my strategy on what i am doing right now so while the crypto markets seem to be extra sensitive towards what the stock market's doing central bank policies and what the fed intends to do uh now that we have a more precise date coming in the end of march for interest rates to start going up i do want to play the markets a bit more.

Conservatively back when we're in that euphoric bull market my strategy was definitely different than compared to what it is now because i wanted to roll into those 10 to 100 x's and to go for those high risk high reward plays just because i had an entire portfolio that was still very green when things drop significantly you want to reduce that.

Risk and i think it's better to have a cushion or a foundation in case we do see the market turning for the worst now in order to do that the first category of cryptos that i'm gonna be deciding to invest more positions into is gonna start with metaverse the reason for this is just because we're getting more and more news from a lot of established.

Companies about their plans in investing more money into the metaverse just like what we heard from tim cook pointing at apple's metaverse plants just seven hours ago today tim cook got a question that says how are you thinking about the metaverse opportunity and apple's role in the market and he explained it very well right here he states well that's a.

Big question but we're a company in the business of innovation so we're always exploring new and emerging technologies and i you've spoken at length about how this area is very interesting to us right now we have over 14 000 ar kit apps in the app store which provide incredible ar experiences for millions of people today and so we see a lot of.

Potential in this space and are investing accordingly literally before filming this video today you guys may have also noticed within my last few videos at the bottom right of the screen i'm a little logo set up and i've been trying to get a sticker for it like some car stickers give them out to close family and friends just keep it super.

Exclusive and i didn't know the dimensions of it so i pulled out my apple iphone and i forgot that there are tools like the ar ruler where i can literally see what is going on through the camera and make precise measurements now although i had a physical measuring ruler using the camera using this type of technology really showed me two.

Things one it is amazing the amount of innovation that we're planning to see and the integrations that we're gonna have is so bullish to me in every way in addition to that we're seeing the technology going from even small things like a smartphone translating into much bigger opportunities and i think that is going to happen directly into the.

Metaverse on top of that let's not forget facebook who renamed themself meta and then the oculus which is one of the other companies that they own recently renamed themselves from oculus to meta quest so a user had asked on twitter why why did you switch your name out from oculus which seems to have been better and they stated we moved away.

From the oculus name and towards metaquest to better reflect who we are and our goal to help build the metaverse we know our community will miss the oculus name but we are excited for the future and limitless vr possibilities now i think it's safe to say that facebook and apple two of the largest tech giants within our space have been.

Known to make some pretty good decisions and when they're this confident in rebranding themselves and investing more money into a certain market i think as investors us following the whales is not going to be a bad decision at all taking a look at google trends which started when facebook did make the announcement to turn themself into meta you'll notice.

That enormous pump we experienced before the start of the year and right now it looks like although the trend seems to be falling back a bit i do expect metaverse to have another astronomical pump at some point this year now between all these cryptos decentraland is definitely gonna be your safest bet i've still preferred to invest into sandbox.

And when we did see them slide down below three dollars i think that was a strong buying opportunity there if we have the charts load up and we pull it back to the one year you'll notice the big mega pump that we had literally the same time when we experienced the google trend of metaverse going up in price as well and sandbox actually hit an.

All-time high of eight dollars and forty cents right now about a third of where we were from the previous all-time high but it looks like we are experiencing just a little bit of that bounce coming down from 2.68 cents all the way to where it's at right now at 3.44 today it is very easy to invest into the higher caps bitcoin and ethereum and i think.

There's nothing wrong in doing that especially when the market sentiment is much lower where all coin floors can continue to drop but i do believe having some type of diversity or a position of your portfolio it could be 10 15 25 of it into metaverse this will still pan out because i think there is still endless possibility and i know facebook.

And apple two of the large companies would agree with us there between all those cryptos sandbox would be my pick for this year to continue doubling down on but if i were to look at any other kryptos we did mention alluvium it is tough if i don't see actual gameplay if i'm not getting real feedback and then i don't have clear road maps from a lot of.

These other gaming projects related to the metaverse it is still higher risk to me at this point and knowing that a lot of these aaa games are going to try to migrate into the metaverse as well i think it's going to get competitive fast and i think the easiest way to have risk adversity is going to be looking at the more established tokens decentraland.

Sandbox even though the upside might not be a hundred or a thousand x in the next few years you're still going to be able to find yourself making money in this market and i think that's just what a lot people care about right now all right so for the next category of cryptocurrencies that i plan on investing into now are going to be the.

Exchange and platform related cryptos like binance and even ftx alright so the reason why i picked those three cryptocurrencies within the category of different exchanges is because if we do plan on expecting the worst if we do plan on seeing a recession or an economic period of downturn i do believe the exchanges are.

