Welcome to your DeltaCare USA plan

Welcome to your DeltaCare USA plan! With this plan, in most states you’ll choose a primary care dentist from the DeltaCareUSA network. This dentist handles all your care —cleanings, exams, fillings, and more. If you need to see a specialist — like anorthodontist, for example — your primary care dentist will refer you.When you visit your primary care dentist, you’ll pay set copayments for covered procedures.This makes it easy to budget for upcoming dental treatment.Your plan booklet contains a full list of all covered procedures and their copayments.You don’t have to worry about deductibles.

Or maximums — your plan doesn’t have any. Ready to get started? First, you’ll need to pick a dentist. To search for a DeltaCare USA dentist, just head to deltadentalins.com.Enter your address, city, and state or ZIP code, and choose “DeltaCare USA” fromthe drop-down menu. If you want to narrow down your search, youcan adjust the distance, language spoken, available office hours and more.You can even see Yelp ratings from real patients to help you choose.OK, so now you’ve found a dentist you like.

It’s time to make it official.Make a note of the facility number. This six-digit number is listed by the office address. Just log in to your online account andsubmit your selection. If you don’t have an account yet,it’s easy to sign up. Under your account, go to the “Choose Provider” tab, andenter the facility number for your chosen dentist. If you submit your selection by the 21st of the month, it’ll take effect on the first day of the next month. And remember, you can change your dentistat any time. If you prefer, you can also call CustomerService to select or change your dentist.

And now you’re ready to start using yourDeltaCare USA plan! Let’s shine together! DeltaCare USA is underwritten in these statesby these entities. In Wyoming, you do not need to select a primary care dentist, but you must visit a DeltaCare USA dentistto receive benefits. In the following states, you can maximize your savings whenyou visit a DeltaCare USA dentist, although you may visit any licensed dentist and receiveout-of-network coverage: Alaska, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, NorthCarolina, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont.


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