Upcoming Crypto Projects We Are Excited About? Top Cryptocurrency Gems for 2022

All right thank you mandy and um we have a question here actually uh explaining how to buy secret network uh do you have any recommendations for that i i think from the from the decks itself uh go to osmosis and just so basically cosmos is still the on-ramp so buy cosmos go to osmosis and basically swap it with secret network secret network is.

Also good at l1 uh i i know mike you like it i also like it it's basically l1 which has privacy features so if you uh if you if you if you believe uh privacy is a fundamental human rights uh human right and on top of human rights you also need decentralization combining both is what secret network is providing.

Definitely and i'm just sharing the screen now for for those that don't know what osmosis is this is the main decks that's on uh cosmos ecosystem and also they also have a copper launch pad which is uh launching ecosystem projects within.

Cosmos as well as other ecosystems i believe one of the projects that was recently launched on copper was a alithea.ai pretty interesting ai oriented project yeah just going back to the topic of cosmos here are some more projects that uh you know mandy was describing more in detail.

This was evmos which is the evm compatible uh smart contract uh protocol being built out on cosmos and if you do have cosmos and you are staking it on the kepler wallet you'll be eligible for this airdrop i believe still and another protocol on the ecosystem is uh just on that note uh sorry mike so even if you get got.

Wrecked uh by high uni swap fees and high open c fees i believe uh uh fmos is also doing airdrop for for us guys so um if you go on google and you kind of search rect wrecked airdrop uh they're also doing that so i think in in few minutes time i'm also going to drop a link for that i've also dropped a link of the twitter that i've tweeted um.

It gives you like a breakdown of all the airdrops going forward and all the airdrops will be eligible nice perfect thank you mandy yeah another one i was going to mention here juno similar to evmos but it's you know smart contracts exclusively for the cosmos ecosystem i believe they do have.

Some evm compatibility but it's not really oriented towards you know ethereum as much as evmos uh because of the fact that you know most is trying to capture uh you know more market share from the established ecosystem of ethereum but um some more uh fun projects uh this is a really cool.

Air drop we think this is coming out here soon within the cosmos ecosystem as well this is a silk and shade uh this is a private privacy oriented uh stable coin so a very unique uh stable coin like similar to ust but um you know instead of it being backed by uh the us dollar like many other staple.

Coins is uh algorithmically backed by um cryptos crypto assets as well as you know a basket of commodities and indexes so it's uh you know less volatile and has less of a chance of being you know attacked for uh its peg yeah i really like this project uh just to simplify it for you guys i i.

Believe not financial advice again not investment advice i believe it has amazing elements of terra luna and on top of that it has some elements of ohm and on top of that they are trying to disrupt the stable coins by not begging it to us dollar but rather pegging it to index of different currencies in the world including gold and oil so for me.

It's a very interesting concept i think it could be it could potentially be the future of of algorithmic stable coins with privacy features and for that reason i believe this is one of the projects you guys need to kind of keep keep keeping your radar and follow up i'll i'll try to uh get the team.

Involved uh get the team on the 100x show and also do a deep dive of this project in the future yeah definitely and uh one reason we're really excited about it is the fact that you know it's privacy oriented and it has the potential of uh bringing protocols like anchor you know and.

Mirror that has established the terra ecosystem but um you know now it's there's an opportunity to bring a privacy oriented uh feature to it so that's really cool and the shade itself is actually like the governance token and that mainly accrues value by uh.

Individuals uh you know putting up assets you know be it secret tokens uh cosmos atom tokens um you know anything that's of value within uh you know big cryptos and then from there uh they're able to essentially uh.

Met one dollar worth of shade and then uh by doing so uh the user then at the end gets one dollar worth of silk after shade is burned they have a really unique mechanism uh that really uh accused value within the shade token itself and uh.

All the bonding and uh assets that are used to mint silk are actually uh accrued back one percent of that uh transaction goes back to the treasury and the treasury is uh you know employing uh the use of that through the through its own governance so it's a.

Very decentralized uh stable coin that has private features so very cool yeah just to uh just to hit one point uh i think this project if there's a two key takeaways for this project one is that it has amazing tokenomics and second it's it will be a deflationary token just like luna so those are the.

Reasons why i'm particularly trying to develop my thesis uh for this project yeah definitely so uh this is another you know uh airdrop that's uh potentially coming up here with the cosmos ecosystem that we wanted you guys to know of and you can also check if you're eligible now if you have been staking through kepler uh wallet.

and yeah we go ahead and jump into the next project the hidden gem for this week uh goldfinch finance this is essentially trying to bring uh the same powers of you know centralized banking but into the crypto sphere so instead of having.

Individuals you know put up an enormous amount of collateral to secure loans um goldfinch is securing loans for individuals uh with uh little to no collateral so very uh revolutionary within crypto as it's necessary for people to get loans without necessarily having money but a pretty cool project they already.

Have a few deployments across the world i believe one of them is uh in africa and a few are in asia and they have approximately 200 000 borrowers are you know utilizing this platform and they've lended out approximately close to 3 million i believe.

Thus far and that was all uh lent out without collateral and paid back uh efficiently as well so really revolutionary for for dethai in general and also people who uh borrow can also.

Expect a yield back uh from their from their crypto as well so um you can uh check out the website here and see how it works in more detail but they have a very strong team a few from goldman sachs espn engineering another goldman sachs and the investors behind it you know.

Anderson horowitz uh variant coinbase ventures so very top-tier vcs supporting this project as well and i believe they are launching um on coinbase pro this month or you know early this quarter yeah it's one of the macro themes i i think everybody.

Would kind of uh have an intuitive feel for so i think at the moment we have in crypto we have a fragmentation of on chain and off-chain i think this is one of those d5 project that are trying to get off-chain assets to be used uh to kind of get on-chain lending and borrowing so i think it's a very interesting theme so not just from.

Investment perspective what we try what we're trying to do over here is that uh we are trying to get you guys to think uh educate you guys regarding different projects so not everything is investment related like i think in the next five ten years a lot of opportunities will come in this space so we want to give.

You different tools whether it's technical tools whether it's deep dive whether it's hidden gems that michael give you so not everything is to buy but sometimes it's also intellectually stimulating to see the innovation inside of it token metrics is a cryptocurrency investment platform that helps users.

Leverage machine learning to become better crypto investors our in-depth analysis helps eliminate the emotions of investing find profitable investment opportunities and filters out scams learn more at tokenmetrics.com

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