What Information Is Needed for a Life Insurance Claim? : Insurance Basics

Hi my name is Karen Lee I'm a certified financial planner in the owner of Karen Lee & Associates and a registered representative with LPL Financial I'd like to answer the question of what information is needed to do a life insurance claim so if someone close to you has died and you believe there is life insurance in force the first thing.

You should try to do is find a copy of the policy with the policy number you can call the insurance company and get the claims process started if you don't have a policy number you can at least call the insurance company and if you can identify some personal information like the insured state of birth as well as their social security number they can.

Usually start the claims process for you so the first step is identifying the policy number in the insurance company that you feel like you have in life insurance with the next thing you need to do is fill out their claims forms now some companies have gone to an online claim system here's an example of one company's screen that they would have.

You fill out to start the claims process in lieu of that most companies will simply send you a letter and along with that will be some information that you need to fill out in addition you are going to need a certified copy of the death certificate no insurance company's going to process a death claim without that and some insurance companies go a.

Step further and are looking for a legal document called an affidavit of domicile once you've turned in a completed claims form with your certified copy of your death certificate at that point it's time to wait and let the insurance company get back to you if there is no reason for them to contest the claim they will simply send you a check or in.

Some cases if it's a large enough amount of money they will open up an account with a checkbook and send you that checkbook if there is any reason that the insurance company feels that they are not going to pay that you would receive a letter with their reasoning and you'd have to start an appeals process at that point now.

Hopefully that explains for you the basic information you need to start a life insurance claim my name is Karen Lee I'm the owner of Karen Lee & Associates certified financial planner and a registered representative with LPL Financial

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