Upcoming Airdrops Today – Coinmarketcap Crypto Airdrop | November Airdrops

So you guys uh we're live on commercial cup uh website so these are the coins that drops currently on going we have kaka nifty world kaka unbound uh airdrop unb uh wherever we crypt uh wnt total finance tray.

Number of winners we have uh uh these are the upcoming airdrops so for the first one it's gonna be giving it uh to about 166 000 persons 667 but the winners that are needed for other projects are about 2 100 and 2 000 so these are basically the upcoming.

Outdoor address so uh for caca airdrop it's gonna be launching 70 minutes as a as of recording november 17th so you can jump on this four years because it's uh very fresh then these nftb's airdrop for unbound is going to be for 2000 nfts.

So i think that's a whole lot of money being that nft is usually sell for crazy these days well it's gonna be kicking off on november 18 201 look out for then for uh we crypts is they are giving out just 100 nfts to.

100 and lucky winners so it's gonna be running for uh november nineteen thousand it's gonna kick off then for total finance it's gonna be kicking off december first so that's something you wanna check out for so guys uh i'll be finding these updates helpful.

I'll still be dropping updates on other ongoing airdrops on camera club so for these they should be the list of uh upcoming commercial cup exclusive crypto drops the commenter cups uh airdrops of exclusive upcoming crypto just listed for your ease so you find your next cryptocurrency token asset background.

Opportunity here so guys thanks for watching my keys and peace out guys

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