Which Delta Dental Network Does My Dental Plan Give Me Access To?

This is Jack and this is Sophia they are both covered by Delta Dental however both have plans on different networks jack has access to the Delta Dental PPO network while Sofia has access to the Delta Dental premier network but what does this mean the Delta Dental PPO Network offers Jack.

Access to a large number of dentists while providing the most potential savings and lowest out-of-pocket cost the Delta Dental premier network offers Sophia moderate savings with reduced fees along with the largest selection of dentists in the nation did you know along with Delta Dental PPO and premier plans Delta Dental offers.

Another option is MIA amia has access to the Delta Dental PPO plus premier network which bundles the most potential savings from the PPO plan and the largest national network from the premier plan if you have questions your broker or Account Manager is always available to help.


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