What kind of jobs can I get in Istanbul can I find a job as a foreigner it's the boom how much could I be paid for a job in its number a lot of questions basically so we're going to be answering those questions today hello guys and welcome to my channel so if you're new here my name is deacon and.

I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Eastern who basically I'm living in Istanbul okay guys so this video I am going to be answering a lot of your questions have been getting a lot of emails and social media DMS asked me questions about jobs in Istanbul so I am going to be answering some of your posts ask questions and if you're curious.

About jobs in Istanbul Turkey so this is the video to work first of all before I go into the video let me just drop this quick disclaimer that I am not in any way an employer in its number I cannot offer you jobs and I am saying this because a lot of you come to my email or my DM to ask me for jobs in Istanbul to get you a job I visited and not do that.

For you I have been nowhere in connection currently with an employer who I am in no way capable of giving you a job in Istanbul I am just living in Istanbul so I cannot do that for you so please when it comes to jobs you're just gonna have to find it yourself you're gonna have to send in your application because trust me I get a lot of emails.

Asking me to get you jobs and I really Vinnie can and I am saying this in the most polite way possible I honestly cannot offer you jobs right now at least not yet so please do not ask me to get you jobs as I really can't I am busy her place or and I can help you so we've gotten that out of the way so let's get right into the video so I.

Am going to be answering your questions that guy earlier said and I am definitely going to be dropping some tips at the end of the video so please do not skip this video in any way and even if you want to skip to the end I am going to be dropping these tips in the middle of the video as we proceed so don't even bother skipping just watch.

The video of you so jump in Istanbul Turkey some of you do ask me questions what kind of jobs can I get in Istanbul can I find a job as a foreigner is the boom how much can I be paid for a job in Istanbul a lot of questions based papers about when I first came number let me say that I had plans of getting a job you know just basically.

Getting a job getting paid and living the adult life you know you get the true so when I first got here I applied for jobs in a couple places and I got some interviews and I'm going to let you guys know how things go with this first of all let me tell you the kind of jobs that you can get here you can get English teaching jobs that's the most.

Popular one and that's because turkey is and it's not an english-speaking nation and the world is booba lysing so they need to learn English in order to do business with like other countries and all you get why I mean so they sort of really really in need of English teaching or English teachers over here in Turkey cuz they have interests in.

English now and you wanna learn so yeah let me first of all say that to get a job here in Turkey as an English teacher it is best that you're a certified teacher if possible they do have jobs for like native speakers and what did you consider to be native speakers are people from England America Australia Canada and like all those mixes and then.

It really comes to like the other side of the other side of the spectrum which is like Africans and all they sort of do not really consider us to be English or native speakers of English if you get what I mean so first of all let me get that out of the way if you are an employer watching this video people from Nigeria are.

Native speakers you know why I say that that's because we learn in English English is our first language in Nigeria we learn from birth in English until university education so you cannot say that we are not native English speakers we speak English in Nigeria we have other languages in those are like our second languages.

English is the official language in Nigeria so we speak English so you cannot not say or you cannot say that we are not native speakers I hope I'm a ramblin on this point oh yeah so yeah I'm speaking for myself at the Nigeria and for other Nigerians because I am from Nigeria I don't know about what our countries but we have native speakers so.

Yeah let's get that out of the way and then move into the video so yeah you can definitely get English teaching jobs here in Turkey one thing that I must say that you must be certified and that is the one that ID was a surfer and just so temporal slash trip and I think that was teaching English as a foreign language and teaching English as a second.

Language something like that I don't know I've forgotten to translation order full meaning of that but then with bility is a scale that certifies you to teach English to people in our children or adults and all so yeah there's also other ones which is sell time this order they're like a caucus educational teaching English and also there is a.

Hierarchy to these certifications so yeah my sense that you get is higher than the other one or is first of all considered for the other one and you go stuffy so yeah I think there is certain and then this Chaucer and then stuffer so I am NOT going to list them on the screen in the order and the one I did was the first slash Tercel and that.

Certified me or that certifies me to be an English teacher so yeah I did that back in 2017 when I didn't even know I was going to use the certificate but yeah it's something good to have even if you don't plan on teaching English you never know where you might move to and if that is going to be interest in your CV that is definitely something to give.

A goal and guess I don't know so yeah I'm definitely if you want to if you plan to switch English that would be in close to your CV and they are definitely going to consider people that I consider as native speakers over you as if you're from like an African country or something so yeah let's get that out of the way and yes they are going to.

Consider somebody that has a teaching certificate over you that those not so if it is possible for you to do that please that maybe do it and be a certified teacher comes to salary salary varies from for what I have seen so far I have seen from two thousand to seven thousand TL and yet people that tend to be considered as native speakers get.

Paid more than people that are not considered as native speakers and also if you're on the Duggar spectrum you should get what I mean of skin color and you might tend to be on the paint or you might tend to be exploited and I am saying this and this is not something that is definite for is something that happens so it is in a work environment.

You have to stay smart and know what you do it so make sure that you get knowledge of the minimum wage here in Turkey and see if you can push for a salary that is that or above I don't know so yeah just trying to best us up to you can you find this teaching jobs easily I really do not know from what I am saying things and getting me to be.

Difficult over here because like getting those jobs are a little bit difficult because there's a lot of people looking for this job nowadays a lot of people are migrating here I'm looking for jobs so yeah it's not really so easy to find jobs as it used to be like yes it go so finding jobs it doesn't mean that you will not find jobs but you will but it.

May be a little tougher than it used to be so put that in mind and yeah so what are the jobs can you find here Turkey is like an industrial nation is a very industrial nation there's lots of business is going on here so there is lots of industries and factories and everything so yeah you can also find like factory jobs arm sake is huge on.

