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real estate sales in a metaverse gonna reach one billion dollars by the year end that's huge a couple from tamil nadu got married in a matter verse what's going on ariana grande did a virtual concert in a metaverse game fortnite british woman alleges a virtual gang.

Rape in a metaphors that's insane what's going on what is this meta verse is this a virtual world a concept technology what is this in real so let's understand what is this metaverse so metaverse is a word originated from a greek word named meta which means beyond and verse originated.

From the word universe so both combined metaverse is a world beyond our imagination so let's understand the definition of this metaphors metaverse is a concept of online three-dimensional universe that combines multiple different virtual spaces you can think it as a future iterations.

Of internet where you can work learn game and even socialize with each other in a three-dimensional environment so for example let's say you're playing a pubg game you won't feel that immersive experience by playing it in a two-dimensional environment with this metaverse you can.

Experience like you're holding a gun with the virtual gadgets on and even when you get hit you'll feel that pain and the same goes with your everyday life for example you're holding a business meeting in a three-dimensional space and even if suppose your parents are living in a far-fetched places you can contact with them in a.

Three-dimensional environment that next to real feeling will be provided by this metabolism so why does it matter because metaverse is gonna be the future 30 years back people didn't think that internet is gonna be real our website is gonna be real but we can't even imagine our life now without a search we can even communicate.

To any part of the world through internet and same goes with artificial intelligence ten years back people thought artificial intelligence are the science fiction but now it is everywhere and i am sure that metaverse is gonna transform everything the way you learn work your experiences everything gonna.

Change with this metabolism so what are the technologies behind in creating a metabolism one augmented reality ar two virtual reality vr three blockchain technologies four 5g internet and the fifth nfts so let us understand the technology behind in this metaverse in detail first is augmented reality as.

We have all heard about this term augmented reality a lot augmented reality is nothing but an interactive experience of a real world environment where the objects are enhanced by a computer generated information for example pokemon game where the pokemon has been enhanced in the real world and the people used to go in search of these.

Pokemon and collect them another example is google glass where the navigation and other details regarding a particular place would be mixed with the real world through these glasses and this ar technology is also used in online shopping like lens cart virtual try-ons etc to take the whole online.

Shopping experience to another level and the second technology which will help in making this metaverse come real is virtual reality what is this virtual reality virtual reality is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment which can be explored in 360 degrees for example virtual reality games which.

Provides an immersive experience for the gamers and the third technology is blockchain technology blockchain is a system of recording the information in a way that it makes it difficult or impossible to change hack or cheat the system for example cryptocurrency works on this blockchain technology.

You can't use the real money in the metaverse so you need cryptocurrency to make the transaction for example bitcoin ethereum dogecoin etc can be used there another basic need for this whole metaverse thing to come real is high speed internet which is 5g internet it is because in order to download or upload this kind of huge data we need a.

Powerful internet in terms of 5g and last but not the least another technology which is gaining more prominence in this recent times is nfts nft stands for non-fungible tokens each nft is unique crypto asset that can't be replaced with an identical item for example recently amitabh bachchan's nft collections was sold for seven crore.

Rupees we will talk about this in a separate video soon so let's understand what are the challenges involved in this technology first is complex user experience as we have to use various heavy virtual reality gadgets on other virtual sensors on our body which provides very complex user experience and the second is.

Regulation as we have seen earlier in this video that woman alleges a virtual rape and various other racist slurs have been used in this metagross and which needs a regulation and the third is investment and skills because in order to make this metaverse real we need an investment in billions and we also need a human resource of that.

Capable skills which is challenging so let's understand how is it relevant for ups examination as we have seen earlier that upsc has been more interested in this emerging science and technology concept for example in 2019 we got a question on augmented reality and virtual reality and even in 2021 means we got a question.

On cryptocurrency so not from the examination perspective even as a upsc aspirant you should know about this meta version because it is going to transform the whole governance procedure for example during cove 19 pandemic a health worker used to get the training through whatsapp call but with this metaverse a doctor can train his.

Medical staff regarding a disease through virtual reality and even in education let's take a girl or a boy sitting in a remote adivasi village can avail better education through experiential learning and better visualization through metaphors so this is a very exciting technology also facebook has changed its parent company.

Name into meta microsoft has also started a new project named microsoft mesh in creating a new metaverse and even apple has invested a lot of money in creating better user experience virtual gadgets so this metaverse is gonna change the future in many unexpected ways what do you think about it please let me know in.

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