Going to be holding strong and there's almost little to zero chance that they would ever go completely under and if we are in a prolonged period of a another crypto winter or a little bit of frostiness just in the worst case scenario i do know because of how much real estate because of how much they've expanded in the physical world so to.

Give you some better examples of some of those physical real estate properties that a lot of these crypto exchanges have even built alongside all the partnerships that they have with huge celebrities check out ftx look so they have a nikki jam concert coming up they have a tyler the creator concert they have established themselves as a full.

Arena and they are also home to the nba miami heat as well miami heat right miami yeah yeah i don't watch basketball all that much i'll be honest another example of this is going to be the arena if you guys have been following along you guys have definitely heard of this arena and just what they've been planning to do you'll.

Notice that they even have things like the super bowl music fest going on and just getting the licensing to that name is a huge deal because because now you're associating them with real life partners you're associating them with teams games and different huge entities that have established themselves in the space so.

Binance is currently sitting at 386 dollars today coming from an all-time high of almost 700 before so that's about a 50 a discount you're getting from the previous all-time high which we experienced last year now another crypto on this list is going to be this is coming from the stadium news this is coming from their main launch.

And just a lot of the hype that we experienced earlier last year before it could start to come down in price uh right now what you guys are seeing with is actually a little bit more green today in the market coming down from 38 cents all the way up to 41 cents where it's currently at right now and this is actually because of.

Another partnership and this is with the king james foundation otherwise with our boy lebron james and they stated together we're increasing educational workforce development while delivering the tools in access that will empower the next generation to build a better and more inclusive future whenever we get news like this obviously it does.

Help the price of these cryptocurrencies because we're getting more awareness but most importantly if you look at the tokenomics and how actually functions uh as a project as a company as an exchange you'll notice that they do have a lot of unique features so back in the old days uh before they had their cro token you still have to natively.

Stake your crypto in order to get their benefits in order to get access to things like their metal visa card uh doing this you have a staking period which allows people to continue putting money into these apps while still getting additional benefits using some of their products another example of one of these exchange.

Cryptocurrencies which i mentioned in yesterday's video is ftx which also raised a new round of money getting about 400 million dollars in external funding which puts them at a valuation of eight billion dollars now i do understand that the company valuation and the token evaluation may not always be one to one ftx market cap right now.

Is actually at 5.3 billion dollars and even based on articles like this where you see arbitrage and you know that hey they're still going to be around they're still doing amazing things and they're still expanding their ecosystem just quick right here why ftx is uniquely good and hard to replicate they have a live product they have liquidity they.

Have domain expertise they have pioneering new products they have a strong reputation they have fast development circles and much more fdx currently at the time of filming this video did have a huge peak leading up to a rally of over 76 dollars uh back during the fourth quarter of this year and now currently sitting at 38.94 at.

The time of filming this video uh they're still in the red in the last seven days i think this still plays into the fact that we are not seeing the effects of decoupling in the market meaning all coins are not separating from the price action of bitcoin which is still related to other speculative markets other stocks uh and the s p 500.

So with all that being said i think if we are seeing opportunity and these companies are raising money they're raising funds the idea that they are still not going up in price and everything is just going down because bitcoins going down it just is a no-brainer right there i think positions like this where.

Companies are good at the utility is really there they can only be suppressed so long and once we get any bit of further momentum the real value of these companies are going to start showing and if you do have positions now and you are able to make those gains back that is when you're going to be happy loss aversion goes down the drain and we have.

That mentality or the crypto fear and greed index going back into green and we're back to where we were before the start of this year all right so for the third category of cryptocurrencies it's going to be nfts obviously nfts are still going up in price even most recently we had jimmy fallon talk on the tonight show about his board ape.

Alongside many other celebrities that are continuing to buy into a lot of these digital jpegs even most recently mastercard went ahead and striked a deal for nft payments with coinbase amid all the crypto partnerships we were experiencing about two weeks into january what this here is gonna do is allow easier accessibility for a lot of.

People who aren't even watching content like this like crypto videos for them to be able to buy nfts a lot easier and i do believe when we get to that point we're gonna be seeing another surge in this market too all right so you might be asking yourself the question well brian if nfts are going to continue to blow up how can i prepare this well you.

Can invest into the nfts themselves that you think are going to go up in value or you can still invest into a lot of these crypto projects and make it a bit easier for yourself now this chart right here is a little outdated it's from back in october but they do a really good job at having illustrations to show us exactly the growth that we've seen this pie.

Chart is exactly what i want you guys to look at and notice that ethereum is still a large player in the space even though we have many other protocols which are known to be the ethereum killers in reality you also have to keep in mind nothing will ever kill ethereum ethereum still has way too many applications on there for them to ever.

