What’s an HMO Health Insurance plan?

What is an HMO health insurance plan HMO means health maintenance organization an HMO plan will usually offer a wide range of health care services through a network of doctors and other health care providers who agreed to provide medical care for the HMOs members with an HMO you'll often have coverage for a broader range of preventative health care.

Services then you might get from some other types of insurance plans how does an HMO plan work well as a member of an HMO you'll typically be required to choose a primary care physician think of this as your family doctor with an HMO this family doctor takes care of most of your health care needs and before you can see a specialist your family doctor.

The primary care physician would need to give you a referral there are many variations of an HMO plan but they usually allow you to have lower out-of-pocket cost when you access healthcare with an HMO you also typically don't have to submit your claims company but keep in mind that you may have no.

Coverage or extremely limited coverage for any care you receive outside of the HMOs network of preferred providers you may also face higher costs for medical services you receive without a proper referral from your primary care doctor be aware that this definition of an HMO can vary from plan to plan it's really a good idea to read these first summary of.

Benefits for any specific plan your interest

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