When to make a water leak homeowners insurance claim

So when should you make a water damage or leak homeowners insurance claim hi i'm mike with the claim squad public adjusters that's the topic today that we're going to be talking about water damage happens to be the number one claim in florida when it comes to homeowners.

Town homes or condominiums as a matter of fact even for commercial buildings water damage usually is high up there so when she'd make the claim well let's talk about a few things that you should do when you do have water damage okay number one you want to document what happened.

Why it happened and where it happened number two you want to make sure you have photographs of everything um and and also record any personal items that have been damaged furniture walls where it's all located um finally you want to try to get somebody in a remediation company.

Plumber or any other general contractor that can hold off that leak or minimize any further water damage from creating additional damages within your property so when do you file and make a claim well if you have just a tiny bit of water so you have water from your bathroom sink that's leaking into your.

Cabinet you probably want to want to make a claim your deductible is probably at least a thousand if not higher 2500 and just because you have a low leak that could be something easily fixed by a plumber and so your cabinet hopefully not a lot.

Of damage and therefore no need to make a claim on the flip side if you have pipe breaks if you have damage from your roof that's cause uh water damage in multiple rooms if you have um a refrigerator line or washer line that broke and cause damage throughout.

An area and your flooring needs to be replaced you have mold growing this is something you definitely want to look into so i would say the best time to file claim would depend on the severity of the damages what your deductible is and really you want to do it sooner rather than later.

Even if nothing materializes from the claim some policies require a 72-hour notice for claims any type of water damage claim some of them you have to report it within a certain amount of days some of them you have to report within 14 days.

Same with mold so there's a lot of reasons why if you're pretty confident you have enough damages where you're gonna have to file a claim do it do it just to be safe there's nothing wrong with picking up the phone or going on the internet going to the insurance company site.

Calling them or following the claim electronically and then saying you know what i overestimated it thankfully the damages weren't that great but let's also go through some other things that we can do with regards to water damage claims for the short term.

Okay not only you're going to have to fix it not only you have to photograph it but you want to get those specific contractors out to make sure that everything's going to be repaired at least on a temporary basis to stop further damages from happening now we need to take a look at how these policies are actually written.

To know if you have coverage or not and so what i want to talk about is what most policies do cover when it comes to water damage well they usually cover accident and sudden damages from water they sometimes will cover sewer backup issues they'll sometimes cover um.

Flood but you normally have to have a separate policy for that so flood insurance there's several other factors that come into play with water damage claims that make it a little bit tricky now let's let's talk about a few items where you probably would not.

Be covered one of the big ones is gradual leaking insurance companies want to try and pin it that this leak has been going on for a long time sometimes even when it's not justifiable and you try to handle the claim yourself the insurance company is going to say.

You know what that that leak has been here for a while and and you know that it's only been there for a couple days so they're going to try and say it was more than 14 days so they can deny the claim don't settle for that there's ways around this i can help you with that um they may say.

That the leak happened from pipes from normal wear and tear or from a kitchen line with normal wear and tear or a bathroom um incident that happened overflow um that that comes in quite a bit too um some of the other things is that um maybe they'll say for mold that the.

Reason why it's not going to be covered is because the water damage not covered make sure you make sure you have mold coverage on your policy so that we can get that um sometimes when there's uh cracks within a foundation and water seeps within that that's going to be another case of the.

Gradual they're going to say that your foundation has been cracked for a long time and water's been sleeping through here and finally just accumulated so much and now it's starting to enter into your property so let me give you some tips for filing a successful insurance claim and i'm going to put up a document right here so.

Let's go through it number one you want to document the leak as i talked about with photos of the initial resulting damage you want to control the leak and make minor repairs and then contract contact a contractor or somebody to determine the extent of the damage and possibly the cause of.

Repairs finally let's go over the overall review of this video to help you when you need to file a water damage claim um how you should go about it what you need to do and and if you do need help with that i'm i'm available to help you with these.

Water damage claims that's actually my specialty is doing these water damage claims um water damage and roof claims are really my specialty in the state of florida when it comes to knowing how to deal with the insurance company so let's do a review.

So homeowner home insurance policies cover water damage when it's sunny or accidental you need to know that most policies do not cover gradual water damage that occurs over time you can find this by reviewing a special policy wording every policy is different some water.

Damage claims are now putting in limitations or exclusions um sometimes you may also need to add an endorsement for water damage and then finally um the success of a water damage claim will be when you file it when you record the damages.

You mitigate your damages and um it's covered underneath one of the perils and it's not an excluded or limited claim so there you have it all in all the best time to make a water damage claim with your homeowners insurance or town home or condos is right away you can't lose by doing.

That even if there isn't any damage you can always rescind or retract that claim but if you report it late you could be in some not trouble but the insurance company will try and deny it just based on the fact that you didn't report it on a timely basis hopefully this video helped if you have.

Water damage claims give me a call don't settle for the denial of the insurance company don't even wait to deal with the insurance company let me handle it from the start contact me direct mike 754-252-5438 email theclaimsquad gmail.com and visit the website for other videos.

Www.theclaimsquad.com also my youtube channel if you found on my youtube channel right now this video watch some of the other videos i have a lot of good videos about property damage claims and how it can be helpful to you moving forward for an understanding of how the process works and really.

How the insurance company tries to take advantage of you so thank you for watching this video hope you enjoyed it have a great day

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