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What actually is the metaverse well if we think of the internet as something that we look at the metaverse is a version of the internet that we're inside the idea is that we will experience the metaverse as an avatar a virtual version of ourselves that we control as we explore this new online frontier.

But what will we actually do okay so both here we are in what might be considered a representation of of what the metaverse could be yeah for us the metaverse is a spatial construct as opposed to the previous web which was really a very linear kind of 2d flat thing we want this one to be.

Immersive now of course it doesn't mean it has to be virtual reality it could also just be on a phone or on a desktop computer you might have noticed that we're using the tools of the metaverse to create a good portion of this item my avatar has been created by a couple of companies ready player me and oz they.

Already create tools for people to make avatars from a photo it's this virtual version of us which will travel between online experiences in any metaverse and then over time what i'm most excited about is an economy there and i mean you know economy not just of digital goods sure and entertainment that's great but also services um in in an immersive.

Environment i'm gonna have an avatar i'm gonna need a stylist i'm gonna have a home space microsoft has adapted its workplace meeting software teams for the metaverse by creating a system called mesh it's designed to work with a variety of different devices including virtual and augmented reality ar as it's known projects graphics on top of the.

Real world using headsets like microsoft's hololens or mobile phones there's quite a few people that have got fatigued by having to have video chat meetings and things of that nature and that they realize they now crave human contact human communication is about five percent speech is about 95 percent everything else i've been in my in my.

You know living room with the entire team around the table right making eye contact uh where all the gestures are coming into the right place so it changes completely the the you know call it the screen fatigue we're feeling today the next piece of the metaverse puzzle.

Isn't just about seeing these virtual worlds but feeling them as well meta has revealed that it's been working on a glove that will let the user feel sensations like holding an object the glove has a number of sensors that measure the wearer's movements and air pockets across the glove surface inflate to create sensation these gloves aren't.

Quite ready for prime time yet but they're an indicator of the kind of research that's going on behind the scenes you

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