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Hi a micro Masseria with today's insurance tip of the day today's tip is choose PPO I get asked a lot the difference between an HMO and PPO and should I take an HMO a workhorse I'd take a PPO my tip always take a PPO why it's simply the quality of care so with the PPO plan you have the ability to pick and choose your own doctors so if.

You don't like a doctor you just pick another one or if your doctor says you know what that's really over my head and my expertise I think you should go to doctor so-and-so and maybe there a specialist at UCLA or maybe Cedar sinai or the Mayo Clinic or out-of-state well the PPO plan you have the ability to pick and choose your doctors and.

Specialists so you have access to the best care and the best doctors with an HMO plan you're going to be limited you're gonna have to stay with your primary care doctor and if you want to go to a specialist you're gonna have to get that approved by the insurance company which could take months and months so with an HMO you're going to be.

Very very limited on the doctors you can go to what testing you can get done there's a lot of red tape and it takes a long time so the tip of the day today choose a PPO plan it's a higher quality health plan and you're going to give yourself and your family access to the best care so again I'm Mike premise area with insurance easy way if you have any.

Questions email me Mike at insurance the easy way comm and I'll be able to answer any questions you might have

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