Become irrelevant the whole principle i want you to focus on is the growth here so d5 llama is going to give us a more better accurate picture of what's going on real time we're still seeing money we're still seeing that enormous growth going into a lot of the different applications and protocols listed on the market now ethereum is having some.

Liquidations during this time and this is what i see as a good buying opportunity never to buy at different peaks like this if you guys watch my video that i uploaded yesterday with regards to the bear market you'll know that corrections are also very healthy and these are times where you want to consider putting those positions in so.

If we take a look at some of the growth of ethereum and ethereum related killers that host a lot of these nft projects you'll notice that we did experience huge amounts of growth so ethereum was up 548 percent in the last year of 2021 we had solana up 11 962 we still had great growth coming from cardano back when they're still at.

A dollar fifty nine at eight hundred seven percent and even other cryptos like polka dot up 353 percent so if you're also a believer that nfts are going to do very well this year make sure that you have positions loaded up we mentioned ethereum before and anytime they go under the support level of 2 000 that's a clear buy for me.

Ethereum has been very easy to track in terms of swing trades just because they still do follow bitcoin pretty closely and the support and resistance levels for ethereum even if you're not a ta guy you're still able to look at the charts and be like okay i can kind of see a little bit of an indication right here on entry salon has obviously been doing.

Well and i do know that zlana still plans to have major updates coming out a lot of these projects still have their own little glitches their little funks but i think over time we're going to be seeing a lot of those getting cleared out so solana if cardano continues to make improvements and we do see better use case within their protocols as well.

We can definitely see them increasing price throughout this year uh in terms of other cryptocurrencies polka dot obviously has a much lower market cap so possibly a higher return and if we take a look at that last one year percentage gainer you'll notice that they had the least amount of gains out of all the different cryptos listed uh but in.

Addition to that we have avax too and i think a lot of these cryptos are still going to enable you to make good returns if bitcoin continues to even just hold these levels uh but a bitcoin goes up in price we could definitely see a lot of exponential growth in having these all coins as well so at this point in the video we've pretty much covered three.

Different categories of cryptos and i've explained to you why i would load up positions there compared to other projects listed on the market but for the fourth one i do want to have a more conservative bet just in case you are a newer investor and you really hate losing money or you are afraid of any type of downside this is where investing.

Into a lot of the high caps or even considering stable coins is not a bad decision to make at all in addition to that if you want to play even more conservatively you can look into other cryptocurrencies that allow you to earn interest by staking them or finding yourself able to make additional yield uh just by having them on a certain app.

Outside of finding yourself making astronomical gains in terms of percentages you can also find yourself making really good yields and still almost negating that risk completely one of the clear benefits of being into crypto versus your traditional savings account is that you can still find yourself earning anywhere from six to 12.

On your stable coins through many different exchanges or protocols or just apps that you can have access to very easily a seven percent yield interest is unheard of within traditional finance markets if you guys have ever used a savings account oftentimes you won't even get one percent back on the money you're saving with that bank the cool.

Thing with crypto too is oftentimes they have no minimum investing amount you could just stake a hundred dollars and find yourself still earning additional yield if you're staking ethereum or a lot of the other larger coins you can find yourself making both the gains and the amount of interest so it's like a double whammy right there for you to.

Continue making income as well most of the times you can also have low or minimum lock-up periods uh where in comparison to savings accounts sometimes they limit on how many times you could actually withdraw those funds uh i know with as an example if i were to get one of their visa metal debit cards you can choose how long to stake.

That amount for and if you stake it longer where you can't have access to it they'll actually allow you to earn more interest the longer it is in with their project all right so if you guys are watching this video till the end i hope you're able to find a lot of good value in this video on how to invest into the markets during this time make sure that.

You are level-headed make sure you do your full research expand your knowledge and understand these projects and why you are investing into them if you have been paying attention you should have a clear idea on what those top crypto currencies are and maybe even the split of that portfolio pie of what you should have moving forward to this year like.

Always if you did enjoy this video we always do a code word uh towards the end and for that we're just gonna do brush comment down below brush if you guys are watching this all the way till the end big shout out to athletic greens for sponsoring today's episode and thank you guys for just watching these videos supporting the content and just being so.

Supportive i just have such amazing supporting fans i feel like i don't say that enough but i just want to let you guys know how much i appreciate y'all also in addition to that don't forget to check out my patreon list down below in the description if you guys want to get to know me a little bit better even in addition to all the social media if you.

Want to ever have conversations with me that's where the best opportunities created for that you can have a chance of what i'm looking at the research i'm doing my portfolios and how i plan to invest for this year as well with all that being said you guys thank you all so much have an amazing weekend and i will talk to y'all soon peace.


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