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Benefit compare is a web application tool that was created to simplify the complex process of choosing the right health insurance plan for you in this video we're going to help you better understand your health insurance and more importantly figure out which type is best for you first let's take a look at the three types of plans to choose.

From with an HMO or health maintenance organization you first must choose a primary care physician in your area now the primary care physician is sometimes referred to as a gatekeeper they're going to be your first stop for care you can always change your primary care physician if you need a specialist your primary care physician will make a.

Referral and it could take some time to get the approval with an HMO you're required to use the limited number of doctors they're connected hospital and other providers that are members of the HMO Network and an HMO plan does not cover out of network care so the HMO is a more managed type of healthcare plan a PPO or preferred provider organization.

Is a plan where no primary care physician is required this makes it easier to access specialists a PPO network is larger than an HMO network allowing access to statewide sometimes national provider networks a PPO allows you to go out of the established networks to receive benefits although it will cover less of that cost of care so.

The PPO is a less managed healthcare plan EP o stands for exclusive provider organization no primary care physician is required making it easier to access specialists an EPO also allows access to statewide sometimes national provider networks but an EPO plan does not cover out of network care so an EPO plan gives.

You more control of available health care and doesn't require that you have a primary care physician we should also mention that with each of these three plans co-pays coinsurance the deductible and out-of-pocket maximums can vary and when it comes to true emergency care services all of these plans will provide payment to any emergency provider now.

You have a better understanding of the three policy types an HMO is a more restricted and managed care it may be more difficult to get authorizations for tests and procedures a PPO is a less managed care and it may be ideal for those needing more provider options and those who want more control of available healthcare and an EPO is a broader less.

Managed care it may be ideal for those wanting lower premiums and no primary care physician this is just one of a few different parts of health insurance you need to think about when choosing the right plan you can click here for a free printable version of the information in this video or click on the following links to learn more about HRA HSA and.

FSA plans bronze silver gold and platinum health plans if you want to make sure you can see your doctor learn about restricted access to your health providers and health plan terms and definitions

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