Textiles so you can find jobs in like fabric factories and that's mostly like mill jobs though also for females as well where you get to work in like fabric factories and like help them around there and then get paid I don't know what they do there boy I know like this I know that there are jobs like that so yeah I'm also in other.

Industries you can find in John and but that one I heard that the pay is like somehow tricky I don't know I have no gone for I have no work they all looked for a job there so I don't know further I don't know how much is being paid to them but yeah you can find that kind of job and it goes to job for you in terms of paying the bills and.

Everything then yeah let me go for that there's also like 90 jobs but that's really for females and there's also like sales representative customer care representative pa jobs those kind of jobs who mostly be for people that can speak English and like other languages as well as Turkish so yeah another thing to keep in mind is that if you are if.

You can speak Turkish and leads to a reasonable extent you should be able to like Excel really well in the career mode here because if you can translate from because you are participating in Turkish environment and if you can translate from Turkish to like other languages it gives you like it gives you like a head over other people in like.

The work environment so yeah if you're going to get jobs like that if you can speak English with or like other languages and then Turkish as well then it's totally it close to you so if you can get here and maybe learn Turkish first for like the first few months before you get into the Korean War then does something that can do you so much.

Good and also after from teaching English as a Second Language or as a foreign language to students and this might be children or a dorm if you're from a country that your language is sought after for example if you can speak Spanish if you can speak French if you can speak Russian if you can speak what other languages yeah these.

Languages are also needed Arabic as well people want to let these languages around here so if you if you can speak any of those languages that you are at an advantage and you can definitely teach those languages to people that are interested in learning over here so yeah that's definitely a profit from English you can teach French you can teach.

Spanish you can teach Russian you can teach Arabic which other one there's like a couple other ones and what if I if I can't remember going to this step on the screen so again those are languages that you can also teach here so as far as pay like I said that would be up to you and your employees I'm sorry employers so.

Yeah but try not to go below the minimum wage except you just really need the money and it's okay and come pay the dues for you so yeah that's something to look out for what other jobs can you find here so yeah let me give you this tip if you're going for like an English job interview if you're going to be teaching children.

It is important that you go there with you very very bubbly and you know energetic fine please do not go there to know tall and we're you know make sure you go there looking and feeling as vibrant as possible why because if you're going to be teaching kids they know as we should know kids have very very low tolerance for being bored they.

Are really really the attention span is very very little so you have to be really bubbly and energetic to be able to keep the attention on you when teaching them so yeah they really need to see that you're bubbly and not dull yes oh yeah I got something to keep in mind and when you go for your interview make sure you act like you know what you.

Are doing and if you do have experience please put it on your CV I'm not gonna ask you about it tell them about it and you don't necessarily have to be a university graduate to be able to take this job if you do have your certification then that's it plus for you so yeah basically make sure you go there speak to them in English and then.

Polish your words as you turkey don't just go dance okay randomly you know polish your words as you took it be bold be confident and be very very energetic that's really important so I put that in mind and what else what else what else they really need experience especially if you're going to be teaching kids they have to know or they want to know that.

You have have you you have got experience with handling kids and you know you know how many kids can be really tricky schools are actually very particular about this because parents are looking to know that they are true getting what they're paying for so yeah they are very very sensitive they have.

To know that you can handle kids you can take care of kids you know so you're not something to put in mind you have to be when it comes to like an environment like this you have to be very very gentle with kids as well as very vibrant so you have to be able to keep a balance between being gentle and loving and also be very bubbly and energetic so you're.

Not something to keep in mind as a tip to keep in mind where you're going for your interview they're probably going to have super endeavor lesson you actually have to be very very playful I went for an interview and I have no experience whatsoever but I just did my best I did all the research that I could before you go for an interview please please please.

Please be an adult and do the proper research watch demo lessons see how we can go about demo lessons and make sure that when you get there you do your best just giving your best just some everything else to God first places that you can find job placements and achievements you can find it on the Facebook pages you can join some.

Facebook pages like jobs in Istanbul foreigners in Istanbul there's like pages like that or you can join just such on Facebook jobs in Islam boo jobs for foreigners in Istanbul English teaching jobs in Istanbul you know that just search and join those pages and you're going to see like job placements and advertisement and also there is this.

Site you can find jobs on Craiglist as well but please when you're finding jobs on crete please be very very careful do not accept any creepy offers please and also if you there's also this the website which is indeed cop you can find a knob job placement that you can purchase up on this side and then get to apply for jobs on the side so yeah.

That's also another one and also people do take and do personal and private lessons too like student so you can put up advertisement on those pages and then you can like get to like teach by baby to like students it could be adults and university students and you could kids also nanny jobs if you can speak English and plus because you can get to.

Pee they actually pay well with nanny jobs you can get to like fine jobs where they actually want you to also teach their kids English and all that and they pay well sometimes in most cases you can get up to 8,000 dollars monthly for being a nanny and sometimes they ask you to be a live-in nanny so that way you don't get the paper accommodation and oh.

So yeah that's basically it do I have any other information yeah I'm going to do another video another detailed video unlike fine I experienced when I went for a job interview or did for job interviews and I went for I'm going to give more detailed tips yeah that's it for this video thank you so much for watching please subscribe to the channel.

Join the daily family oh my god I just found it in for you guys join the dee dee family over here and what else what else make sure you click on the notification bell so you get to decide every time I posted video I am definitely going to be dropping more useful content for you guys so please subscribe to the channel join my sweet.

Cozy new family if I will see you guys in my next video what

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