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So as I told you that if I see any earning opportunity then I will definitely share it with you. So today in this video we are going to discuss here about the sale of new tokens to be launched on the Binance launchpad. How much potential is there in the project whose token is being sold here. Should you participate in it and if you should participate, then how much benefit can that token give you? We will discuss all these things in detail in this video. If you like the video then definitely like the video.

And if you do not want to miss out such opportunity in future on my channel, then make sure to subscribe my channel as well as press the bell icon. So that no any important update of my video is missed out from you. So the projects that are on the Binance launchpad keep bringing their token sales here. And in this case, the plus point that those projects get here is that the tokens which are sold here get listed on the Binance exchange. similar to what has been seen here previously. And because Binance exchange is.

One of the popular cryptocurrency exchange in today's time. So there is a lot of hype that these projects get at the initial level and these projects also becomes very popular in the community. So this new launchpad is coming here, its name is STEPN GMT token sell is coming here and this is the 28th of launchpad Earlier 27 launchpads have been completed. Of which Alpino was there, C98 was there, Fetch.io was there. So in this way, if you check the performance of the launchpad which has been done earlier,.

Then these projects have provided a very good return means tokens have provided. So right now the STEPN GMT token sell which is about to come, how you have to participate in it, I will discuss next in the video. But before that the launchpad in which you are going to participate, will it be worth it here? Let's talk about the token that you are going to buy here, how much return can be given to you. So first of all let's talk about this project's name is STEPN. It is a Web3 application with Social-fI and GAME-FI elements. This is Play To Earn and Move To Earn project, where you can earn by playing.

The study that I did about this project, in that, an article has been published through Nasdaq. and this article which has been published was published on 10th of December 2021. Where they gave the headline The First Solana NFT Mobile Game Is Officially Released. And if you read this aritical, then inside it they have told that the team of STEPN means the team of this project, has already won Solana Ingnition Hackathon Gaming Track. Also their team was invited to host the Solana Lisbon Breakpoint Conference. Where they did their first crypto running event.

So if I talk, the team of this project seems to have a lot of experience inside all these things. This is what is being indicated from this article. Now their token sale is going to happen on the Binance launchpad. So let's see its details here, in which way you can participate in their token sale. basically what you have to do. So the name of the token which is being sold here is GMT, as I have told you, whose full form is Green Metaverse Token. and this token sell is happening here within 4 period.

The first period is the preparation period. Which is going to run from 2nd of March to 9th of March. that means this period has started Where what you have to do is you have to hold native token of Binance Exchange, BNB token in your wallet, You can hold this in spot or future any wallet. Now what will happen here, within the first period, whatever BNB token is lying with you every hour, a snapshot will be taken. Talking in simple term, the team that is there will take a screenshot.

And whatever your tokens remain, if you keep on withdrawing and depositing tokens, So all those things will be seen here every hour and a calculation will be done on its basis. How the calculation is done, So I will put its link inside the decription, You checkout there on which basis you will get tokens here. On the same calculation, whatever BNB you have held, there will be a calculation on the same basis,.

And you will get the tokens accordingly. So suppose here that all the tokens you hold, a snapshot is being taken here every hour, And on that basis, the calculation will be done And whatever you get the allocation, Your BNB token of that ammount will be deducted from you here. You do not have to pay separately or you do not have to go and buy separately. Whatever your holding will be of BNB,.

For that much holding, whatever GMT you are going to get, that much worth of BNB token will be deducted from you here. And as soon as the deduction is done here, The remaining BNB tokens you have and the new GMT tokens you get here will both be visible to you inside your spot wallet. Now if we talk about how all these things will show you on your Binance application, What you have to do here, then simply as soon as you open your Binance application, There you open your account.

You will get the option of more on the front page. You have to click on it, scroll down, you have to go down, The launchpad option will come, as soon as you click on the launchpad, You can see all the launchpads will be shown here, Because you have to participate in the launchpad of STEPN, you will click on it, You will click on view more here you can see some details in this way you will get to see. Right now the first period i.e. preparation period is going on here, Now second, the subscription period.

What you have to do in this is, the timing of the subscription period given here A timing is given here on the 9th of march, within that timing you have to put some BNB in your spot wallet. You must have BNB inside your spot wallet. And what will happen here, the subscription period is going to run for three hours And in these three hours you will have an agreement here, which will be a token purchase agreement. And you have to sign that aggrement here.

And as soon as you commit that aggrement. Your BNB which you will keep inside your spot wallet will be locked here for some period of time. And after that you don't have to do anything then the next period which is here is the calculation period inside that calculation will be done on how many GMT tokens you should get here and accordingly whatever BNB will be lying inside your spot wallet, Out of that, the amount of GMT token you are going to get, the BNB of that worth will be deducted from you.

The rest of the BNB and GMT will be received inside your wallet within the distribution period which is the last period. All things will be complete here on 9th of march only. So your tokens will not remain locked here for a long time. Rest, whatever the details are about this token you will get to see it on this page only, the value of a GMT token on which you are puchase here is 0.01 USD. I think this is a very good opportunity for you to earn here, You must be knowing that if any token gets listed here on the binance exchange,.

Then how good is the price spike that we get to see here. Something similar you can expect from this project too, I am finding this project quite interesting here. Rest, this is my personal opinion. I am not giving you any financial advice. You must do your own study and research before investing anywhere. What is your opinion about this project about this token sale, You must tell me in the comment section. If you like the video then definitely like the video.

Because this is what motivates me to bring such informative content for you. If you have not subscribed channel yet then make sure to subscribe the channel. Because similar videos I keep bringing for you guys. Which I hope will be more helpful for you. See you in next video. Till then take care and bye bye.

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