Top Defi Platforms for 2022 (200% Crypto Gains For MAX Profit)

It's 2021 draws to a close it'll be easy to forget just how far the crypto space has come in the past 12 months and you know what it feels great because after years out in the wilderness crypto is having a simba moment poised and ready to stake its claim is the future of finance think about it wasn't long ago they.

Called us crazy times have changed the world is waking up to what we've always known is inevitable one of the biggest shifts we've seen is the incredible rise of defy something that was only theoretically possible just a few years ago today it's worth a quarter of a trillion dollars and it's just getting started in this video we'll.

Be looking at some of the top divi projects you need to know about to supercharge your gains in 2022 let's get it welcome to bit boy crypto home of the bit squad the largest and greatest crypto community on all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if.

You like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button if you want to go deeper into crypto please make sure to check out bitlab first up is a crypto blue chip ave an open source and non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets in d5 years of is one of the grandfathers in.

The space in fact to start off back in 2017 is something called and this was back when devi didn't even exist it's the brainchild of finnish wonderkid stanikulichov who is easily up there with some of the most prodigious minds in crypto today ave is the number one multi-chain divi protocol out there.

With over 11 billion dollars in total lock value it hasn't just stood the test of time ave has aged like a fine mold wine the pioneer of devi protocols allows users to borrow and land in a range of about 30 crypto assets one of its flagship products is flash loans the first uncollateralized loan option in.

The device space designed for developers flash loans allow users to borrow you guess it in a flash with zero collateral required and only one condition the liquidity is returned to the pool within one transaction block failing that the entire transaction is reversed making avei one of the safest most secure protocols out there for.

Anyone looking to begin their device journey you really can't go wrong with this absolute giant of the space next up a stack of fluffy and delicious device served up on the binance smart chain our old friend and perfect way to start your day pancake swap pancake swap is the most delicious automated market maker or amm in the game.

And with over 5 billion in tvl it is far and away the leading decks on the binance smart chain easily living up to its name by flipping the binance decks its rise this year has been incredible and it's gone hand in hand with its deep liquidity and awesome features things like syrup pools pancake swaps answer to staking yield farms and ifos.

Which are initial farm offerings plus it incentivizes liquidity with things like lotteries prediction markets as well as nft collectibles pancake swap gamifies a process of making your crypto work for you and wow look at that sweet apy all in all pancake swap is easily one of the most complete divi projects in the.

Space with one of the easiest to use user experiences around its native governance token cake went on an insane rally early this year as protocol began its rapid rise in popularity people went on a frenzy of yield farming today it's sitting beautifully in a zone of serious support if you aren't counting carbs and looking for a high quality token that.

Seems to have found a bottom well you could do a lot worse than feasting on some cake in the new year number three radium an automated market maker amm and liquidity provider built on solana for the serum decks offering light speed swaps next level liquidity and frictionless yield for anyone who hasn't tried it out well you've got a.

Lot to look forward to there's no doubt about it radium is the best looking divide protocol out there the clooney of crypto the swap feature is seamless and the interplay with sarah means you get best price swaps either within a liquidity pool or through the serum order book whatever is the best deal gets instantly.

Executed radium's farming protocols covers a wide range of liquidity providers because the amm communicates with sarum's central limit order book you can trade salon in native tokens as if you were on your favorite centralized exchange it's even got a beautiful nft marketplace for the seoul ecosystem its native token ray.

Offers a series of perks to holders too including generous staking options as well as access to token launch events radium farms radium has grown as impressively as early backer sam bankman freed gloria's head of hair and let's face it bang against sbf is one of the dumbest things an investor could do.

If you've not experienced the speed of defy on solana well treat yourself this year radium's slick design insane handling makes it one of the true lambos of d5 protocols comment below with the exact mate model and color of the lambo you've got picked out or maybe you already own i've got a huracan performante and if.

You stay in crypto for four years or more you can show me your lambo at the next bitboy meetup go ahead and smash that like and subscribe button to get the latest in crypto news and education if you need the finest of wines avocados or chocolate covered pretzels.

You go to trader joe's if you need to swap some tokens or want some choice to buy you visit the one-stop shop for decentralized trading in the avalanche ecosystem trader joe while the grocery store of the same name is basically just a cheap version of whole foods this divi play is the cream.

Of the crop what's the second best avalanche d5 protocol there is no second best there's an avalanche device protocol it's called trader joe so what do we mean by one-stop shop well joe is not simply a dex for swapping and trading it also offers a range of device features including staking yield farming lending and community governance.

Plus it's got an awesome feature called zap which allows users to convert tokens into lp tokens with a single click relatively new kid on the block joe has had an incredible rise in the past 6 months it was the 12th decks launched on avalanche but quickly rose to the top from 20 million in tvl in august to over.

2 billion today that's 23 percent of the entire ecosystem an ecosystem that itself has exploded in recent months driving a huge amount of venture capital in a super loyal community their lending service banker joe lunge back in october with an integration from would you look at that chain link which allows users to earn on.

Their assets by loaning out via non-custodial pools or putting up collateral to borrow against is a weirdly named co-founder xerox murloc put it banker joe is an essential step toward our vision of turning trader joe into a one-stop shop divide trading platform why.

Well this is super cool baker joe's lending protocol combines with the decks to offer non-custodial leveraged trading because users can deposit their tokens as collateral to borrow more tokens of another class it's no surprise then that joe has seen such an incredible rise in the past few months.

And with avalanche fast becoming one of the top player one blockchains around that only looks set to continue finally one for the nerds ocean protocol ocean helps users unlock the true value of their data by monetizing it through erc20 data tokens data tokens you ask well they effectively wrap a data set into an.

Erc20 standard for third parties to use without the data itself ever leaving the hands of the publisher this means publishers can cash in on data in a private secure way allowing customers to gain access to data sets that were previously out of reach that's thanks to ocean market where data sets can be bought and sold.

Think of it as the open sea of data crucially none of it's stored on the network itself buyers purchase an encrypted reference secured by smart contracts so it only unlocked when transactions are finalized basically a dex for data when you publish a data set you create.

An ido initial data offering complete with its own unique erz20 publisher can set the price or let it be auto-discovered using ocean's balance or powered amm meanwhile ocean stakers can provide liquidity to pools as well as earn a portion of the transaction fee so you can earn by staking selling as well as.

Launching your own marketplace seriously impressive stuff the beginning of a new kind of decentralized data economy that levels the playing field between giant corporations and your everyday developer something that sits at the heart of what blockchain and web 3 is all about don't say i didn't warn you.

Ocean is set to make serious waves that's all i got be blessed you

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