What’s the difference between an HMO, a POS, and a PPO? | Health care answers in 60 seconds

(whooshing sound) Health care answers in 60 seconds. What's the differencebetween an HMO, a POS,and a PPO health plan? Picture a garden,that's your network. It's made up of doctorsand hospitals that have agreedto lower their rates.

While meetingquality standards. The fence around the garden separates in networkfrom out of network. Some plans require a primarycare physician, or PCP, as a gatekeeper to direct youto in network care. With an HMO, or healthmaintenance organization plan, you pick one PCPunder your plan's network who provides routine careand refers you to in network specialistsfor additional care.

HMOs will not coverout of network care. With a POS,or point-of-service plan, you also have one PCPwho manages your access to other doctors. However, you can visitdoctors out of network but it will cost more. With a PPO, or preferredprovider organization plan, you don't need a referralto seek additional care. You have more freedomto choose which doctors to see,.

But out of network carewill cost more. Health care question answered. (stopwatch ticking) ♪

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