Ways To Make Money Online As A College Student 2020!

All right let's be real college lifecould have you on a serious budget but don't you worry because in this videoI'm gonna show you how you can earn money online while you're in college sostay tuned hello my friend welcome to living delightful freedom myname is Melania in this video I want to show you some ways that you can earnmoney online if you're in college and you really don't have the time for afull time job or a part time job every little bit that you can do to earn somemoney on the side while going to school is going to help but before we get intoit if you are new here and you like videos about making money online workingfrom home and entrepreneurship go ahead.

And subscribe to the channel tap on theBell notification down below so that you know when I post a new video right sowithout any further ado let's get right into the content alright so the firstwebsite is going to be called mind tsumo alright and basically mine sumoyou have to have very large companies and some small company also on here thatcome here and they need some ideas from people like you I'm gonna give you thescenario and then they're gonna see if you can solve the problems you just haveto submit the problems and you can win some big money with this as well here onthe home page of mine sumo it's mine sumo calm they have four companies andtherefore solvers what you want to focus.

On is being a solver if you come downhere you're gonna see a lot of the company's very well-known companies thatthey work with okay the company will post challenge the solvers submit ideasand then the company rates the ideas and then 50% of the solvers will win cash sohere we go to give you some examples sometimes they'll be anonymous andsometimes they're not anonymous okay so you can go ahead and scroll throughthese as you can see this one is sixteen hundred dollars and the top ten aregoing to share that so that's pretty much how it works and for this one if ifthe top 50% will share sixteen hundred dollars alright so I clicked on this onethis one's already been done but I just.

Want to give you an example of what isexpected of you okay so over here the company will post about the challengeand what they want from you and also over here they'll tell you that the topfive will earn sixteen hundred dollars okaythere have been 40 submissions and only five people out of the 40 so that'sreally not a lot of competition for this okay and over here it'll tell you thedeliverables so you always want to check out the deliverables this is pretty mucheverything they want from your idea so make sure that you're very thorough andover here they'll tell you that the submissions will be graded on thefollowing criteria and creativity.

Clarity manufacturability and then meetsdeliverables and the deliverables are right here on this page these are theactual people that one actually so this is how they broke it down the top toshare $1000 so these two people won $500 each and then the next three will share$600 so 200 200 200 okay and then down here is where you submit all of yourinformation and your solution alright so that's pretty much how it works I justwanted to go through one that was already done so you have an idea of whatthey won okay alright so if you scroll all the way to the bottom you go to thesolvers section and they have a couple of testimonials from people thatactually do this but if you come down.

Here to the frequently asked questionsand over here the basics who can sign up for mine sumo anybody can create anaccount on mine signal with a valid email if you're a student please useyour school email so that we can direct your school specific challenges to youthe cool thing about this website it used to be only for college students nowthey have opened it to the public and it is worldwide okay so most of thesequestions are going to be directed towards students but you don't havea student okay so can international students during mine sumo yes my sumo isnow open to everybody and actually they address that right here I'm not astudent can I still use it absolutely.

Our challenges most likely be directedtowards college students and recent graduates it doesn't matter if you're acollege student or not if you can solve these problems these companies will payyou okay all right so how do I receive and redeem prize money my sumo has anintegrated payment system through PayPal in order to cash out go to your earningspage and click cash out now you will be prompted to connect your PayPal accountif you haven't already the cash out has to be manually approved by my sumo whichusually takes three to five business days if we notice fradulent activity orPayPal returns an error we will decline the cash out request and notify you ofthe issue once cleared you can attempt.

To cash out again alright so you do haveto have a PayPal account for this one all right so this one is called minesumo dot-com the next one is called InnoCentive dot-com this is also an openmarketplace for companies to come over here and launch what they callchallenges and with these challenges they actually want you to come up withsolutions for them okay and you're going to be one of the people with saucechallenges so if your mind see solutions everywhere challenge yourself to changethe world work to solve important problems for the world's leadingorganizations and earn cash rewards and the professional recognition you richlydeserve now I'm just gonna tell you.

Right now you guys that this actualwebsite is more advanced and the problems that you'd be solving would bevery impactful actually globally so these are gonna be more advanced so ifyou are just a very smart person a student or you find something on thiswebsite that really interests you if you're just sitting in science andclimate change and have great ideas for this type of thingthen go ahead and sign up for this one however the rewards are huge and thecompetition is less okay so you can earn $20,000 $18,000 it's crazy the amount ofmoney that they will pay you for your idea if it's really good okay this ishow it works for a solver you're gonna.

