What is a PPO health insurance plan?

What is a PPO plan PPO plans or preferred provider organization plans are a very popular type of health insurance plan PPOs typically allow you to visit whatever in-network physician or health care provider you choose without getting a referral from your primary care physician first so how does the PPO plan work as a member of a PPO.

Plan you'll be encouraged to use the insurance company's network of preferred doctors and you usually won't need to choose a primary care physician no matter which healthcare provider you choose healthcare services you get from providers in the plans for bird network will be covered at a higher benefit level that any care you might get from a.

Provider that is out of network so with a PPO it's important to make sure the doctor or provider you're visiting accepts your insurance and is in the insurance network of providers that will allow you to get the highest level of coverage for the services your insurance company covers with a PPO you'll typically have an.

Annual deductible to pay before your insurer starts covering your medical bills and you may also have a co-payment typically $10 to $30 for some services or you could be required to cover so a percentage of the total charges for your medical bills be aware that this definition of a PPO vary from plan to plan it's a good idea.

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