What it means being an Out of Network Provider with Delta Dental Insurance at Emerson Dental

Hi dr wu here thank you everyone for all your feedback on the videos that dr quan and i have made for you we had so much fun and we thought it'd be helpful to do an informational one about the delta dental insurance as many of you have already received letters starting in february 2021 we.

Will no longer be in network now i want to personally tell you that this was not an easy decision for us to make and we felt that staying in network would inhibit the ability for us to provide the quality care that you all deserve anyways i hope you enjoyed this video we.

Had a lot of fun making it and it's meant to be educational and entertaining joe exotic here i'm ready here for my appointment here at emerson dental but i have one major question why aren't you taking delta dental anymore joe you can still come to our office we'd be happy to take care of your dental needs.

So you'll be paying upfront for your visit today but we'll still handle all the claim submission for you and all the paperwork and then they'll send the reimbursement check straight to you did carol baskins put you up to this i'm captain america and i think this is an injustice that i have dental insurance and i still have to pay.

Info upfront well you're only paying in full today we'll submit all the claims for you just as we always have and your insurance will send the reimbursement check to you thank you bye hi all you cool cats and kittens so tell me what insurance companies do you have so we're a network with altis blue cross.

Blue shield indemnity freedom ppo and we also have a patient loyalty program for all the patients of our practice patient loyalty just like my cats i'd love to hear more about that sure everything's on here and you can let us know when you're ready to sign up oh.

Wonderful thank you so much you're welcome we believe that everyone should have access to affordable high quality dental care our very own loyalty program enables you to make low monthly payments for preventative care in return for your commitment to remain a loyal patient.

Our loyalty program covers exams x-rays and cleanings along with discounts on restorative and major work if you're interested in enrolling or have any questions we would be happy to help all right luigi looking good no cavities today it's great catching up thank you doctor.

I would like to pay for my cleaning as well as my brother mario's if possible are you boys part of the loyalty program yes we are oh well in that case let's go to the front i think you should be all set wow thank you since we'll be out of.

Network with your insurance we do encourage you to reach out to your plan to see where your out-of-network benefits are and what your plan will reimburse you for your visit for any of our patients with delta dental who would like to know their reimbursement in advance we would be happy to send a pre-treatment estimate.

On your behalf after february 4th although we will be an out-of-network provider we will handle all a claim submission for you and reimbursement will be sent to you directly and as always if you have any questions we're glad to help i hope we answered a lot of your.

Questions today if you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us in the office in westwood or bedford where you can reach out to us on facebook or instagram did carol baskins put you up to this

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