Have to click solver over here insteadof seeker you sign up and complete your solar profile and then you're going toreview the descriptions of all open challenges in our challenge Center andyou submit the proposed solution you've developed for a specific challenge andthen you see a few one so cash awards for your solutions that are accepted bythe seeker organization okay you come down here watch the little video theytell you how everything works you can go ahead and take a look at their bestpractices they have some tips for writing a winning solution they havehabits of winning solvers the importance of solution requirements okay so theyhave a lot of helpful training already.

On this website these are just someexamples alright so for example here's one on innovative sustainable soilremediation methods okay there are 170 active solvers for this this issomething you know about and this is under chemistry engineering design soyou can go ahead and check the tags and see if it's something you're good atand if you feel really confident about this possibly win $20,000 so this is ahigh-paying one but of course it is not for everybody I could never solve any ofthese challenges and you just click on register and then you put in all of yourinformation on here but I wanted to bring this one to you anyway because Ibelieve in you okay so this one is.

InnoCentive dot-com another way for youto make money while you're a college student is from your phone in a reallygood way is by reselling now there are a few apps that I'll show you where youcan start reselling things you can buy things at a low price and then you canresell them at a higher price a lot of people actually make moneydoing this okay and this app is called mark re you can come over here to thewebsite to check out exactly how everything works you can go ahead andlist a number of things if you don't have something to sell right nowyou can always go to a store like Ross or Burlington and get some name brandsthat are very low priced and then come.

To a site like Merck re and resell themand this is not the only website that you can do this with so I'm gonna showyou a couple more but this one is Merck re if you take a look through herethis sugar canister is going for $30 and there are people on the internet thatwill buy this stuff okay because they really like it or sometimes it goes witha theme that they actually have in their kitchen so this is called Merck re rightso this is Grails and you can use the Grail app and this is a men's designerand streetwear marketplace okay so you'll be putting up men's clothing astreet wear or designer you can sell Nike sneakers if you have any of thoseat home that you want to get rid of you.

Can sell really trendy stuff like thissome of this stuff is selling for a lot of moneyand I'm gonna tell you where you can find some of this stuff and just put uphere and resell it okay so most of these are Nike sneakers and I can tell thatsome of these have been used before and they're going for a lot of money allright these are adidas they're selling for 400 bucks okay you guys these areused sneakers that are selling for $65 anyway I'm gonna show you what you cando with this if you have a Ross by you you can find so many things on there orNike sneakers there are Adidas sneakers there areconverse you have a bunch of things from.

There that you can sell there's CalvinKlein you do have to search for the good stuff with the good prices but thisstore has some really good prices and I suggest you check it out go over to theGrails app and put your Nike sneakers that you bought from Ross up there for ahigher so that you can actually make some moneywith this alright and I'm moving on to the next website so this is the deep upapp okay so basically you buy sell and discover fashion for a most inspiringcommunity of creatives in the world this is more for vintage clothing okay andI'm gonna give you a tip on how to make money with this as well you can earn alot of money alright I'm gonna give you.

An example of the stuff that is sellingon here okay so this is all vintage clothing and you can get vintageclothing for very very cheap put it up on Dee pop this is actually acommunity it's kind of like an Instagram because you get followers and stuff likethat okay so you have people following you and you but you're posting yourclothes on here and when they buy from you you get paid via PayPal if you havea goodwill close to you if you have a thrift store close to you you can pickup items from there for very cheap and then sell them on here for a higherprice I mean there's stuff selling for sixty six dollars over here these bandssome things are selling for $30 $40 or.

Even more than that okay so this is deeppop and that's how you can make money with this alright and the app isavailable on the App Store and on Google Play if we check out the reviews on herethey have a four point eight rating which is really awesome and some tips onhow to actually get your stuff sold on here people say they make the most salesif they actually wear the item that they're selling so try to wear whatyou're selling and take a photo of it this is deep popand this is the deep pop app all right my friends so that is today's video Ihope you found it helpful don't forget to subscribe to the channel for morecontent like this and like this video if.

You do like it and I'm gonna see you inthe next video thank you for watching bye

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