What’s the difference between PPO’s and HMO’s?

Hi this is drew with the McCormack Agency of healthcare solutions team I'm here with your help in sharing of the week my hope is that I'm going to start creating these weekly videos to hopefully expand you know some of the knowledge about health insurance and give you some some tips that might help so what I wanted to talk about today was.

One of the most common questions that I get is what is an HMO and what is a PPO what are the differences and and there are quite a few differences so let's start off with a PPO plan which a PPO plan is really in my opinion the best of the best it basically allows you to choose just about what any doctor you want to in most cases across the country.

Provided that they're in the network and depending on the network some are better than others but for the most part PPOs are generally going to be your best option because it does give you a lot more flexibility as far as choice of doctor now with any health insurance plan you always want to make sure that the doctor is a network because when you.

Go out of network the prices to go out and network get a lot more expensive the deductibles get significantly higher coinsurance maus go significantly higher the out-of-pocket limits go significantly higher in some cases there's no a lot of pocket limits when you go out of network so with any health insurance plan your best bet is always.

To stay in-network so that's a PPO now an HMO is another aspect or type of plan that you can get which in my opinion isn't necessarily a better option but it can be a more affordable option big difference with an HMO versus a PPO is that with an HMO you're going to be assigned a primary care doctor and that's kind of your go-to doctor so to.

Speak as far as for just basic services now anything that that doctor can't or doesn't treat can go to a specialist now the big difference is with a PPO you can go directly to that specialist provided there in the network with an HMO you actually have to get a referral from your primary care doctor to see that specialist so that's the big difference.

That you can't necessarily see whatever doctor you want to with an HMO you have to get referrals in order to do so so that's a big difference not to mention when you travel an HMO is not as good when you travel in most cases you're not covered when you leave you're new when you leave your home state so that's where with if you have an HMO plan make.

Sure you have supplemental coverage to help plug in that hole so when you travel you're still covered so yeah so these hopefully these videos are going to be brief and and can help teach you something you know if you have any questions feel free to make a comment or shoot me a message I'm happy to help thanks.


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