Which Insurance License Should You Get To Start Your Career?

All right every now and then we choose a popular question and we do a video on it one of the most popular things that we get asked is which insurance license should I get to start my insurance career all right so you're wanting to have a career in the insurance business where you are making some money all right I want to I want to I want to.

Throw a few stats at you number one 92% of insurance agents fell in the first three years there are more millionaires than any other in this industry in their industry in the world it's also can be extremely lucrative financially so what are some of the benefits before I tell you which license to get what are some of the benefits of actually joining the.

Insurance business hey I would say the most common answer would be flexibility you know I think that's good right even though moat the successful insurance agents actually work more than the 92% that fill okay so it's a benefit but but is it really true right you can be your own boss I think that's great right I don't I personally don't want to work.

For corporate America I don't know if you do or not but I personally don't want to okay so flexibility be your own boss I would say that there's an unlimited income potential right most people don't know that I made one hundred and seventeen thousand three hundred sixty one dollars and thirteen cents don't.

Forget about the pennies in my first eight months as a brand-new insurance agent at twenty years old in college playing basketball okay so I understood all this also you can create a residual renewal income stream that can stay with you for long times to come forever right and I know I know a lot of agents that are making ten grand a month fifty grand.

A month I know interested just making a hundred grand a month right it's possible in this career so which insurance license because you could say well I want to go the you could say I want to go the life insurance route or I want to go the health insurance route or I want to go the P and C insurance route Property and.

Casualty selling home and auto selling commercial I think it really varies by the individual personally I got started out selling life insurance as a 20 year old agent and I didn't try to sell anything else and when I did that I forced myself because I do believe that life insurance is the toughest even though I prefer it it's the toughest way.

To succeed in the insurance business it's not easy is the toughest way to succeed is it's the toughest product to sell think about life insurance life insurance is the only product in the world that you can that a prospect can own but never actually use think about that for a second I don't know what other product in the world where some.

That the owner owns it but they never actually get a chance to use it their family gets a chance to reap the rewards and use it but you're selling something that they're never gonna get a chance to use right I understand you can add living benefits and all that I get it but however the essence of life insurance the death benefit they don't.

Get to use it okay so that's life insurance life insurance is it's difficult it's tough to get in front of people and when you're trying to establish yourself as an insurance and insurance career getting in front of people week after week after week whether it's face-to-face or over the phone is.

Extremely important and valuable because activity is what holds most insurance agents back from being successful so let's talk health insurance for a second right you could say well I want to do regular health or I want to do Medicare right so I'm building a residual income business so life insurance you can make money fast okay you can get like I made.

A hundred grand it 20 years old eight months you can to Medicare can you make a hundred grand in your first eight months ever I'm not saying you can't but it's much harder right because you get paid a lower amount of money but you get paid that over the course of several years and sometimes for as long as the client will stay.

You okay so there's some if you have if you're like I do die I'm leaving I'm leaving my corporate job and I have to make 180 thousand dollars this year well you're gonna just your new cell life insurance right but if you're like well I have three years to get to a six-figure renewal income then maybe a combination of life and Medicare makes.

Sense right I know a ton of individuals that have built six-figure renewal incomes by selling Medicare you know I'm personally always been a life can I just I like you know I like life and and living and so sometimes people prefer Medicare okay so P&C property in casual that's where you're selling home auto commercial and all the other stuff that.

Comes with all these things okay now is this the easiest thing to sell yes is there is it a slower road in that you can make a ton of money years from now yes do you know what to start off in an office where you're actually working for the man or the woman and you got to prove yourself or you can have your own branch or own.

Office or whatever typically yes okay now can you make a lot of money long term yes personally right I know a lot of the really successful people in this space I'm buddies with some success people in this space I'm buddies with the biggest influencers in the BNC space right my soup guys however it's personally not my cup of.

Tea so if you were to ask me okay Cody which insurance license should I get to start my insurance career that's a that's a title of video that's why I clicked on the video give me a giving me a direct answer well I would say you need to start with your life and health license and you can I would get both at the exact same time I got mine both of.

The exact same time even though I didn't sell a health insurance product for Medicare product for about a year when I got my license like it wasn't me I wasn't intending on selling Medicare at all but if you're like hey I realized I want to get in the business and have a career and make some money then I always start out with life and health license.

Because you can make you can have tons of flexib you can be your own boss and an incredible income potential truly truly unlimited right you can create a residual income stream and if you're ever looking for like companies for me to like point you to I'm hey I'm getting my license I want to I want help.

Dude free felt feel free to uh email me you know I've I have relationships with a lot of the top places around the country and I'm cool and whether you're English or Spanish or you know y-you know whatever you wants phone sells or face-to-face you know it doesn't matter Cody at Cody askance comment take a long time to write that.

Out Cody at Cody Asche is calm and I will be happy to answer questions in relation to point you in the right direction if I can you know like Mike the reason we put all these videos is my goal is to help insurance agents succeed and it's not it's it's 92% actually do fail like we started a conference called 8% nation because only 8% succeed I've.

Spent about I would say about 1.2 million dollars on that event so far I would say collectively between the amount of Ages that are going to attend Vegas and the previous event in Dallas and the previous event in Nashville over the first three years probably had about two to three thousand agents actually attend this event okay and those are.

Conservative numbers but what we do with that is we're bringing people in and this is this ties back into this topic because you need to get around people that can level you up and events I mean the best way like once you actually get your insurance license you're like dude I want to start like you know I want to start making some money I want to be.

Successful I don't want to struggle you know and I want some immediate tips well you need to find a good place you need to plug in to good content you need to attend events so that you can learn personal development self-improvement you have to spend some money in yourself like no successful person ever got great without investing in themselves okay and.

Then you've got to realize that this is an activity game you know the more people you talk to her more people you get a chance to close and sell and in this business the way out the reason I had so much success early on is I focused on literally seeing the people my secret to success at an early age hundred seventeen grand was simply this.

I committed I committed to sit seeing ten people per week so every single week this was my system I'm gonna set fifteen appointments I'm gonna sit with ten and I'm gonna sell five and the weeks that I did that I made a couple grain and had a lot of success if you want to have a successful insurance career personally I would recommend a life and a license and.

I would also recommend that you have some type of weekly system that you can duplicate over and over again so that you too can be successful you can be a part of the eight percent not martyr that's not part of the ninety two percent you're gonna flexibility be your own boss tons of income potential residual income.

Stream unlimited income and if you ever need help obviously you can email me Cody Cody Asche is calm which insurance license should you start your career with personally I would recommend a life and health yeah some people that may give you a different opinion however this is my youtube channel and this is my opinion if you watch this.

Video and you want to learn how to take a live call and transfer it from an open or to a closer that videos for you click on it and I'll see you there again I'm not sure what time you're watching this video right intro expert control qualified transfer this is how to effectively transfer a live call from an opener to a close.


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